FRIZZ. Isn’t that the biggest curly hair problem? Solve this condition with the LOC method for your curly hair. Frizzy Hair is NOT a type of hair. It is a condition of hair. Read on to know the 3 simple steps to tame your frizzy hair.

This post is dedicated to the after-wash care of curly hair. Wavy hair folks can get in on this too.

I have tried so many things to get my curly hair frizz free and looking good. I realized that just Shampoo/Conditioner few times a week is not enough. Curly hair needs a ton more of moisture to contain the frizz. The LOC method is the best method of after-wash care that I have EVER tried. 

What is the LOC method?

L- Leave-in conditioner

O- Oil

C- Cream

The name LOC, suggests the actual order of application of these products on your hair after it has been washed according to the Curly Girl Method.

What is the Curly Hair Method?

Here’s a quick video by my favorite Vlogger girl Curly Penny that talks all about it. 

This is the BEST method of washing curly hair, originally popularized by Lorraine Massey.

I recommend you get the book or gift this “Curly Girl: The Handbook” to your curly haired person. It deep dives into everything you need to know about curly hair:

    • What type of your hair is,
    • DIY recipes for shampoo and conditioner,
    • How to cut curly hair
    • Hairstyles and a lot more for kid, women and men’s curly hair.

What makes the LOC method so awesome!

  • Seals in all the moisture in your hair,
  • keeps curly hair looking healthy for the days!  
  • Prevents the FRIZZ
  • Leaves your hair feeling softer and bouncier.

This method is especially great for those who have very dry curly hair like mine is. When you need that something more to control your dry curly, LOC method is the way to go.

A word of Caution: If this method is not working out for you, try out different quantities of product. Then see which combination works for you. If it still doesn’t work, then reverse the order. Try the LCO method. With trial and error you can decide what works for your type of curly hair the best. 

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Styling Curly Hair, LOC method, without Washing!

I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner the night before and the next day I woke up to this mess. Using products make a big difference! This visual will give you a better idea of what I’m trying to teach you here ?

The LOC Method Steps

The LOC method is so simple, with the right products you can start doing it right away. High porosity curlies should do this every day! Yes, both wash days and for refreshes on non-wash days. Low porosity curlies, do this only on wash day for extra moisture. If you do this on refresh days you will feel your hair is sticky and weighed down.

STEP 1: Leave-in Conditioner

Apply the leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair NOT THE SCALP, just the hair. I would recommend using a completely silicone-free natural conditioner for the best results. 

STEP 2: Oil

The next layer is the oil.  Do NOT apply the oil on your scalp.  You need to apply just a little bit of oil to your hair. Make sure you cover all your strands. The oil will seal in the moisture from the leave-in conditioner. It will also act as a protective barrier against pollutants (even swimming pool water!). Oil tends to make your hair look greasy, I know. So, use light oils such as almond oil, argan oil, flaxseed oil.  You could also use the ever-trusted coconut oil or DIY whipped Shea Butter! I use Righteous Roots Oil.

STEP 3: Cream

This is the last step in the process. Finish the LOC method by applying any organic curl cream, like the Cantu curl activator or gel in a soothing motion to your hair.  You can use homemade flaxseed gel, I love using just my Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

Air dry or use a diffuser – it’s a curly hair essential!  Be patient and use your products generously to give your thirsty curls some much-needed moisture and goodness. 

What are your favourite products for the LOC method?

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17 Replies to “How To Solve Biggest Curly Hair Problem With the LOC Method

  1. The idea of making a hair gel at home is really cool!
    I generally stick to applying small amount of coconut oil
    Will definitely try this method.
    Any particular leave in conditioner that you would suggest?


    1. Hey Aleena – According to the LOC method, you can still use coconut oil and then follow it up with this flaxseed gel. I just used my regular conditioner with some water as a leave-in. I’ve ordered for the rain forest leave-in conditioner by The Body Shop. Pick up any leave-in as long as it is silicone-free really. I’ll let you know if the body shop one is any good. Also, the way I remember it, your hair is more wavy than curly, right? You may not need as much product if that’s the case. Use just a little bit of everything and then it won’t be greasy.

      1. Thank you so much for replying.
        Will await your views in the particular body shop product.
        My hair is really curly!!;)
        Will share a pic soon once I try the flax seed gel 🙂

        1. I liked it 🙂 get the rainforest silicone-free moisture conditioner. I also switch conditioners once a while and use Organix Avacado and guava conditioner.

  2. Very informative article…do you know of any good hairstylist for curly hair in pune…looking for one for a long time

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shirisha 🙂
      I visited a number of salons and I found Madhavi from “The Gazelle” in Kalyaninagar the best – be sure to make an appointment and ask for her. She’s been doing my hair for 5 years now, she’s wonderful! Tell her about my blog. wink. wink.

  3. I am all teary eyed. This is what I was looking for to do on my wiggly toddler’s head. But the ‘O’ from LOC gives a right out of bath look. The toddler’s hair isn’t clumping. What could be the reason

    1. What’s your LO’s hair type?if its fine like my second LO then oil will not suit the hair type at all. it also depends on how much oil you use. For styling, it should just be a few drops. Sparingly is the word. Besides, what shampoo, conditioner do you use? The baby shampoos are the worst if it has sodium laureth sulfate in the ingredients. Check and tell me?

    1. Hi Nada – Applying products on soaking wet hair is way better because there is a better slip for better product distribution. While you are here, check out the refresh routine article also, to learn how to keep your curly hair looking fresh even on non-wash days.

  4. Liz! This is so much good information. In fact, it’s life changing for me. I had started to feel less confident because of the the way my hair behaved after we moved back to India. And I was so upset. But your blog is a saviour. I am going to be a regular and will try all of your tips as much as possible. Thank you so much

  5. Hi! Such an easy to understand yet informative article. I recently ditched my comb and began practicing the CG method and finger detangling. All this first and foremost to help me retain length. The LOC layering concept seems pretty clear to me. What I actually want to know is your take on how to apply these products. Is raking and scrunching the best way or should it be just scrunching directly? What I’m currently doing is, I rake L’oreal’s smooth intense serum through my wet hair, then rake through a healthy amount of Patanjali aloe Vera gel and scrunch these two thoroughly. Raking/scrunching/both?

    1. Hey Nishka, This is such a coincidence! I just posted on Instagram about how you should not be afraid of raking in products! It’s actually recommended because that way you ensure even product distribution. Otherwise, some hair strands don’t get the product and end up poofing up with frizz by the end of the day! Scrunching is followed in the end, but you must begin by raking in. You can apply your gel with praying hands method to achieve fat curl clumps, but always rake in your leave-in conditioner, curl cream. your serum has to be applied in the end since that is what gives you “shine” I’m not sure how safe is the loreal serum because I know the conditioner of the same line has a drying alcohol – isopropyl alcohol – Even the aloe gel you use, you want to make sure there are no drying alcohols and its at least 95 % aloe to get the best results!

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