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The Natural Hair Care is a lifestyle, not just using a bunch of clean and safe products!

All this can be confusing, I know. But you know what?  Each of us has a different lifestyle,  different hair,  and a method that suits one curly girl may not suit another. It is all about trial and error. The point is to get started the right way.

Feeling confused?

No confusion is not the right word here. What you may be feeling is “overwhelmed“. Yes, it’s too much to understand at one go and all.  This is just the reality really. It’s important to learn the logic behind all these methods. You need to understand why this technique works and this product combination does not, etc. It is all important and you can’t escape it. Sorry man.

NO Short-Cut to amazing curly hair or defined Wavy hair

I read at least 10 articles for research to write 1 article here. So, if you’ve read 5 articles its equivalent to reading 50!! I know you don’t have time for that. So that’s why I created this website to make it easy for you. Hope you are grateful for all the info

I hope my website is a good resource for you to start your healthy curly hair journey.  

If you are unsure where to start or what article to look at first, just follow the sequence of articles here.  Still doubtful? You can always come chat with me on Instagram.

I am here for you.

But first, Embrace & Accept Your Natural Hair

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CG Safe Products (+ what NOT to use)

I prefer trying out the products before recommending it to you. If you see me or any of your favourite curl enthusiasts using products, please proceed with caution. You want to research also before buying it on a whim. Get to know your hair and the science behind product labels ~ before you buy! Or come chat with me on Instagram, I always have the next best thing on my list so we can discuss,  errr no problemo.



Where to Buy Natural Curly Hair Products (other than Amazon

If you have a loved one in the United States who is kind enough to bring you things:

  • Target – They always have great prices! Make sure you go to the Natural Hair category.
  •  Walgreens – They almost always have great offers and sales! How exciting!!

If you have no one (like me) to smuggle hair products for you through customs, here is my favourite UK site:

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Best Curly Girl Resources

Got questions?  Come chat with me while I style my hair LIVE on Instagram.