Devacurl products are SO loved by the best curlies on Instagram and YouTube. You will see a sponsored post at least once a week. This brand has so much exposure that curlies around the world buy it in a heartbeat – even if they are WAY over budget. Many curlies have had a severe heartbreak after using Devacurl Gel though, and somehow found that it doesn’t work for them. So here it is. This is not just a review but honest tips to make the Devacurl Gel work for you!

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Which Devacurl Gel should I use

Is Devacurl Arc Angel Gel CG? YES (yay!)

When someone asks me this, I always say you want to buy a gel according to the “hold you wish to have. Study your gels before you buy them. Look up reviews and see what your curl twin is using and then make that investment. Consider these options before buying a gel.

  • Do you want a strong hold? One that defines your ringlets and keeps it like that for days? Go for Devacurl Arc Angel Gel, no question about it.

  • Do you prefer a soft hold, like me? I don’t mind the volume and the lightness light hold gels give. I always prefer a soft hold. Pick the Devacurl Light Hold Gel or Ultra Defining Gel if you have fine hair.

Devacurl Arc Angel Vs Ultra Defining Gel

If you prefer soft hold, then Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel is for you. Even if it says “strong hold” gel, if you look at all the “real” people using it, you will largely see flowy beachy soft curls. It’s a non-drying gel that enhances definition without the frizz or crunch. It is non-sticky and will never give you “gel-dandruff” that cheap gels like Ecostyler may give you. It has wheat and soy proteins so you want to be careful if you have protein-sensitive hair.

If you prefer stronger hold, then Devacurl Arc Angel Gel is for you. If you asked me to choose between the two, I will always recommend you get the Arc Angel, NO DOUBT. Why do you feel so strongly about this gel, Liz? My favorite IG Curly Beauties swear by it, that’s why!

Devacurl Arc Angel Gel; how to use?

Do NOT apply your Devacurl Arc Angel Gel like you do the gels. You don’t have to rake in like an animal. Be super gentle even when you scrunch after application. Those who’ve had an official Devacut will tell you they apply a ton of products at the Devachan salon and your hair really looks better only the next day.

  • Rub gel between palms. Tilt head forward then scrunch gel all over soaked curls in an upward motion.

  • Use the microfiber towel to soak up excess water and speed up air-drying time. Now hands off!

  • Once curls are absolutely dry, shake at the root and gently scrunch upward again for soft, crunch-free curls.

Devacurl gels give you NO cast. Bounce Curl gives no cast either. So now I feel it’s certainly not about the cast at all. Even with a great cast, KCCC gives me such soft curls. A thick Flaxseed gel gives me a great cast but gives a soft hold. So don’t freak out if you don’t get a cast. After your hair is thoroughly dried, scrunch and fluff your hair, anyway. Here’s a quick video of me fluffing my wash day hair that was styled with TGIN Leave-in conditioner, Cantu Curl Activator and Devacurl Arc Angel Gel.

Why Your Devacurl Gel Never Works Out the Way You Plan

The Devacurl Arc Angel Gel has a smooth consistency – unlike regular gels. It does not have that jelly consistency, like that of Ecostyler or even a thick homemade flaxseed gel. This can confuse people and you end up using a LOT more than you need. It’s all about trial and error though.

You can refresh on non-wash days quickly with Devacurl Arc Angel Gel. Just spray your hair with filtered water and scrunch to re-activate the gel you applied on the previous day.

Where to buy Devacurl from?

Devacurl does NOT ship worldwide – and you should be wary of those who sell it too. Currently, ships Domestically, servicing: US, CA and PR only. If you are in India, then Devacurl products are available on In.Strawberry.Net Last I checked Devacurl Arc Angel Gel was priced at Rs.1382 for a 12oz bottle. However, with all the in the market now, I will encourage you to buy only from sources you trust. Here are a few authorised online resellers:

Where did I buy it from?

I am so fortunate to build great friendships with my followers! My curl friend Lavanya sent me her last portion to review the Devacurl Arc Angel Gel for you. Isn’t that the sweetest?! It was enough to try it for at least 4 applications. So I tried 2 washes and 1 refresh and here is my honest review.

