DIY Products & Methods

No Products? NO PROBLEM!  Pocket-Friendly Routine

Short-cut to great curly hair: Here’s how to get Bouncy Defined Curls in 3 days!

Homemade Flaxseed Gel: Fantastic Natural Curly Hair Product for You

ACV is life! The Complete Beginner’s Guide to ACV Rinse

An affordable natural alternative to shampoo:  How to Use Bentonite Clay Mask

Best Protein treatment: Rice Water Rinse

Repurpose & Reuse Your Non-CG stuff: What to do with Old Hair Products


You CAN DO This. . . 1⃣ Use safe and natural products. . 2⃣ Make time to use those products. . 3⃣ Use the products correctly. Read instructions. . 4⃣ Listen to your hair. Balance moisture and protein. 5⃣ ASK questions. Read a lot. Watch tutorials. . 6⃣ Follow someone similar to your hair texture . 7⃣ Take your vitamins! Eat right or both. 8⃣ Drink your water. Lots of it! . 9⃣ When in doubt clarify, deep condition. . ? Don’t have products? Make some. . . It does take some effort to look a certain way, so stop making excuses about time, kids, money. YOU CAN DO THIS. . . #curlsfordays #curlsoncurls #lovemycurls #curlyhairtransformation #juicycurls #healthyhairjourney #naturallycurly#naturalcurls #curlcrush#perfectcurls #embraceyourcurls#healthy_hair_journey #curlsonfleek#curlsunderstood #curlyhairdocare #naturallyshesdope @curlsunderstood @curly_natural_hair @curlyheadedqueens @curlyperfectly @curlinspirations @gocurls @curlynaturals @curlyhairdesire @curlyhaireverywhere @naturallycurly @curlybeauties @amazingnaturalhair @respectmyhair @myhaircrush @controlledchaoshair

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NO Short-Cut to amazing curly hair or defined Wavy hair

I read at least 10 articles for research to write 1 article here. So, if you’ve read 5 articles its equivalent to reading 50!! I know you don’t have time for that. So that’s why I created this website to make it easy for you. Hope you are grateful for all the info

I hope my website is a good resource for you to start your healthy curly hair journey.  

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