It isn’t uncommon for people to complain about their curly hair and talk about it being dry, frizzy and hard to manage. Curly hair is gorgeous, but sometimes, several affecting factors can cause taking care of it to be quite a hassle. If you want to have luscious locks and ensure that your bad hair days are kept to a minimum, you are going to have to take care of it well! Here are three reasons why curly hair needs more attention and what you can do to take care of it.

1. Curly Hair Lacks Moisture

One of the biggest problems that people with curly hair have is that it tends to be drier than usual. If you are especially living in places that are more prone to dust or if your hair has a lot of heat exposure, your hair will end up becoming dry and harder to manage.

One of the main reasons why curly hair tends to be drier than usual is because of the structure of the hair. Curly hair has more twists and turns, making it harder for the natural oils to reach the lower ends. You will always find that the hair around the roots tends to be more nourished, and gradually gets drier as you move towards the tips.

How to Tackle Dry Hair

One of the best ways to be able to tackle dry curly hair is deep conditioning. Use conditioners that are specifically meant to boost moisture and oil content in your hair. Cowashing has become one of the most notable ways to manage curly hair. This means that you have to swap out your regular shampoo for a safe conditioner instead when you wash your hair. However, if your hair is prone to getting dusty and sweaty, you can use some of the many sulfate-free thickening shampoo options that are currently available on the market.

2. Hair Damage Can Be More Prominent for Curly Hair

When curly hair gets damaged, it can lead to the hair becoming more frizzy and hard to manage. One of the biggest notable things that can damage hair is heat. If you are someone who likes to straighten their hair and use blow dryers often, this can cause your curls to lose shape, making them wavy-er and less curly. This can be devastating, especially if you are someone who loves sporting their curly hair most of the time.

How to Prevent Heat Damaged Hair

Embrace your curls! They are beautiful and don’t need to be tamed down to look fabulous! Keep straightening your hair to a bare minimum or avoid it if you can entirely.  Avoid using blow dryers since that can damage your hair because of the intense heat that it receives. Invest in a diffuser, since that can dry out your hair quickly without the heat damage.

3. You Want to Go Au Natural

One of the biggest reasons to take care of your hair is to be able to wear it as it is. There are people who can get out of bed in the morning and have a good hair day, and it’s all because they take care of their hair the right way! Curly hair can look fun and classy at the same time, even if it is just left loose.

How to Have a Good Hair Day, Every day

There is no turning away from the care that you have to give your hair. You may have to fit a simple routine during the day, and the night as well to ensure that your hair isn’t damaged and can look it’s very best!

You may have to also invest in a few products that can help you on your hair journey. While buying your hair products, make sure that they aren’t loaded with too many chemicals, since those can   damage your hair more than you think.

Top tips!

  • One of the first things that you will need natural products that suit your hair porosity.
  • Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is also known to reduce hair damage and breakage.
  • Oil your hair twice a week with a natural oil like coconut oil or almond oil and essential oils.
  • Prepoo –  keep the oil in for three to four hours before you shampoo.
  • A balanced, healthy diet also goes a long way in giving you beautiful looking hair.
  • Foods like nuts and eggs are known to be excellent for hair growth and give your luscious locks the strength that it needs.

You shouldn’t be upset that you need to take a few more minutes to take care of your locks. Curly hair is prone to dryness or heat damage. Using hydrating and natural products can take a long way. You should always use a conditioner and a mask. If you make sure you take this extra time most certainly everyone around you will admire your beautiful and voluminous hair.

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