Are you starting your healthy hair journey? Maybe you are in the thick of it. Even so, there is much to learn every day. There are new curly hair products, methods, and techniques every day. So it helps to know the best curly beauties IG and follow them. They are on point with their curly hairstyles, routines, and product recommendations. Besides, if you find your curly hair twin here, then their list of products, tips and tricks help SO much more to achieve your true curly hair potential.

These curly hair gurus are super nice! You would think with thousands and millions of followers they would be snotty, right? I was wrong, they are humble and nice enough to answer my questions. I’ve added the links to their website and social media here. Follow them and of the million curly girls on social media, you’ll soon see why they are my favorite!

Holy Grails of my favorite Curly Beauties on IG

Want to know which is the one product these curly beauties cannot be without and why. I thought everyone will have the same answer but was pleasantly surprised to see each one has a unique preference – much like their curly hair type and style. I love them all, so in no particular order, here they are:

Amanda  – The Manda Panda

Holy Grail Product: Hair Oil

Amanda says, “Righteous Roots Hair Rx is a staple product for me. I Love using oils in my regimen and this one is my holy grail because it already has 11 essential oils all in 1 bottle. I use it to prepoo, give myself some scalp massages, and when I fluff my hair for volume. It has helped my hair grow and become fuller/thicker and I just can’t see myself without it! I prepoo – once or twice a month. Let it sit for 30 minutes, shampoo & condition as normal and proceed to style. I try to do Scalp massages Nightly and focus on my problem areas (temple / Crown area). With the scalp messages, you don’t have to wash the oil out. Just make sure to use a dime sized amount or less depending on how thick your hair is and massage for up to 5 minutes.” Follow her IG, so you don’t miss her giveaways, tips and product reviews.

Laurie Marie Smith – The She-Lion

Holy Grail Product: Leave-in Conditioner and Gel

Laurie says, “I absolutely LOVE how I can get multiple days out of my curls without refreshing them at All! I found my Holy Grail in Gels! Deva Curl Arc Angel gel. It has been the best gel that holds my curls for more than one day!” Follow her IG, she also has her own curly hair group on Facebook Love YOUR curls!! 

Ayesha – Spisha, Soon-to-be Superstar

Holy Grail Product: Curl Sculpting Pomade

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Ayesha says, “DevaCurl’s Beautiful Mess Curl Sculpting Pomade does the work of a curling iron, minus the heat damage. When I was younger, I would use a tong to re-curl the top curls that went frizzy overnight. This would actually create more damage & prevent those top curls from reaching their true potential. I broke that cycle by using this pomade. I apply it from root to tip to reactivate the dry curl and then scrunch! It literally brings my hair back to life”.  Follow her IG and remember to subscribe to Ayesha’s Youtube channel!

Julia – The Curly Jolle

Holy Grail Product: Curl Styling Milk

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When I asked what is your holy grail curly hair product, Julia says, “I use Shea Moisture Curling Milk or Cantu Curl Activator after washing my hair and scrunch for about 2 minutes. It is extremely important in my hair routine.  Same procedure when I refresh my curls with purified water. I wash my curls one time a week usually. I have low porosity hair so this product doesn’t weigh my hair down. It stays soft but defined, has a good hold and structure. That’s why I love it so much!

I give my scalp a massage (over 5 minutes) with an oil (argan or black castor) every single evening. I use a cleansing shampoo to clear my scalp cause I have much product build up during my wash days. Sometimes I add a little bit of Bouncecurl Light Creme Gel for more definition but only on wash days to avoid frizz and too much build up.” Follow her IG, so you don’t miss her tips and updates.

Pallavi – The Curious Jalebi

Holy Grail Product: Leave-in Conditioner  

Pallavi says, “A leave-in negates frizz and dryness and keeps my curls looking hydrated and bouncy up to 2-3 days! I use it on wet (not dripping wet though) hair. I comb after. STC doesn’t suit me. Plop, then air dry or diffuse!” Follow her IG, so you don’t miss her giveaways, tips, and useful videos. Be sure to subscribe to her blog The Curious Jalebi and Pallavi’s YouTube channel too.

Anjana  – A Beauty Diary

Holy Grail Product: Gel

Anjana says, “Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel. Whatever gel I experiment with, this is the one I always fall back to. Frizz control, perfect hold, no crunchiness – I am on my 3rd 1 liter bottle now ?  One bottle lasts around 4 to 5 months. I apply it to dripping wet hair.” Anjana’s blog Curls and Beauty Diary has super useful curly hair info and of course, her beauty diary is gorge.

Rebecca – Curly South Indian

Holy Grail Product: Gel

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When asked what is your holy grail curly hair product, Rebecca says, “For me, it would be Ecostyler Gel. I have a very hectic travel life and my curls stay put the entire day and beyond with Ecostyler. So I use it after leave in (currently using Kinky Curly Knot Today and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie). I apply with praying hands and then scrunch, scrunch and scrunch. I also carry a little bottle with some Eco Styler gel to fix my curls in the day. Especially after a plane ride. Follow this curly beauty’s IG so you don’t miss her tips and product review updates.

Elaine – The Curly Sue

Holy Grail Product: Scalp Massage Oils

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Elaine says, “My nightly scalp massages! These massages have given many benefits to my curl care routine. E.g. the peppermint oil sanitizes and deodorizes the scalp with its antibacterial properties which not only treats any scalp issues but extends your wash day results allowing for even more days between washes. The oils help regulate the production of your own sebum and so massaging with high-quality oils actually reduces and minimize ‘greasy hair. The moisturizing and nourishing properties of the castor, almond, and vitamin E encourage hair growth and I’ve found this, along with drinking plenty water, is the biggest benefit to my hair growth over the last year.” Follow this curly beauty’s IG , so you don’t miss her giveaways, tips, and product reviews.

Adina – Curly Luvv 

Holy Grail Product: Gel

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Adina says, “I would have to say TGIN gel because it leaves my curls very defined bouncy and soft. It’s such a lightweight gel,  it leaves a cast but the cast goes away by itself, one of the main reasons why I like it. It’s definitely a great product for the winter time!” Follow her IG, so you don’t miss her awesome videos and product reviews for curly hair.

Hasseena – Curly haired Yorkshire girl

Holy Grail Product: Leave-in conditioner & Gel

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When asked what is your holy grail curly hair product, H says, “Oh wow can I choose two? My absolute favorite leave in conditioner is Giovanni, it truly leaves my hair so moisturized and healthy that I could never be without it. I also love Bouncecurl gel as it smells gorgeous and helps to add more bounce, definition, and shine to my hair.” Check out her blog and follow this curly beauty’s IG, so you don’t miss her awesome tips for curly hair and amazing food talks.

Penny – Curly Penny

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“There is no such thing as ugly hair, you just have to take care of it!” I love this quirky curly girl, not just for her super entertaining videos, but for her strong views and how comfortable she is with her natural hair, skin, and body. Be sure to subscribe to Penny’s YouTube and follow this curly beauty’s IG for quotes, tips, and all kinds of reviews, not just curly hair. 

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Did I miss any curly beauties IG? Let me know in comments so I can follow them too!

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