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Cachos Brazil hair products Really Live up to the Hype?

EDIT: Please note Cachos Brazil has been observed to be defunct since May 2023.

Female founded, this black owned brand is a small business from the USA. They offer curly hair styling products, hair oils, and hair growth treatments, specializing in Brazilian oils. I started using them in 2018 and in the past 5 years have seen them in many reseller shops across the world! 

Disclaimer: Since I share so much about curly hair products, naturally, my article will contain affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. make a purchase) after clicking on these links or use my code I earn coffee money! Which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this.


Main benefits: Hydrates dry hair, promotes hair growth, and strengthens damaged hair.Compared to countless curly hair products already available in the market today, I love that these hair products are totally protein, glycerin, and coconut free! Making Cachos Brazil products fool-proof for all hair types and across hair porosities. By that I mean, regardless of your hair being fine or thick, colored or virgin, curly or wavy, you can use these products without known side effects such as protein/aloe/coconut sensitivities. Yes it’s a thing and more blogs on this coming later. 

How do you know if you need it?

I recommend you try any or all three products if you have:

  • Dry brittle hair
  • Itchy scalp
  • Breakage 

Rio Mist Leave-in conditioner – Ideal for Fine or Wavy Hair

This is lightweight (that means it won’t weigh your hair down). Can be used as a conditioner or detangler. Since it’s deeply hydrating, fine hair can be used alone (that means as a one and done styler on freshly washed hair). Real reviews in my instagram messages tell me this leave-in nourishes & repairs when used over long term, and I agree. I have noticed less breakage, improved curl pattern from using this leave-in back to back. Use as the liquid in the LOC/ LCO method. For all hair types.

High Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir – Ideal for Color Treated Hair

Rich in nutrients such as omega-9 and fatty acids, Cachos Brazil Elixir oil is a game changer especially if you are coconut sensitive. It is protein-free and coconut-free so it helps to avoid breakage, and adds shine when used either before or after wash. The key ingredient Andiroba oil stimulates hair growth (source).  With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties this is a great oil if you have itchy scalp and other scalp concerns. Use as pre-shampoo or hot oil treatment. LOC/LCO method, wash and go and protective styles (like braids).

5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Crème – Multi-purpose

Dubbed as the queen of all hair creams, Cachos Brazil Combing Creme works as a styler, deep conditioner, moisturizer, detangler & pre-shampoo treatment; so many uses from one tub! I find this hair cream has even better detangling properties compared to their leave-in especially for dry coarse hair like mine. Key ingredients pracaxi oil and babassu oil hydrate curls. I find my coarse hair softer, shinier, and bouncier after using this cream.  Use as cream in the LOC/LCO method. 

Preshampoo Treatment

Read the dedicated review about Cachos Brazil preshampoo treatment here.

Pros & Cons

Ideal to use if you’re looking for protein free products. If you have fine hair or wavy hair that’s already moisturized, then using more moisture rich products like these may leave your hair feeling greasy. If you have fine, wavy or color treated hair that typically prefers more protein-based products then end with a hair gel with protein for best results.

Regardless of your hair type, be mindful of the quantity used during styling or pre-shampoo methods. These products are very concentrated and so, a little goes a long way. That means you should use less quantities to begin with and add more in your next attempts, with practice.  

How to use

I prefer using the Cachos Brazil Rio Mist leave-in conditioner on my soaking wet hair. If you have fine thin density hair use a coin size for your whole hair. For thicker textures, part your hair into two sections. Use the raking or clawing method to distribute a coin size amount for each section.

Do not be this generous with the Cachos Brazil Elixir oils nor their hair cream. For example, I typically make five sections to style my thick hair, but I will only use two squirts of oil, and one little finger scoop of cream for my whole hair. Notice the amounts in this video below.

Use the products on wet hair that is cleansed. You can also use these products directly on dry hair if you want to refresh your hair between wash days. How often can you use it: One to two times a week.

Best combos

Works well with: It pairs well with hair gels, although it can be used on its own.

I find all these products work very well with other brands that I have used in the past. Moisture rich. I find better results when I pair high protein products or flaxseed gels

Video tutorial 


If your hair is colored or chemically treated it’s more porous; making your hair lose moisture more easily than others. Try layering these Cachos Brazil hair products to keep hair moisturized and soft for longer days.


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  1. The Cachos rio mist leave-in conditioner is the BOMB for my fine wavy hair. Thanks Liz for the recommendation and keep the content coming in your blog. I love reading them.

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