Want to start your healthy curly hair journey? Don’t know which products to get for curly hair? It can be so confusing, I know. After voracious reading, watching, buying, experimenting, and stalking the best curly girls in the WORLD the last three months, I’ve picked up a trick or two to stack the odds in your favour. All the curly hair essentials you ever need is right here.

Note: With science-backed research, these are my honest views. ALL products are unsponsored. Use these affiliate links to buy and I get a tiny commission. It’s not much but it helps a little to maintain this website. So, THANK YOU! Hope you find these products super useful as I have and thousands of other curly girls and boys around the world have too.

#The Curly Girl Handbook.

Have you ever come across the word “CG”? It comes from this book. Lorraine Massey, the founder of the Devacurl products is the author of this Curly Girl Handbook. Curly Girl = CG! Curly hair is gorgeous! But few of us are born believing it. That is why you need this book OR gift this book to your loved ones who want to start a healthy curly hair journey.  YES! Start with this, it doesn’t cost much, but it’s ever so valuable.

#CG Conditioner

Curly hair is so thirsty. If you put your curly hair under a microscope, you will see the hair shafts have holes. You need a CG conditioner without harsh chemicals such as silicones, parabens, sulfates, dyes. Join the FB Group: Curly Girls! (Conditioner-Washing Group for Women) on Facebook and you will see over 1,00,000 curly girls around the world wash their hair only with a good organic conditioner! No shampoo! It’s called Cowashing and I cowash once a week, on “wash day”.

5 things everybody now tells you about conditioners

  1. Conditioners are great for styling curly hair too.
  2. Use this product to hydrate your hair follicles.
  3. The same conditioner doesn’t work for everyone.
  4. Don’t wash off all the conditioner.
  5. Leave some conditioner in your hair.

#Leave-in Conditioner

A CG leave-in conditioner forms a base for all the other products you will use after your shampoo-conditioner routine.  This helps:

  • Add more moisture
  • Prevent frizz   
  • To detangle hair
  • Acts as a barrier to heat (if you use a curling tools)
  • Adds shine to color treated hair
  • Makes curly hair more manageable

#Curl Cream for Definition

  • A curl cream gives you defined curls, unlike leave-in conditioners.
  • Unlike gels, curl creams give leave your curls soft and crunch-free.

A curl cream such as the Cantu Curl Activator is brilliant and smells great! If you want soft, smooth and moisturized curls, then a curl cream is an essential for you. I use my Cantu to SOTC (Scrunch Out The Crunch) too. A word of caution though, not all curly hair types need a curl cream. You will have to try and see what works for you.

#Denman for Clumps

One of the most common curly hair myths is that you shouldn’t brush your curly hair. Do NOT brush dry curly hair, but if you ever do, then do it with a Denman Brush. What’s so great about this brush, you ask?

  • First, it has a rubber base and plastic bristles that prevent frizz.
  • The best way to use a Denman is to remove alternate bristles.
  • Brush your hair gently during product application to get curl clumps.
  • Remember to use it between the leave-in conditioner and the curl cream and always before the gel.

Here is a quick video by one of my favorite curly girls Adina, to show you the greatness of the Denman brush. I love it!

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#Gel for Protection

A gel is the last product you apply on wash day. You need it on your refresh hair routines on non-wash days too. The job of a curly hair gel of your choice is to:

  •  Form a protective film over your hair,
  • Seal in moisture so it doesn’t escape  while you are out and about
  • Hold your defined curls for longer days. (who has the time and patience to wash hair every day)

Whether you use homemade Flaxseed Gel, budget-friendly EcoStyler, you need to apply gel in your curly hair routine to fight frizz and get defined curls – NO EXCUSES!

I LOVE Bouncecurl Light Creme Gel – They haven’t paid me to say this or anything. Just this product is THAT good, I can’t help but sing praises for it.

#Diffuser to Retain Curl Pattern

The right diffuser has many benefits for your curly hair. It not only helps you dry curly hair sooner, but it also retains your curl’s natural shape. See what routine suits you best.

  • Apply all your products and then diffuse.
  • Always diffuse on low heat and power setting mode.
  • Diffuse until hair is dry and “crunchy”, then SOTC
  • Air-dry for two hours and then diffuse.
  • Diffuse your damp/plopped hair.
  • Diffuse upside down to get more volume.

I bought a cheap Chroma hair dryer diffuser but it always caused frizz. Maybe I wasn’t using it right, but then I got this Curly Co. Diffuser and it’s changed my curly hair game! It has a rubber end so it can easily fit any dryer. I LOVE it!

#Deep Conditioning Hair Masks for Strength

After a severe hair damage episode at a L’oreal salon in May 2017, I first started deep conditioning at least twice a week to repair and restore my curly hair using homemade products first. Now I do it once a week with my favorite deep conditioning mask.  If you are not deep conditioning yet, start immediately; curly hair is thirsty remember?

#Clarifying Shampoo

Curly hair may require a lot of product to bring out the bouncy curliness.But using unsafe products creates product build-up. Sometimes, you think it’s dandruff, but is actually the products dried or pulped on your scalp which irritate your skin, causing the white flakes when you scratch the itchy area.

