I wore only black on Saturdays and yellow on Thursdays…

Stalked astrology sites to check compatibility with boyfriends, bosses, friends, relatives…

I calculated digits of  ‘potential’ apartments and chose the one that was close to my ‘lucky number’

I even owned a book by the famous astrologer Linda Goodman and referred to it every time I wanted to understand why people behaved the way they did…

… and so many more before I was born again, committing myself to Christ.

So you see,  the story that I am about to share with you is not coming from a place of ignorance.

I’ve been on the other side too.

This is something that happened so recently that it boggles my mind and I am in awe of the power of God, even more!

The Background

As much as I wanted to give birth naturally – that is without painkillers and vaginal – it didn’t happen with Baby #1. Her head was not “engaged”, still ‘floating’ and the umbilical cord wound tightly around her neck. After being in labor for nearly 8 hours, I had to go into an emergency c-section.

With parenting, we had such a great experience with Baby #1, that as soon as she turned 1, we tried for Baby #2 and Lo Behold! We conceived soon enough – God answered our prayers!  

When we broke the news to our friends and loved ones, surprisingly, most people were upset for there isn’t much of a “gap” between the two pregnancies.

“Oh! It’s going to be so hard to manage two little ones!”

“Oh! How about your finances, children don’t come cheap!”

“Oh! You should wean your elder one before the next baby arrives!”

I disagreed with all of them, because —

The only logical reason I did accept was about my body not having enough time to recover from the first surgery.

You see, there are risks because of the first C-section + there not being a 2-3 year gap between the two pregnancies. There is a 1% risk of infant death and 6% my uterine wall rupturing, with a natural birth attempt this time.

SEE: 13 Myths About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Since we do wish to have more children – God willing – we do not wish to take any risks of a uterine wall rupture destroying my va-jay-jay forever with Baby #2.  

The safest option left to us was to schedule another c-section – that means we got to pick the date. 

The Battle

I battled with this decision for months!

Partly because it did not seem right that I decide the day my baby see’s the light of the day and partly because I was going against my firm belief in natural parenting.

So instead of fighting my own battle – which is ever so stressful, I decided to pass this burden onto my God, the Father.

How Jesus Kicked Astrology’s Butt

I prayed about it and the only date that came screaming into my heart and mind was that of my biological father’s birthday. And it was on a weekend! And my extended family had already planned to visit us that week! So it just seemed so perfect.

I strongly believe that it was Him who whispered that date in my heart.

God’s plans are so perfect!

Was I playing God by selecting the date?

I asked my pastor about it and he encouraged me that God may have led us to this date through all of the circumstances and prayers. 

And as long as we were not going against the advice of our doctor, to prematurely deliver before the baby was healthy, we were free to choose a day that worked practically for all of us.  

And in the end, no day is more special or holy than another. God will not bless my child more than another child because one of them was born on a better day.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 18:24 

Every day has been given to us by the Lord. He is equally good and equally in control every single day of our lives.

So we set the date with my doctor’s consent and it worked out perfectly for the doc as well!

The Big “But…”

One of my closest relatives is an unbeliever and we had to keep the date a secret from him until the last moment. Why? Because he freaked out when we did! Only because he wants what’s best for us and hoped to consult the “astrologers” to get the perfect date.

“Why didn’t you consult an astrologer?” “How can you fix a date all by yourself?”

Well, we didn’t do it by ourselves. It was God. And when God decides something for us, it’s it.

“But, no, it doesn’t work that way. How can you trust something which is not there, WHOM YOU CAN’T SEE?”

Well, that’s faith! And this is my faith and I will stick to it. If you are unsure about the date, please go ahead and consult your soothsayers.

And consult he did.

And guess what? The date and the time God chose for us was one of the most auspicious days in months!

My relative was relieved to know that, of course, and I was grateful to God for his graciousness to bring peace to everyone in this decision, even while my relative was following a false guide.

So how exactly did Jesus kick astrology’s butt?

By dying on the cross for our sins.

Soothsayers and diviners act as mediators between God and man. They do not believe that the common man can have direct access to the spiritual world.

But what really separates us from God is not our being a man and He being God.

What separates us is our sin. God is completely holy and we are rotten.  But Jesus dealt with that!!!

For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5 

I didn’t need to put myself under any stress, pay any money  or consult soothsayers to make my life’s decisions. God is in control of my life. 

The color of my clothes does not decide the fate of my day. God does.

People have different personalities and there is nothing you and I can do to change their hearts. God can.

If I have problems dealing with a boss, or my spouse or anyone else, I ask God to step in and help. I ask and God answers.

Jesus told me the date and it was such a personal, wonderful and a beautiful experience. It is exactly the same every time I unburden myself to God, only He gives me the wisdom and the courage to do things right.

How about you? Who rescues you? 


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