Before you assume that this post is for only girls, STOP. Taking care of curly hair is not a gender biased thing. If you have curly hair and want to know, then this post is for you.

When you start to embrace your natural hair type, it will make a big difference to your life! You will:

  • Love and appreciate yourself and others better.
  • Stand out in the crowd – for being you and of course, for being beautiful…
  • Save money on all those salon treatments and products. Most importantly,
  • Save your hair from further damage!

My Curly Hair Success Story

It was a friends’ mom who had this brilliant all natural curly hair. I had never seen a mom so confident, so beautiful… so sexy before. She had long, shiny, curly hair. Each curl separated so it looked like a cascade of a curly waterfall and it all looked so divine.

It was Auntie Beulah who gave me the props on how to get my curls to look like hers. I followed her routine and her styling tips my hair.  There wasn’t a day that went by when people asked me if my curls were “real” or if I had got them professionally done. They were surprised when I would just shrug and say they my natural curls.

I found my husband that way too. He fell in love with my curls 🙂 at first. Thank God for small mercies because I was miserable and I had nothing else going on in my life at that point.

MYTH #1 Having straight hair is good. Curly Hair is a burden!

This has ruined so many curlies. People have lost their time, money and their self-worth because they feel curly hair is such a burden. It’s not. I’m on a mission to change all that for as many curlies I can reach.

The notion of straight hair being the best hair type is just so overrated. F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the early 2000’s Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all had poker straight hair?

Curly Hair tips, how to wash your curly hair, curly hair myths How to Care for Curly Hair

Remember that? Yeah, most of us grew up watching that. And the movies and the ads on TV – everyone propagating how awesome it was to have poker straight hair.

Stop making that face. It’s true.

A majority of people all over the world are conditioned to think that straight hair is better. I blame the widespread media bombardments. That’s a billion dollar industry propaganda. Hair straightening products and service companies make money this way.

I would not encourage anyone to straighten their hair permanently. or on a regular basis. Treating your hair with methods like bonding, or using a flat iron every single day can cause a lot of damage.

It always pains my heart to watch people ironing beautiful curly hair to make it poker straight. Ok, I totally get that it is easier to maintain that way. Or you may want to experiment with different temporary looks. Permanent straightening methods causes MUCH DAMAGE to your hair and to your self-worth. You are not worth that at all. You deserve so much better.

MYTH#2 You Should Comb Curly Hair

Never. Ok, just in the shower -with conditioner. Never comb your dry curly hair. Putting a comb through your dry natural curls is the biggest mistake you can make.

Brushing curly hair, curly hair myths, curly hair care tips

Don’t comb curly hair in a bid to make them straight. It would not work.

WHY? Because –

  • Curly Hair is one of the most fragile hair types. It needs only tender loving care, not trauma from a cynical hair brush.
  • Running a comb through already fragile hair can damage it further.

Use your fingers to remove any tangles.

FACT: In the olden days, people washed their hair just once a fortnight, more or less. Unwashed hair creates a lot of sebum – the natural oil. A comb was then needed to distribute the oils created by the scalp to the root, every day.

This is NOT the need today.

Since your hair is probably exposed to pollution and dirt, you need to wash it several times a week. You may use multiple hair products as well, right? All this leaves your hair even more fragile than it already is and makes it prone to more damage. So now you know what would happen when you sit down to comb those 200 strokes on that fragile curls hair every day.

It’s just damaging your soft curly hair and ruining your scalp. No. No. Please no. Stop that habit first, throw away your plastic combs and get yourself a wide-tooth comb to use in the shower. 

Wavy and Curly Hair Texture

Curly hair texture is unlike any other type of hair. Curly hair is one of the most fragile hair types there could be. They are typically dry, with big pores within each strand. That’s why they need to be moisturized a lot to make them look healthy, shiny and bouncy. It is naturally brittle. You need to treat curly hair being gentle, giving it care and the love you’d shower on a puppy or your own baby.

The pores inside wavy hair are not as big as curly hair. Wavy hair may not need as much moisture as curly hair. They are fragile though, and may need some amount of moisture to keep them going frizzy as well.

Thus, putting a comb through your dry curly hair will just break it. It will cause split ends and make it frizzy. Those annoying little strands of flyaway hair are thus born.

FUN FACT: Frizzy hair is NOT a type of a hair. It is a condition and a clear sign that your hair is damaged.

You need to stop what you are currently doing and change your routine if you want to save your hair.  

MYTH #3 You need to shampoo curly hair every day

Think of taking care of your curly hair as you would do your laundry. Yes, clothes; laundry.

You probably take special care to dry clean some of your best clothes right? Because whites clean better with only whites, and colors with only colors and so on. You treat different types of clothes differently, right? Ok now think about this. Each of us has a different skin type and the soaps and the creams that one uses may not really suit someone else.  It’s the same with curly hair.

You cannot treat curly hair the same way your mother or your friend treats their straight hair.

It just wouldn’t work.

Having said that, you don’t need shampoo to wash your curly hair. I use only a conditioner to wash my curly hair. And I wash my hair just twice a week. 

Wash curly hair no more than three times a week. It needs a routine. Your curly hair needs deep conditioning at least twice a month. curly hair tips, curly hair care, curly girl method

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I learned a lot from this awesome book.  A perfect gift for your curly haired loved one!

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4 Replies to “3 Curly Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

  1. Nice one Mrs.Liz,
    Just a question though, can u suggest some shampoo n conditioner I can get for my hair, since its crazily curly n stackedup together

    1. I use Organix conditioner (You can find it in the Wellness medical shops) to clean my hair and condition. That worked for me after trying a lot of different products. See if it works for you. Check ingredients and make sure there is no “Sodium Laureth Sulphate” in any products you use, that’s the villan.

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