So.. you noticed eh?

All followers of Christ have a thought process and a call to action as instructed by God’s word in the bible –  this, I have consistently failed to see in the Catholic churches that I grew up attending and the Catholics I have interacted with, all my life. 

I continue to witness the catholic hypocrisy all around me.

This post is a first-hand experience of all those aspects that made me a lapsed Catholic.

I am now baptized as an adult. I now belong to a Non-Denominational Church called MARG.

All Roman Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Roman Catholic.

Roman Catholics are a group that follow the religion of Catholicism.

I am going to present what is the Christian Truth and expose the hypocrisy of some of the Roman Catholic beliefs here in India.

My aim here is not to give Catholics a bad name, but to simply bring everyone back to the awareness to what it truly means to be a follower of Christ and I’m really doing this in God’s love for everyone on earth – not trying to cause divisions at all. It is all coming out of love 🙂 

So… What is this REALLY about?

Yes, you may have already heard about the catholic-priests-child-abusing-incidents. I agree those are horrific incidents that took place and justice should prevail. 

You could catch the movie Spotlight to know more about what happened to all those priests who were accused of raping little boys and girls in America OR read up on the variety of articles online about priests being fired from their titles for being gay, or marrying fellow nuns… Yes, but no, this post does not discuss these matters at all.

There are more subtle aspects of the Roman Catholic beliefs – if I may be frank, is quite appalling. But let me justify this tall claim using the Bible. 

A rather encouraging article by David J. Stewart, rightly connects multiple Bible verses to prove the blatant hypocrisy of the Catholic religion. Read it here.

But for now, read about the subtle aspects of the Roman Catholics beliefs that made me run far, far away from them.

The Church is NOT a Building. The Church is the People.

Jesus gave up his life for the people.

First and foremost, the Church – as described in the Bible – and as envisioned by Jesus is not a building. No, it was never meant to be a big tall structure with people going into it every Sunday. Not even.

People going out of a building or home they gather to encourage, counsel, even admonish and pray for one another.

You can’t do all Δ these things in a place where no one each other and everyone just sings or recites prayers from a book the whole time – i.e. in Catholic Churches I grew up in.

Church is the people – going out – and sharing the Good News to anyone who is not aware of God’s love. 

The catholic buildings I visited for sermons became grander and grander as the years passed. I wondered about all the donation money going into building tall structures, new carpets or gold plated idols circumventing the hall area while thousands of missionaries in places like Nilanga and other parts of India are living on just $88 (approx INR 6000) a month. Shouldn’t the money be invested in the people, more than the buildings then? 

The Heart of a Servant

Jesus calls his followers to become humble.

Growing up, I was taken to church every Sunday, but I quickly noticed people there who would go out of their way just to buy expensive things (which you cannot afford) just to flaunt it in your neighbour’s face. That ain’t right.

Jesus was born in a cow shed. He lived a very, very humble life. He also washed the feet of his disciples, even the one who was going to betray him.

Therefore, being Christians we have two choices:

  1. Show concern for other’s interests and well-being as well, more than our own; we are called by Jesus to live a life of servanthood OR
  2. Live a life that fulfils only own interests and desires and position our happiness with a ‘status’ in life.

The JOY of Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus has always given a glow to my face 🙂

Rather, we immediately vibe well with people who live the truth. Such folks are so welcoming, so warm and you feel so safe in their presence. It’s that special “aura” if you want to can call it that.

I have never had the privilege of meeting a joyful priest or a nun, or anyone who volunteers to do the Catholic duties.

I failed to understand why they were always so serious, so formal, so… dead inside?

The cruel ways that some of the nuns in my convent schools and churches behaved was exasperating to experience as a child, too.  

In a People Magazine interview, actor Mark Ruffalo rightly said, “There was a cruelty in the way the nuns treated us. It just didn’t jibe with the teachings of Christ that were being taught, you know?”

Jesus was so loving, and kind and the epitome of how we need to behave with people, especially with children. Jesus loves children!

There is only ONE Mediator

There is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity—the man Christ Jesus ~ 1 Timothy 2:5

Idol worshipping is one of the greatest sins in Christianity. Of course, idols can be money, status, power also, but there is some literal idol worship here in the Roman Catholic churches.  

I’ve seen Catholics kneeling down in front of all those shrines and statues; touching their feet, dipping fingers in some water and putting in over your heads. 

God commanded that there would be no other gods, other than the Father. He laid the commandments long before Jesus was sent down to earth.

And here I see them reciting prayer after prayer to a “saint” or even Mary (mother of Jesus) – she was just another human being whom God used for His mission.

While the Catholic church places a lot of influence on Mary, mother of Jesus, I believe it is unnecessary from a biblical standpoint. She is mentioned at his birth and at his death, and once in between (where Jesus declares that his disciples are his mother and brothers). To the casual reader and biblical scholar alike, it should be clear that she should be honoured but not worshipped.

