Babywearing was a smart choice I made with my first child. With my second child, this is how babywearing helped me and became my go-to solution to life’s everyday mom-problems. Sling, wrap or a soft structured carrier (SSC) wearing your baby is always a convenient way to go hands-free and multitask. I guarantee, babywearing will give you a lot of relief. Here’s how it’s helped me:

At Work

Orange Baby Carrier, Baby K'tan

If you are a stickler for deadlines and have children as a priority too, babywearing can help… a lot.

I only work nights, after the kids go to bed at 8pm. But if some freelance writing work needs to be done during the day, and the baby needs comforting or feeding at the same time, then babywearing is a savior.

Breastfeeding! in a Baby Carrier

YES! Babywearing lets you breastfeed too! Of course, you need the right baby carrier and nursing-friendly outfit to be able to pull that stunt. What an awesome way to breastfeed – go handsfree!

Enduring Colic

Babywearing totally helped me survive the colic phase. This is a terrible phase when the baby is just inconsolable, whatever you do. When the baby has colic, or gas, it is under stress.The colic phase is equally stressful for the parent. You make sure the baby is fed, has a clean diaper, is warm enough, cool enough but nothing comforts a colic baby as the warmth of the primary caregiver’s body. The upright position in the baby carrier soothes the colic baby, giving you a lot of relief too.

Sleeping in the Cab

Are you germophobic, like me? I can’t bring myself to lay my baby down on the cab seats. Babywearing is warmer, safer and a cleaner alternative anyway to public spaces. Also, if your baby only sleeps in your arms, then babywearing is a great way to lighten the weight on your shoulders and back. You need to pick a great baby carrier that distributes the weight on your shoulders evenly.

Orange Baby Carrier, Baby K'tan

For House Chores

Since my maid left me, I took it upon myself to do all the house chores. It’s great exercise and feels rewarding to clean my own home. Most times, the chores get done during naptimes. When chores need to get done and the baby needs comforting at the same time then babywearing saves the day again! Sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry can be done peacefully – -provided you make sure the baby is safely secured in the baby carrier.

At Play, With Your Firstborn

A baby joined at the hip with one hand is tough! It gives you a backache and pain in your shoulders too. Now imagine doing that while you have to push a toddler on the swings? Also, are you a helicopter parent? The one who is constantly paranoid about your child getting hurt and so you choose to closely follow them around the park. Then babywearing makes this activity easier too.

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You wrap your baby on your body safely. The baby is calm while you spend quality time with your toddler. You are not irritable because of any pain. So the time you spend with your toddler at the park is pleasant. Babywearing totally saves your sanity.

Orange Baby Carrier, Baby K'tan

Walks Around the Park

Walking is the best exercise for anybody who can. Strollers are convenient. Sure! I used to be a stroller mom. But as our group got bigger, the strollers became a bulky nuisance. With babywearing, the walking experience is totally different!

stroller moms

Not only does my baby fall asleep sooner, but I also lose weight with the baby carrier! You can lose up to 300 calories an hour while carrying your baby in a sling, wrap or a soft structured carrier (SSC).

Working Out with Babywearing, Mei Tai Babywearing Carrier

At the Movies

Before the kids came, we went to the movies all the time. We can’t take our children to all kinds of movies now. That’s where babywearing is like sunshine in the rain. We let our favorite people babysit our toddler. Then we go to the movies with our little one snug in the carrier, sound asleep AND oblivious to what’s on screen.

At the Mall

My stroller usually carries all the shopping bags or my tired toddler. The baby is safely and snuggly strapped on to me in a baby carrier here. Mall walking is that much easier with a baby carrier.

Orange Baby Carrier, Baby K'tan

At the Hospital

I refuse to lay my baby down on the hospital waiting room chairs. *germophobe* Babywearing trumps again!

Grocery Shopping

I LOVE this activity. It’s only a couple of times a month but the whole experience of shopping for the house just titillates me. I have to take my baby along. But I can’t be dragging a stroller and a trolley together, right? Babywearing solves this serious problem.

Working Out with Babywearing, Baby K'tan Babywearing Carrier

At Church Gatherings

I’m from a community-based church, we meet thrice a week. A screaming baby (who is ready to sleep but can’t) disturbs everyone, no? Being away from home disturbs my baby’s sleep rhythms. Babywearing strikes a compromise. I get to take part in the meetings while my baby sleeps/breastfeeds peacefully inside the carrier.

At the Airport

Airports can be insane especially if you are in a rush — with a baby and a toddler. You don’t want to haul your luggage and a stroller, right? That’s so inconvenient. Babywearing helps you stand in queues, get checked and everything while keeping your baby calm at the airport. It’s one of the best ways wearing my baby seriously saves my sanity, I’m sure it will help you immensely too,

At Restaurants

We love eating out. We usually do lunches. But the times when dinner clashes with bedtime, babywearing saves my sanity.

Orange Baby Carrier, Baby K'tan

Here is Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 with my Church family and friends. Baby had woken up listening to the excited party chatter. I couldn’t be hauled up in the bedroom while the dinner gets cold, right? Babywearing made this job easier on both of us. Baby just sat there calmly. We all enjoyed a hearty thanksgiving dinner and played some exciting games later too.

thanksgiving dinner, babywearing at dinner

Waiting for a Cab

I feel a baby at your hip while waiting on the sidewalk is risky. I think it’s a vulnerable position to be in (for muggers or other disastrous events) Babywearing helps me hands-free.

Trips to the Loo

There are bathroom emergencies. Carrying my baby in my favorite carrier while sitting on the throne is win-win. Baby is calm and I am calm to go too.

Give me a certificate of appreciation for pulling a stunt like this in public bathrooms!

I could go on and on… But you get the point? Babywearing helps. It is awesome not just for your convenience but it is great for your baby’s health too.

Do you want to know more? Read this post about my favorite babywearing carriers for your newborn or toddler.

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