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Why Devacurl Arc Angel Gel is like that Sexy stiletto

you only wear on special occasions. Yep, I said it. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t wear stilettos all the time. I wear it only on super special occasions when I want to look sexy and on point! Stilettos are uncomfortable for me but I would still wear them to look good. Using Devacurl Arc Angel Gel was just like an expensive uncomfortable stiletto for me. Here’s why:

  1. The gel is expensive, and I didn’t want to waste it and so it made me nervous to use it.

  2. It gave me excellent hold, but my hair felt heavy and weighed down.

  3. I had to use a lot of it, like 5 pumps and I hate using so much product in my hair.

  4. My hair dried out the next day even after using it on wash day and on refresh too. Gave me big frizz halo that I never get with KCCC or my trusty Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel.

Will I buy Devacurl Gels?


Even though this gel is CG, I am not sure why my hair dried out within a couple of days of using it. Was it fake? Because everyone raves about Devacurl products, right? Or were those only sponsored posts? I will never know. But I do know this – the integrity of the original Devacurl products and ingredients are now being compromised. After the Devacurl Founder, Lorraine Massey was forced to sell her company, the new owners may have replaced the original natural ingredients with cheap synthetic ones.

After using Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel, it’s no longer about what hold a gel gives me. Bounce Curl has healing properties, it makes my hair shiny, and so healthy! It is something I have seen no other gel give me. I have tried Giovanni Gel, Ecostyler Gel, Aussie Anti-Frizz Gel. These are just gels. They do their gel job and that’s it.

If I have to give my hard earned money for a hair gel, then I want it to have superpowers! Devacurl Arc Angel Gel is like that expensive, uncomfortable stiletto I wear maybe once or twice a year. For me, Bounce Curl feels like I’m wearing a lovely floral dress and running in flower gardens in slow motion, every day. My hair is just so bouncy and happy with Bounce Curl so I’ll be a Bounce Curl girl for life (until something else comes along which is fairly healing, if not more.)

So there, I said it, I won’t buy Devacurl Arc Angel Gel, but you sure can, if you wanted to try Devacurl gels. You know what your hair needs, just tread with caution, that’s all. You worth so much more!

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10 Replies to “Why Devacurl Arc Angel Gel is Sexy like an uncomfortable Stiletto

  1. I am not crazy about the Deva Curl products either. That is what I started out CH journey on, but it was making my hair oily, and not much curls. I bought As I Am products this weekend, and really like them so far. I’m about a month into my CH journey, so I still have some flaws like flat roots and frizz, but I’m chugging along.

  2. I’ve never been a hard gel hold lover either. Tried arc angel cuz of all the CG love out there & hated it, lol! I might have to give bounce curl a try. My holy grails have been Jessicurl products. I only scoop them up on sales. Though I’ve been hunting for less $$ alternatives.. but I’m starting to think they don’t exist for my curls. I don’t use the typical line ups (light & luminous or rich & radiant) from JC though. HCC for me is a 2n1 (shampoo&condition), Aloeba leave in,
    RR is my styler, Spiralicious for hold (don’t always need), AIS & Too Shea as DC. Luv your blog & your curls!

  3. Thank you for this!! I haven’t gotten any DevaCurl products to work in my hair. I have African American 3C curls that are fine, and not difficult to manage in regards to detangling and curl definition. With Deva products, it is either parched when it dries or feels like I put Elmer’s glue in my hair. The worst part is that when it is wet, it always makes me hopeful… “it’s really going to work out this time….” but NAH.
    And yes, I have tried the Decadence line. Yes, I have tried cocktails and leave-ins under and spinning plates and blowing fire and so forth. At some point you just have to move into acceptance…

  4. I’ve been desperate to start my CH journey, and everysingleperson EVER tells me to go for devacurl.
    The videos seem almost too good to be true, but for someone living in india getting authentic, non expired, licensed retailer devacurl goods is beyond impossible. Shipping and taxes from Nordstrom is enough to give my middle class mother palpitations ,esp for “shampoo”.
    Could you suggest some alternatives, preferably a co wash for curlies,and how to go about buying it? THANK YOU

    1. Hey SAM! I’m so glad you would write me today; THIS is exactly why I started my online store – check it out – I just open New Stock –
      Message me on Instagram, we can chat and I can help you decide the right products for your hair type 🙂

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