If you are a curly head, Instagram is one of the best platforms to get info, legit reviews, and even buy natural products! Listed here are all the IGs that helped me since I started my CG journey in 2017. These ladies are informative, humble, and ready to help! Love these curly hair Instagram pages and super excited to see what they will teach us in 2018.

A Quick Tip: Follow curly pages closer to your curl pattern.

It’s always healthy to follow someone who may be your #HairGoals too, but you will be surprised at how much information the right accounts give you! You can find tons of posts about products, but follow the pages that talk more about ingredients, the different way to use it with videos or illustrations for the best help.

Hair Science info is underrated in our community and that is what I strive to find. The curly hair Instagram pages listed here share the best information I need.

My favourite Curly Hair Instagram Pages

If you haven’t already, follow Verna to understand the real hair science behind ingredients, concepts, and everything and more.

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Leslie’s before and after posts are one of the best you’ll see!

I adore Carla’s videos!

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Bella is lovely, she’s got a real sense of humour, but it’s her outright honesty, and integrity in her posts and website blog posts I admire the most.

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Merian 🙂 Founder of Bounce Curl! She leads a healthy lifestyle and I love watching her stories and talks about food and travel too.

Ro’ page is one of the best I’ve come across in 2017! So much information!!

Of course #hif3liciahelped !!

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Chelli is my hair goals!

Kinsley has some of the best curly hairstyle videos, and of course, wash n go’s too.

Adina is hair goals too! Plus she’s on point about products, she uses only the best!

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Serious moisture and definition hair goals for me! (Although we are different types, still, her posts are informative for me!)

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I look forward to Kiki’s styling routine in her stories, my new routine is inspired by her technique.

Yes, serious Curl Talks here on this account. Make sure you follow!

Monique is all about coloured curly hair, skin, makeup, you name it 🙂 Super inspiring in many ways!

Her routine videos are some of the best!!!

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Jannelle had me first with her striking blue eyes, her videos are super entertaining, and she’s got some serious makeup tips too.

Linz’s page is heavy with information and inspiration. Make sure you follow!!

Alba, contributor to the Radiant Glow Face Oil is my life goals! Everything about her is super inspiring for me.

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Hair Goals! Life Goals!!

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Nikki is LIVE every day at 8 pm PST – she’s super creative, inspiring, and you can’t beat her penchant for fashion!

Serious Hair Goals!

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Another awe-inspiring Curly Hair Instagram page you just have to follow in 2018!

Sanne is HEART – her reviews and super tips for maintaining curly hair have been super helpful.

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Emma’s soft curls are goals too! Make sure you subscribe to her website, EmmasCurls.com too.

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Jackie’s hair is the closest to my curl pattern I love her posts!!

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Because Nico is Bae and he’s always giving me these super scientific insights about curly hair + we have similar curl patterns too. He is my hair goals, for sure 🙂

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I can’t end this post without a mention to my fellow Indian Curlies!

Follow them if you don’t already.

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Did I miss anyone? Let me know who you love to follow too!

If you need more help, come chat with me on Instagram @honestlizhere today. That’s me, I have super entertaining posts. Ok not super, but I promise to make you smile.

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  1. Amazing post! Thank you so much for the love and support!! Such an honor to mentioned in the same sentence of these beauties!!

  2. There are also many natural hair instagrams for women with coily and kinky hair… these women really started the natural hair movement.

    1. Yes! AJ! That is the truth! Just that I naturally gravitated to the curl type closer to my hair type. I only started this journey 6 months ago 🙂 Anyway, I would LOVE to feature kinky and coily best IG pages too – would you help me?

  3. bless you with regard to the particular blog post ive really been looking with regard to this kind of advice on the net for sum time these days hence with thanks

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