You would’ve come across Bounce Curl on social media at some point. The inventor of Bounce Curl, Merian is gorgeous! She has Type 3B curly hair and it makes you wonder, can it be possible? Can I get bouncy curly hair like her if I use that Bounce Curl light creme gel too? But one look at the price tag and you pause. Is it really worth it?

Bounce Curl Popularity Scale on Social Media

Many curly beauties on IG advertise Shea Moisture, Devacurl or the latest,  Blueberry Bliss products – these are so popular, no?  These products are also pricey but you would still buy them without batting an eye because your favorite curly girls have endorsed them. Right? right. 

I didn’t see that with Bounce Curl. I followed their IG account for a month and saw posts of real people not paid reviews from popular curly gurus.

I wanted dirt on this brand so I went to the curly hair community on“Naturally Curly” website to see what people were talking about the Boucecurl Light creme gel there. I found dirt, but I also saw how gracious the bounce Curl reps were when they answered each issue with supportive and constructive comments.

That gave me a perspective.

What’s inside the Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

It is a Curly Girl (CG) friendly product, which means no mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, parabens, PEGs or silicones in it. Besides, it has never been tested on animals, making it a cruelty-free product too.


As the names suggest, it is not just gel. The creme gel is 80 percent gel and 20 percent cream. The main ingredients are Panax ginseng root extract, aloe, and black seed oil. These are great ingredients that help restore moisture and shine to all types of curly hair, regardless of the curly hair type.

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Bounce Curl gives a SOFT hold

Two of my favorite curly gurus were never motivated to try it because of the hold. Well, for me, I prefer soft hold and light-weight hair.  Consider the kind of hold you want before buying any gel. 

Think of Bounce Curl like using homemade flaxseed gel, except, but without a cast and it smells SO nice. If you prefer soft hold like me, you will like this gel.  I use it on wash-day and refresh routines for my curly hair. My hair looks bouncy even in the pictures, no? With Bounce Curl, I realized it gave me the right hold only when I followed the instructions and used it the right way. 

Day 4, Light refresh with just @bouncecurl gel!! That’s my homeboy 😍 I don’t like using too many products and I hadn’t used any since wash day 🙂 I’m so glad this gel is coming to India, to my store, in just a few days 😋 I can’t wait until you try it and enjoy one-product-awesome-hair too 🙌🏽 @curlygirlvibes flairosol bottle and @thepuffcuff coming soon too!! Get your @thecurlyco from Amazon, sorry 🙈 on another note, I love hip hop, rnb, and rap music 😁 what do you like? ________________________________________________________________________ #naturallycurly #naturalcurlygirl #naturalcurlyhair #naturalcurly #naturalcurlygirls #indianhairsupplier #indiancurlyhairproducts #curlyhairproducts #curlyhairproblem #honestproducts #bouncecurl #refreshroutine #refreshcurlyhair #day4✔️

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The right way to use it

The directions on the company website tell you to apply this product on wet hair. I missed that directive and the few times I used it was on damp hair and plopped hair. The results weren’t satisfactory until I used the gel on soaking wet hair! The Bounce Curl light creme gel magically sucks the extra water and you can feel that immediately too. I believe it is this chemical reaction that helps tames the frizz. 

The product encourages you to apply leave-ins and curl creams to thick or dry curly hair and then use the gel, last.  If you have low porosity hair, don’t use a leave-in on your refresh days with this gel. Here are some tried combinations that really work with  Bounce:

The Verdict

is it worth the hype? YES!

I love my Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel! It’s defined my curls so much better and faster than anything else I’ve tried for months. It gets my hair soft and bouncy, saturated with essential vitamins and minerals. The gel has restored my hair back to health. That’s not even the best part. The best part is that I use only this gel on my refresh days. Watered hair and just one product! Being a stay at home parent, this saves SO much of my time and gives me results too! 

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Price: $24 plus shipping, but you know what? A little product is what you need each time you apply it so a 12oz bottle can take you 6 months to finish! So, it is worth the buy I say. Since the product is organic, the ingredients may react or repel other products in your styling cocktail. So, first test the product mixed with your other gel or curl cream to see if it mixes with no residue or anything. 

Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins

Yes, I went all out and got these too.  My hair loves it. My skin loves it. It makes me very thirsty though and I end up drinking a lot of water, but there is nothing wrong with drinking more water, is it?

Some assume the biotin in these pills may encourage hair growth “everywhere” that is not the case here at all. That is just a myth, don’t believe haters. Besides, look at that 1-inch hair growth in 2 weeks in my picture! In the July picture my hair is well below my chin. For curly hair, that’s a fantastic length to achieve in such a short time.

It is widely proven that certain vitamins help promote hair health – and Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins are just brimming with them!  Plus the formula includes the special middle eastern ingredient: Nigella Sativa “Black seed oil”.

Note: Please consult a physician prior to taking any new dietary supplements.

Where to Buy Bounce Curl?


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4 Replies to “Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel (Review) Is it worth the hype?

  1. Hey Liz,
    I had tried the sugar bear hair gummies and I noticed I started to break out. Did you notice that in this case? And also does it stop hairfall??

    1. See this is exactly why I trust Bounce Curl so much. I stopped using them last couple of weeks because I was out and that’s when my skin went crazy with a zit fest man! I have super acne-prone skin and Bounce curl saves me! They’ve created these pills to avoid breakouts and it just works man. I don’t trust any other brand to be so thoughtful when creating their products as Bounce Curl. Promise.

  2. Hey

    Loved this post on bounce curl. I was just wondering if it’s better to use naturalisticproducts or the actual bounce curl as they have an offer. I’ve used bounce curl before but as they have loads of sales on their website I’m tempted. I live in London, UK so I’m not sure whether I should go for it or just buy from third party.

    1. Hey Jasmin, Here’s my honest take, ok? I’ve ordered from both sites so I can give you a comparison. Cost wise, you can find it cheaper, a tad cheaper, on the official website and if they have sales, that’s even better BUT they only use USPS which is government delivery service, it doesn’t have any tracking! So your package takes too long and sometimes, can get damaged or even stolen! There’s the risk and an opportunity cost here. Whereas, if you get it from Naturalistic, its a few dollars higher BUT it’s right there and you get it sooner than you can imagine. Plus, you would support the local business which is always better for like, for everyone involved. So, you decide 🙂

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