The Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel is bae worldwide! However, their new cleansers which came out in late 2017 received mixed reviews. I hope my review here will help you decide the right Bounce Curl cleanser for you. They made two shampoos, and two conditioners. Here’s the review and make sure to read my suggestions at the end of this article too.

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Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo Review

What does it do? It clarifies hair and scalp from all, sweat, oil/product buildup. The “enzymes” exfoliate and revitalize the scalp.

Why is it good? It does all this without drying your hair. Leaves hair light and gives volume.

Does it lather? Yes! LOTs! If you wanted more suds-action then add more water.

How often to use it? Since this clarifying shampoo isn’t harsh like the others, its safe to use it Weekly.

Best Time to use it: If you use products with heavy ingredients like shea butter during the week, then you need this shampoo to use it weekly. You want to clarify butters and oils out of your hair if you want your curls to curl correctly. If shea butter or heavy product isn’t clarified, then it builds up in your hair. Eventually, products stop reacting to your hair and you wonder why nothing is working! This shampoo is your answer to avoid such problems.

Best recommended for All hair types, especially wavy, fine hair that wants more volume. If you workout a lot during the week or suffer from damaged/transistioning hair.


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Bounce Curl Moisturizing Shampoo Review

What does it do? It cleans hair and scalp while adding more moisture to your hair.

Why it’s good? It moisturises hair so much that it’s easy to detangle, with a shampoo!

Does it lather? No, not really. It’s a very creamy consistency and for me, it’s like a cowash. I don’t need a conditioner after I use it.

How often to use it? Since it isn’t harsh, its safe to use even bi-weekly.

When to use it? I recommend using this shampoo before a protein treatment like Rice Water Rinses. The moisture will help you balance the protein. You can also use it before an ACV Rinse or Beer Rinse because these treatments can be drying.

Best recommended for Thick, Dry and damaged hair. I don’t recommend this for fine, wavy hair.

Overall, compared to normal shampoos and conditioners, Bounce Curl is very moisturizing. For example, their “moisture shampoo” is exactly that. It’s so moisturising that I don’t need a conditioner after. Look here. It’s my freshly washed hair with just the moisture shampoo. Easy to detangle, my hair is nourished and conditioned – with a shampoo! I’ve never experienced this with any other shampoo. Ok, maybe a little, with the Curly Ellie Shampoo, but nothing like this.

Bounce Curl Hydra-Drench Cleansing Conditioner Review

What does it do? It cleanses hair and scalp without drying.

Why is it good? It’s got dual-action properties. You can cowash with this, i.e. washing your scalp and hair with COnditioner. You don’t need too much. I need only one pump each section. It also works as a conditioner. So you can cowash and condition at the same time with only one product.

Can you leave it in? No. Leaving this conditioner in your hair can cause buildup and itching so make you rinse it all out.

Does it lather? No. It’s super creamy consistency.

How often to use it? Since it isn’t harsh, it’s safe to use bi-weekly. Remember, washing hair every 3-4 days is normal. However, if you swim or workout or just feel like washing your hair daily, then instead of shampooing daily, you can alternate with this cowash. So one wash you cowash, next wash shampoo and the fourth wash you clarify to remove total buildup.

When to use it? Cowashing is a great method to pump moisture into your hair. If your hair feels dry, sun-damaged or after a failed protein treatment experiment, then cowash for the win!

Best recommended for All hair types. Fine hair or wavy hair can use it as a normal conditioner after shampoo for best results.

Bounce Curl Super Smooth Cream Conditioner Review

What does it do? It deep conditions your hair.

Why it’s good? This conditioner is rich and potent. You can leave it on for 20 minutes with heat and it works cleverly as a deep conditioner.  It also works as a regular conditioner.

Can you leave it in? Yes!

Does it lather? No. It’s a conditioner, silly! It won’t foam.

How often to use it? You can use it every wash! Remember, if you are transitioning or are new to the natural hair care and your hair is dry, then deep conditioning twice a week is ideal.

When to use it? Use on clean hair after clarifying say with a shampoo or a  bentonite clay treatment. This conditioner is protein-free, so it works well as a follow up to rice water rinses! (rice water is protein so you can balance)

Best recommended for All hair types. Fine hair or wavy hair can use it as a normal conditioner after shampoo for best results.

I received all these four products as a gift when Bounce Curl just launched. I’m glad I did because I can use so many different combinations between these four to give my hair what it needs.

Your Hair “Needs” Change daily

Your hair needs change daily depending on the weather, your diet, and your lifestyle. Basically, the way to use Bounce Curl Shampoos and Conditioners is to be smart about it. Know what your hair needs and give that, it.

For example, if you have never clarified your hair, then it’s time you used the clarifying shampoo.

Say, the weather is drying and your hair needs EXTRA moisture but you don’t like cowashing, so you pick up the moisture shampoo.

Maybe it’s the heat of summer and cowashing is the only way to pump up the moisture levels.

You get?

I can’t do the same set of products every wash. Can you?

I think no one can because of this ”hair-need” business. For me, I always have a new combination and product cocktails because I prefer to create a cocktail to match my hair needs.

What Bounce Curl product combo to use?

Bounce Curl makes it easy for you with their “kits”. Each kit has a different moisture-level in their cleansers. You pick up the combo-kit based on how much moisture your hair needs.

Super Tips to make the Cleansers work for you

  • Join my Facebook Group to watch a saved video explaining these cleansers.

  • Use my code HONESTLIZ to save $$ – this code does not apply to kits.

Bounce Curl cleansers have 80 percent plant-based ingredients, you can say it’s herbal. Now because it’s plant-based it’s important to test it before you apply.

It’s also important to give these shampoos a few washes before it can remove product buildup from your previous wash products completely.

About the conditioners? I recommend after you apply them on your hair, give conditioners a minute to soak and saturate in your hair. After those precious few seconds, the conditioner fuses and then you get that “slip” to work* with them on your hair.

Working* with your conditioner is what I like to call, spending a few minutes just raking conditioner in your hair. This action not only helps you detangle your hair but raking repeatedly helps the product to penetrate your hair better, so even distribution and EXTRA moisture! Win-Win!

The best tip, regardless of which Bounce Curl Shampoo Conditioner you choose is that less is more with this line. You don’t have to pile on or scoop product to make it work, no. Don’t waste this goodness because all of their cleansers are vitamin-enriched and have hair-growth properties too!

All of them smell pleasant, not overpowering but subtle enough to please. Hope you love them like I do!

Hope I covered everything. If you have any more questions about these cleansers or how to choose one for your hair type and hair need, DM me on Instagram and we can chat about it

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