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Alps Goodness Scrunching Gel Review – Is it Good?

The short answer is a resounding YES! My review will probably sound like it’s too good to be true. But I am willing to take the chances because you’ve been nagging me about a budget gel, you’ve persecuted me for not trying enough Indian products etc. etc. Now that I have found something with potential, read on to find out if its the best choice for your hair.

What is it

  • Hair gel, soufflé/jelly like texture.
  • Best used in small quantities.
  • Glycerine-free, good for humidity.

This means you can use it on freshly washed hair or anytime you want to style your hair. Best time to use it would be right after cleansing on your soaking wet hair. I say soaking because the protein in this gel (or any hair gels for that matter) need water to work properly. If you use it on dry hair then this gel will suck moisture out of your hair causing even more dryness! So use it on hair that has moisture – and water is moisture, hence the soaking.

Who should Use it

  • Good for coarse, colored hair
  • Ideal for fine/wavy hair
  • Use to feel light after styling
  • Or use for simple washdays (One & Done styling product!)

Speaking of hair with moisture, if you have low porosity hair then this is a tricky one. My virgin hair is low porosity and any hair gel with protein dries my hair out. My new highlights though are more porous. That means those parts are not low porosity. High porosity hair appreciates protein so if you have medium-high porosity hair then this will work for you. Not sure about porosity? Take this texture quiz to find out!

Pros of Alps Goodness Scrunching Gel

  • Hair gel, made in India
  • Has protein, holds curls for 2 – 3 days
  • Concentrated but lightweight
  • Causes no build-up
  • Can be used on freshly-washed hair
  • Costs less than ₹350!

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It even smells nice! I say that because a lot of “budget” Indian gels are likely made with men in mind so to me, all those gels have a cologne-y manly smell. This Alps Goodness Scrunching gel doesn’t! Also, because it is thick and concentrated you use less. Because you need less and use less product it feels lightweight, you see? So don’t use too much of this hair gel for best results.

How I use it

  • One and done (after shampoo/cowash)
  • On lazy washdays.
  • I part my hair into two.
  • 1 finger scoop of gel for one part.
  • Emulsified with water.
  • Rake & Brush OR Finger coils
  • Diffused immediately!

I wash my hair 2-3x a week alternate between a shampoo-washday and a cowash-washday. This hair gel works alone without any leavein or cream but I found I got longer days and juicier curls when I sued this gel after cowasing. Learn more about cowashing here.

Diffusing is important for me to allow the curls set properly. When I say properly I mean to my preferences. I like a little rolly-poly curly look versus sad droopy looking S curls but that is just my preference. I use this diffuser, attached on this dryer. More options listed here.

Cons of Alps Goodness Scrunching Gel

  • Condition before applying gel or
  • Use a deep conditioner before and/or
  • Apply a nourishing hair cream under it

Here’s the downside (not really) but for best results; beginners with damage or neglected hair must take more care. If you have extreme damage from coloring, straightening, chemical treatments then to get the most of this gel, add a bond-repair-treatment to your weekly routine also. Check this Olaplex treatment here.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you found this review helpful?

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