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Imported Items for sale in India!

Are you in India? Want to buy international products online but not sure which SAFE sites ship to India? or maybe it gets too expensive or your goodies take too long to get here to India?

Your wait is OVER!

The struggle is real, I know!

That’s why I cover all shipping and customs for you and make these great goodies now affordable in India. Most are sourced directly from the brands and others by a trusted, licensed reseller in the USA and UK.

Now in India,  here with me. I’m doing this for almost NO profit so You can start your healthy hair journey right now, without having to spend a bomb or sell your kidney or beg your loved ones to smuggle things for you from the US or UK. Not anymore! Visit Honest Products to grab your goodies! Limited Stock!!how to make black curly hair bouncy, curly hair routine, curly girl method approved site, curl refresher for low porosity, bounce curl shipping worldwide, refreshing low porosity hair, cream to make natural hair curly, curly girl method approved products, international shopping sites shipping to india imported clothes online shopping only imported online shopping imported items for sale,

*Logo Credits: Aditi Uplekar, Creative Graphic Designer, ready for hire!!

Customer Delights!

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Special WhatsApp Group for Customers only! Store customers get the special privilege and first notification of new stock. You can also swap products, get more hair & skincare info.

Only the Best You Deserve. 

New stock information announced on my Instagram (IG) @honestlizhere IG Stories!