In India, making your pregnancy pictures public while you are preggers is a bit of a taboo – but this shouldn’t stop you from making memories and celebrating the evolution of you or your spouse’s beautiful body 🙂

The truth is, people who may be superstitious, don’t want to jinx the pregnancy by showing off the pictures, but you could always make them public later, after the delivery – who cares?! Wait. Your mother probably would.

Either way, taking professional pictures of your pregnant body or with your family is always a good idea – at least have that 1 picture you can frame and hang on your bedroom wall, as a beautiful memory.

I love being pregnant, I love being a mother and I love my babies.

You can take a look at my many pregger pictures here in this post –  Survival Guide for a Happy Pregnancy

Did you see it? No? Fine. Check it out later, and You’ll see how happy I am being preggers!

Good. Awesome. Now let’s move the spotlight from my face to what this post is really about.

Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

When to do it?

You can always do it before 32 weeks, heck, people do it at 6 months too. But the point of having a maternity photo shoot is to highlight the pregnancy – the belly – and the belly is at its round-y-best at around 32 weeks.

Waiting to take pictures beyond 35 weeks is just not a good idea. The mere physical effort of standing/sitting/walking for long period can get the lady easily stressed out. Besides the strain of putting an outfit OR yourself together at this point can be just plain irritating.

Tip #1

Schedule your maternity photo shoot between 32 – 35 weeks.

What to wear?

Again, the idea is to capture your beautiful pregnant body, so don’t hide behind loose clothing. Although a flow-y dress would make you look just as great.

Tip #2

Get into a comfortable outfit that not only accentuates your beautiful baby bump but also, the location you choose.

If it’s winter, boots, and bold colors. If it’s summer then pastel shades or even white can be a good bet. Your outfit should match the location to get the best out of the picture.

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

DIY Maternity Photo ShootSo if you are excited to do this, then the first thing you’d probably do is google some pictures and see what the best ideas there are. To sum up that search, here is quick glance at the best ideas:

Shooting Selfies

If you can capture the right angles and love to do them, then by all means do so.

Shooting Outdoors

Of course, being pregnant is the most natural thing, so why not celebrate that with nature. If you can afford it, then head to an exotic location and get the sun shining on your beautiful pregnant body (with a fabulous backdrop!).

DIY Maternity Photo Shoot, for my Baby #1
DIY Maternity Photo Shoot, for my Baby #1

Shooting Indoors

Like in your bedroom, next to the baby’s crib or in your living. You’d be so comfortable in familiar surroundings!

Keeping it simple

Just you and your hands on your belly.

Using Props

Bring out those baby booties, or anything else to make your maternity photo look unique and creative.

Shooting with Spouse

And why not?! Having a child together is the most intimate thing you can do besides sharing your life, bed or saliva. Get the romantic poses out and capture that love you share for each other, and your baby in one picture!

Maternity Photo Shoot with Toddler

Having the sibling in the picture is so amazing but getting a toddler to do it right can be so tricky.

For starters, the whole ordeal of sitting, or standing or walking for a long time can be equally stressful on the toddler as it is for the expecting mother.

Tip #3 

The maternity photo shoot should be scheduled in a way to accommodate the children’s most effective and productive times. Preferably, right after nap times – But never before.

Tip #4,5 and 6
  • Have them well rested.
  • Have them well fed.
  • Have them well hydrated.  

Maternity Photo Shoot with Spouse

Maternity Photo Shoot With Family

Maternity Photo Shoot with Toddler_1

So what other tips will you add here? Speak your mind my faithful reader!

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