Want to expand your child’s vocabulary or imagination? You want to improve your child’s listening skills, and help them understand the world around them? Reading books for babies under 1 is one of the best ways your child learns life skills and so much more. Keep this list handy so you can gift them on birthdays or special occasions!

I read books to both my children while they were in the womb still.  We have a small library. These are our favorite books for babies under 1. I’ve listed my preschooler’s favorite books too.

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Why is it important to read to your baby?

We underestimate infants and babies but they learn fast and understand a lot more than you think. For instance, when Baby #1 was less than a year old, we were nursing; I noticed the boob she was latched on was almost empty. So I said, “Aria, come to the other side now”. She unlatched instantly and rolled over to the next. I was so impressed this little baby understood what I was saying! English is a first language in the family so reading English books helped that much more to strenghten and build my children’s vocabulary.

What age should you read to your child?

Age appropriate books are key to helping your child understand the world around them and learn new concepts. With my second pregnancy, Baby #1 was less than 2 years old so we bought books that prepared her for the new baby. Books also helped her understand many concepts like colors and even her social-emotional skills.

What are the benefits to reading books to your child under the age of 5 years?

  • Your baby learns how to communicate.

  • You can introduce color, shapes, numbers in a creative way.

  • Reading aloud helps your child build memory, listening and language skills.

  • Your baby learns about the world around them, like seasons or to prepare for preschool.

The bond and the relationship between you and your child is reinforced so simply if you incorporate reading one book a day in your daily schedule as a stay at home mom or even otherwise. This is your special time when both of you aren’t distracted by screens or social media. Just you, your child, and a fantastic book to relax and end your day. I have a reminder on my phone “Stop, Drop and Read to Babies” at 4 pm every day. We also read before going to bed.

Our Favorite Books for Babies Under 1

You don’t have to have a BIG library. Children especially babies and toddlers love repetition. There are scientific reasons children love to hear the same stories again and again. It’s beneficial to have just a few of the best books. This is specifically a strong reason I don’t buy cheap books from Facebook Groups anymore. That, and also, I am conscious about what stories I read to my children. These are our favorite books for babies under 1.




Favorite Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I stopped buying from Facebook Groups for my toddler though. Buying baby books from second hand Facebook groups is fine. However, when it came to my toddler, I rather spend a little bit more and get high-quality books that meet my goal – which is to introduce new concepts, expand their imagination, and help my children learn more about the world around them. If that is your goal too, then I would urge you to invest in just a few books that have exceptional visuals and interesting storylines for your toddler or preschooler. Here are our favorite books for toddlers or preschoolers under the age of 5 years.

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