You want to choose your cowashes wisely and I am here to help you decide on this one. Trust me, it is called “Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash” for good reasons. Learn more…

A midweek quickie for me!

Think of the quickest way you can get curls ready and that’s your quickie washday. Whether that involves styling or not is your decision. A midweek cowash like this one gently washes away whatever styling products you used on last wash day, so essentially it’s another wash day.

Some people like to wash hair every 2-3 days. Cowashing is a great alternative to cleansing WITHOUT using harsh shampoos every other day, is what I was implying here. Learn more about cowashing here!

I use Curlsmith Cowash for quickie washdays mostly. That means, for me, I just wash with this and style! No prepoo or deep conditioner for me when I use this cowash so that’s the main reason why this is trending so much on Instagram too. I heard about it first from Leslie Joanny, check her review here.

Should you Deep Condition (DC) after?

For me, this cowash is very rich by itself so I don’t DC after. However, I am not discounting the power of deep conditioning. Of course, you need to deep condition weekly, but I recommend doing that after shampoo.

Cowashes, in my opinion, are for mid-week washes. For the days when you workout, travel or just want your hair to feel clean without the drama that usually surrounds a natural girl’s wash day 🙂

I’m sure if your hair was damaged, and required more care like DC twice a week or if you had more time, you probably want to follow up a protein treatment after this cowash to balance. Rice Water Rinses would be perfect! But ideally, I don’t need to. You want to see if you need only after you use this Curlsmith Cowash.

Does it have cleasing agents?

Yes, it’s got gentle cleansing agents like “Cocamidopropyl Betain” that you want to look for in a proper cowash. Ingredients like this cleanse your scalp and your hair. Please do not, NEVER EVER, use regular conditioner to cowash. You always want to use proper cowash to cowash.

Should you condition after?

With most cowashes I use and recommend, it’s not necessary to condition afterward. The Curslmith Cowash here is a one and done. You don’t need another conditioner over and after. You can use the same to wash your scalp and your hair. Here’s a tip:

Kelly_w_scott says:

“I’ve been using this for 1 month and love it. I also STC with their leave-in and rinse a touch of it out. Then I use their Balm and sometimes a touch of their gel. I find I don’t have to refresh for about 3 days! Great products!!”

What ingredient tells you that you don’t need a conditioner afterward?

There’s several boo – LOOK IT!

  • Resurrection Flower: Rare plant that locks moisture into hair, unique to Curlsmith!
  • Avocado: Smoothens, conditions and de-tangle
  • Coconut: Adds shine, softness and combats dryness
  • Shea Butter: Moisturizes the hair and scalp and balances oil production

Do we need leave in and gel after this?

I am not sure about others, sometimes I leave my hair alone after deep conditioning. My hair isn’t as healthy right now to leave it alone after cowashing. This is a cowash cleanser. Like shampoo? But gentler. So me? I need to style my hair after I clean it, my curls love and thrive that way. You will have to see what works for you. Healthy hair doesn’t need products to style anyway 🙂 BUT here’s me, after cowashing and styling.

P R O T I P 💥 How I use the Curlsmith Cowash

In praying hands method first, then cover my hair with a shower cap; keep for about 5 minutes before I start raking and working with the cowash. This allows the cowash to saturate in my hair and that is when I get the most slip out of this product.

I also leave the Curlsmith Cowash inside my shower cap for a good 5-10 minutes while I finish my bath. The extra moisture from the cowash gives me DC-like curls after!

Does it work for wavy hair and kids too?

YES! Learn more about my tips for wavy hair here. And here’s a great video featuring the cowash:


You may not find slip immediately after put it on. Before you start playing and working with it, give it a minute at least. Remember to massaging it on your scalp before rinsing it ALL out.

Do NOT leave the cowash in. Rinse it all out to avoid buildup.

If you cowash often, like me, you may experience product buildup. That’s why it’s important to clarify just as often too. Me? I cowash about three times before I clarify my hair with either a clarifying shampoo or clay treatment. I recommend a Clay Treatment once every 15 days/ 5th wash to make sure your hair and scalp are buildup-free!

Where to buy Curlsmith Products?

The United States: Curlsmith Website OR Ulta Beauty stores has a great return policy that allows you to try and return it if you don’t like it! Not sure if it’s for 45 or 60 days even for used products, you will have to confirm that but just keep your receipts!!

For India: Visit Honest Products website, my store covers all the shipping and customs fees for you. With long drwan shipping and customs processes, they are stocked once every 3 months! If you see it, trust me and grab it.

Australia: Happy to share NaturallyYourAus may have stocked it!! Please check and explore.

Here’s a review video by MAD Curls! gotta Love LoriAnne & TaylorAnne


These are my sentiments, your results can vary so you decide based on your research/experience if you want to invest in a gourmet brand like @curlsmith_official 🥰 I also apologize I am not a brand ambassador for Curslmith or I would’ve offered you a discount code already 🙁

Let me know if you try! Please DM me on Instagram! Oh and the result on the right is after using Curlsmith Cowash!!

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