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Boutique Salon Services

by honestlizhere

India’s first Curly Hair Salon. Trained by Curly Girl Method pioneer Lorraine Massey and powered with love for curly hair, my haircuts aim to maintain integrity of your natural hair. Tell your friends!

Haircut: Dry Cut

If you need a clean shape or fresh new cut then the dry cut is perfect for you. Arrive with freshly STYLED & DRY hair, avoiding any manipulation (NO OIL or hair butter). Only the dry hair cut is ₹2000. Including washing, styling, diffusing is ₹3000.

Coaching: In-Person

For a more visual person a one-on-one session is better than online consulting. Let me help you understand how to choose products/ How to wash & style/ How to diffuse? How to balance protein and moisture for your hair needs? This service is inclusive of a relaxing wash + styling too with the best products meant for you. This is ₹3000.

Style Only

For those days when you just want your hair detangled, washed, and styled by someone else! It starts by cleansing your hair with a relaxing scalp massage using suitable shampoo, a conditioner or a deep conditioning mask that will be used to enhance moisture, followed by styling with the best products for your hair needs, and diffusing until dry. Boom. This is ₹2500.

Kids Dry Haircut

This service is for all of our curly children aged 4 to 13. We will start off with a consultation with both the parent and child to make sure this an educational and relaxing experience for you both. Followed by a soothing wash, a gentle detangle and trim to give your child the love they deserve. This is ₹3000.

The Big Chop

This is taking your natural hair journey from transitioning to officially 100% natural in a matter of minutes. I know how difficult this can be so that is why this service makes sure you leave our boutique feeling confident and happy with your new journey. This service includes a wash, styling and diffusing after. This is ₹3000.

Olaplex Treatment

A special bond-repair treatment using Olaplex NO.1 & NO.2 products. Fine hair is strengthened by it. Coarse hair is softened by it. Works for all hair types. Avail this service anytime for Instagram-worthy hair! This is ₹1500 for application only. Consider doing it along with your haircut/coaching sessions so I can deep condition and treat your hair properly 🙂

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your heathy hair journey.


To feel comfortable and happy with your service it’s important to book in advance; to prep your hair to ensure a perfect appointment. Payment ₹275 is non-refundable and non-transferable. Book Now

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