I love using As I Am Cleansing Pudding for clarifying now – it gives me a scalp treatment and keeps my hair super moisturized! Alternatively, I also use natural products like Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother; it’s called (ACV) rinse.

A natural DIY alternative to detox and shampoo our hair naturally is bentonite clay hair mask (so easy and affordable!) You can also use this mask on your face and body!

A clarifying shampoo removes this product build up and cleanses your hair and scalp. It prepares your curly hair for the deep conditioning mask and deep conditioning masks work best on cleansed and clarified hair. If you want to learn more, Beauty Editor gives you eight compelling reasons you need to add a clarifying shampoo in your hair care routine.

#The Hot Head to Enable Product Penetration

  • You need heat when you deep condition, especially if you are low porosity. 

The microwavable HOT HEAD is an invention from the brand Thermal Hair Care. It’s a natural terry cloth cap, filled with reusable flax seeds inside. You apply your deep conditioner, wear a plastic shower cap and then wear this hot head on top. You just need to warm the Hot Head in the microwave at 30-second intervals (not exceeding 3 minutes in total!) and it remains hot for 20 minutes or so. It’s easy to kill the cap if you overheat it. I LOVE it! It is one of the curly hair essentials now because you just put it on and get on with your business for 20-45 minutes while your deep conditioning mask comes to its full potential. 

#Hair Supplements for hair Health & Growth

Why is this one of the curly hair essentials? You don’t have to use hair supplements, no. But ask any curly expert and they’ll share the secret sauce. It’s the supplements and their healthy lifestyle that brings out their best curls from within. You can get the best products but if you are unhealthy, then what is the point? It is widely proven that certain vitamins help promote hair health – and Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins are just brimming with them!  Plus the formula includes the special middle eastern ingredient: Nigella Sativa “Black seed oil”. Please consult a physician prior to taking any new dietary supplements. 

#Curly Hair Pik/Clips for Volume

A metal pik is a curly hair essential, if your hair is thick or if you want more volume. It’s easy to use too. I show you how to use it in this video. I preferred the metal hair pik because the plastic one may cause frizz.

While you are at the store, grab some hair clips too. You clip your front hair up so while drying then don’t go flat. You will read all about that in the Curly Girl Handbook.  

#Invisibobble, one of the curly hair essentials! 

Why is this one of the curly hair essentials? Your curly hair is fragile, it needs utmost care and consideration, especially if you going to throw it all in a bun! These invisibobbles are one of the safest ways to tie your hair and avoid breakage. Wash days and other day refreshes are also time-consuming. So if you just want to keep your curly hair together, use these spiral hair ties. They don’t leave a mark or stretch your curls. When you take it out, it releases your curls gently. Here’s a tip: if your plastic invisibobble stretches out, just pour boiling hot water on it in a bowl and watch it shrink to its original size! 

#Scalp Massage Oils for Strength & Stimulation

You already know how great oils are for your hair. Drizzling warm coconut oil on the scalp and gently massaging it is absolute bliss, no? This is one of the curly hair essentials that most curly girls can’t-do without. You need right oils that penetrate deep in your hair follicles, stimulate growth, give your hair shine and luster.

You can use Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)and a full drench coconut oilchampi” the night before wash day. JBCO helps in hair growth by the way so if you have thin eyebrows, apply it there also and see the difference within days! My personal preference is doing scalp massages with Righteous Roots Oil – it’s a hair growth serum, I use it to style my hair also. 

#Satin Pillow/Bonnet/Scarf for Protection

Why are these one of the curly hair essentials? Curly hair is fragile. Your cotton pillow cover or your sofa is doing a lot of harm than you realize.  I use a satin bonnet at night. Shove your loose pineapple bun inside the bonnet or tie a satin scarf around the underside of your head for protection. Fun Fact: A satin pillow cover is gentle on your face too – keep wrinkles at bay with this easy solution!

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    1. I use my Indian credit card to buy from there. Does it say you need one now? They have an email for customer care, check with them also, these guys are super nice and answer all queries.

    1. The pleasure is mine Preeti 🙂 If you have any doubts, come chat with me on Instagram. I also do live tutorials couple of times a week for my curl friends. See you there!

  2. Loved this one… All things at one place. Where can I buy invisibobble? Also can we apply Jamaican black castor oil as is or it needs to be mixed in some coconut/almond oil?

    1. Thank You Bhakti! So you can click on the link here only and get it from Amazon. If you have an H&M store near by, they have it too. Many tell me you find these for Rs.5-10 on the streets but I would never buy these because of their low-quality compared to these nice ones what I just suggested. JBCO is actually thinner in consistency compared to regular thick and smelly castor oil 🙂 If you want you can mix your other favorite oils in it to get maximum benefit but this by itself is also nice. If you have low porosity hair, always apply warm oil and use heat if you plan to deep condition with oils. more on this in my next post on Deep Conditioning! Subscribe to my website so you can be notified!

  3. hi Liz. A wonderful article. I am planning to go CG soon. This is my research, reading and rereading your articles. thank you!
    and I wanted to know do naturalistic products not have any import fee on them ?

    1. You may get customs duties on all international packages. I recently got LUS from Canada, my family sent it to me actually and I still paid over 5.5k customs on just 3 bottles! This is the reason I started my store because it’s miserable to buy on your own.

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