Liz being baptised at the age of 28 years by MARG.

The Truth Unseen in Rituals

Jesus was baptised when he was 30 years old.

The whole point of baptism is for the individual to be completely aware of what is truly involved in being a Christian. How we need to die every day for others (meaning, we need to kill our earthly desires and be of more use to others, instead of ourselves) Do things that would glorify God… 

Baptising babies is a mandatory ritual for the Roman Catholics.

How is a baby going to understand something that I took almost two decades and more to wrap my brain around?

Then there is another ritual “The Holy Communion” – Which was actually meant to be a meal shared among believers, remembering Christ’s sacrifice for us and all. But no. Catholics have a ceremony for

Catholics have a ceremony for tweens to usher them into Christianity – so somehow the child-Baptism ritual wasn’t enough to get children closer to Christ?

Both these rituals are so important that they are celebrated like a wedding replete with fancy new outfits for the whole family, a feast for 200 people and more, professional videographers and photographers et al! It’s a party the whole community looks forward to! 

The book of Acts, in the New Testament, talks about how meals and even possessions need to be shared among the community. 

If only all that money would go to saving people who cannot afford a decent meal, hospitalisation or a basic level of education…

I grew up Catholic, and if you get the time to read my testimony, you’d know that I never really believed before. If anything, I lived the anti-christ life. Well, Praise God! I am now saved. I was blind, now I can see!  

The Unrealized Truth of Jesus’ Prayer. 

It was meant to be a template on how to pray.

But instead, I saw that the Roman Catholics recite the exact same prayer multiple times; as though doing that is going to change you or your evil habits.

Your prayers need to be unique every time you pray because your needs are unique every day – one day you need the strength to move forward, another day you need the wisdom to deal with people or take a step back… more patience … so many struggles we go through every day and our prayers need to talk about them explicitly. 

Yes, God already knows what’s in our hearts before we even say it, but where is the acknowledgement of the sins if you are just generally reciting “please forgive our sins, as we forgive others” Are you even aware of your sins? Do you know where you lack?

The recitation of prayers was one of the most annoying habits that drove me far away from this religion of Catholicism.

Catholics have their own rules, rituals, and events that they partake into.

Seriously, I challenge anyone to show me where in the bible is it written anything about the rosary? or the Novena?

There is no mention of it. Catholics demand the rosary to be recited every single day.

Even Jesus condemned unnecessary and insincere repetition of prayers when He said –

Matthew 6:7-8 When you pray, don’t babble on and on as people of other religions do. They think their prayers are answered merely by repeating their words again and again. Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!

Here’s a fantastic article By Robert Velarde Learning From the Prayer Life of Jesus if you earnestly want to know how Jesus prayed and what we can learn from his ways.

The Works of Teachers and Leaders 

Jesus warns against priests in the verse Mark 12:38-40, who:

Like to parade around in flowing robes; receive respectful greetings as they walk in the marketplaces; they love the seats of honour in the synagogues and the head table at banquets; pretend to be pious by making long prayers in public.

The leaders and elders of the church must set examples. We need guidance, teach us the right way.

Growing up, we were whooped for disrespecting the ‘Church Father’. Priests who always needed to be escorted in cars (own or borrowed), given the highest table of honour at gatherings, expensive gifts and never called by their first names!

Matthew 23:9 Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.

Blatant violations are committed by the Catholic church every day. Millions of people, generation after generation, are mislead by the Roman Catholic leaders.

The physical abuse of children is one thing. The spiritual abuse of millions of people in the world is something else.

I hope this article has given you new information and insights. What else would you like to add? Be brave and speak your mind here.

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Author: Liz

Child of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of all things sweet and honest.

5 Replies to “Roman Catholic Beliefs Vs. Christianity

  1. Sadly, so many churches have these faults. I dread to think how marg can get close to at least one of these points if not all. But I am glad because the universal church of God will continue, here, there and everywhere. A good post for us to see where we fall. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  2. Excellent article. Loved your baptism pic. 🙂 Congratulations.. Amazing to see the God’s vessel you have turned into. Just to add you can touch the topic of Mary, who is addressed as Holy. But Bible says she was blessed and considered her to be the handmaid of The Lord.

    And very well written/articulated.

    1. Thank you, Jess!

      Are you saying Mary should be called holy? or shouldn’t? because I didn’t really find any verses about her being taken into heaven directly or like what these guys believe her to be. All I now is that she was a servant, just like you and me, and God used her, like He would use you and me, so why the special consideration for her?

      1. Jess is saying the same thing. Mary is considered holy by the Catholics whereas she was just another believer. Yes, she was blessed by god to bear his own self. That is something big. We cant deny that. But to worship her is a whole other deal. That’s what jess is suggesting that you could blog about. I too have had interactions with Catholics who fail to see that she is being idolised by them. Hope I could give some clarity for both parties?

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