A winning proposal is especially important for a new writer. Such a proposal can make you stand out even if you do not have testimonials or the necessary experience to compete with those “better” writers. Of course, choosing the right clients, and at the right freelance writing rates counts too. Follow these tips for the best freelance writing proposal that gets noticed.

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Write a Customized Script

Sure, a script saves you time when you have to send many proposals at a time. Take a few minutes, or more, to customize your proposal for every client. This is important because when you use a script, clients know it is copy-pasted almost immediately. You recognise a spam email or a spammy website within 3 seconds, right?

#Pro Tip: Insert phrases or words the client uses within the project assignment. Make your proposal specific to the project. 

how to write proposals, best tip for a winning proposal.

Focus on Starting a Conversation

Clients get so many proposals. Identify the leverage points and see where they are from, relate to a previous experience of a related project, or a movie you enjoyed watching etc. All this enhances the quality of your freelance writing proposal.

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Ask Questions

Again, clients get so many proposals that are all about “how I am perfect for your job” and “I have this quality and that”. So when you go a step ahead and ask questions related to the project, the client immediately senses your genuine interest in their project. Ask questions about timelines, or if they can provide references, or if they can cover the fees. Show that you care. Show them you are excited to join their team.  

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Be Personal

While reading the requirement, you may sense that the client is angry about something. For example, applicants don’t read the requirements thoroughly or send spammy scripts. Empathize with this and mention a line or two about it in your proposal. One thing I do is to look for the reviews for the client and locate their names (if it isn’t already mentioned in the project requirement) Look for a common interest, say if you live in the same country or if you have friends living near their location then talk about that in your proposal.

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Give Value

Clients may have a small budget or ready to spend thousands of dollars on a prospective applicant like you. So they are always looking for someone who understands their requirement. If you had a similar experience, then leverage that by sharing relevant attachments. Even if you may not have any experience in the subject, but are genuinely interested in pursuing this project, then take the time for a small write-up. This will show them you are capable of working on this project. You can link your Linkedin or other professional accounts for them to view recommendations.

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add review in proposal, why you must add recommendations in your freelance writing proposal


Do not be in a hurry to hit the send button! Take a few moments to proofread your proposal. Check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and sentence construction. Write your proposal on a separate tab, say on a google doc and edit it thoroughly.

Did you flinch a little with my typos in these blog posts? 

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Typos turn off freelance writing clients at a higher degree. Proposal with the slightest errors can be outright rejected. If you do not take the time and care to proofread your proposal, how much would you care for their project, right?

Here is a quick graphic to bring it all together.

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6 Tips to Writing a Winning Proposal Infographic

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