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A good to awesome client gets the best out of his or her freelance writers. But what does a great freelance writing client really look like?

Happy employees are 12% more productive, say the economists from the University of Warwick. Don’t be a horrible boss. If you wanted to be an awesome freelance client, then here are 6 ways you can be one today.

A smart freelance writer is grateful for the client who ranges from being good, to awesome. You’d be more passionate for this client, now wouldn’t you? Do you cherish such clients? I took one for granted and lost 60% of my income. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. 

From my content writing experience, here are 6 proven signs of a good to an awesome freelance client.

Remains Clear About Requirements

These freelance writing clients know where they want to go with their project. It’s a written down strategy with unicorns flying in the sky. Good clients communicate their need. They stick to what is agreed throughout the contract. A good freelance writing client is mindful of a freelancer’s time. And is sure to communicate any changes, thoughtfully.

Respects Your Payment Terms

Whether it was advance payments or covering the PayPal fees, it was honored by my best clients. Clients who don’t respect you or your time, wouldn’t care for much. What works for you may not work for the client. A good client will try hard to build a peaceful way around differences in payment terms.

Respects You and Your Work

The awesome freelance writing clients are polite. They are never ever rude to you or try to belittle you in any way. Good clients are patient with you. They want to get to know you and build a healthy working relationship with you. There is no micro-management (out of mistrust), instead, you treat you as one with the team.

Reciprocates with Constructive Feedback

Given that time is money, clients don’t have the time to haggle with freelance writers. Who cares if the freelancer depends on your work to pay the utility bills or buy groceries for that week? Good clients get to know their freelancers. Good clients don’t break off the business relationship in a nanosecond. It takes more time to find trusted freelancers.

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Record-time payments

Yes, this one is obvious, but good clients make prompt payments! The quality I want to highlight here is that a good client never hesitates to pay what is due to you. Awesome clients do not take advantage of freelancers and underpay them. The client who knows their freelancer’s skills and admires their abilities will pay as is due.

Recommends Your Work to Peers

Being a freelancer is risky business. One week you are thriving with 10 clients, the next you are broke to bits. Good to awesome freelance writing clients empathize with you. They know you are a star and recommend your services at the drop of a hat!

Dear Freelancer, here are some easy ways to make your clients love you.

Cherish the clients with a combination of these qualities. Do not take them for granted.

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