Learn more from a real curly girl, her experience, review, and quick tips on Ecoslay Orange Marmalade, it’s a homemade Flaxseed gel with ultra hold.

Article by Subhalakshmi Bezbaruah aka @kink_in_my_curl

Subhalakshmi Bezbaruah aka Seema is a PhD Fellow at MICA (formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communications), India. Other than her PhD work in digital advertising, she loves to take care of her curls in a minimalist way, making it fuss-free and easy. She is also a soaper, baker and an ardent GOT fan. She shares slices of her real-life curl journey and everyday life on Instagram @kink_in_my_curl

My interest in the Ecoslay Gel

I am into the curly girl method about 10 months as I write this article. Cruising through the countless products featured on Instagram daily, I developed a particular interest in the Ecoslay brand. The fast growth caught my interest. The popular Orange Marmalade (OM) curl definer is famous! I tracked their growth and I remember there was a point where my entire Instagram feed was full of people trying the Ecoslay Gel.

Although I have always yearned to DIY Flaxseed gel, because I stay in a hostel with no kitchen facilities and I fight with my duties as a PhD Scholar, there’s barely any time to DIY. I was especially excited to try Ecoslay because of it being a flaxseed gel with aloe vera, handmade with love by Adria in her kitchen. I ordered a sample from Curls Only, Australia

What’s inside Ecoslay Orange Marmalade 

Ecoslay OM is described as a “flaxseed and aloe curl definer” with Flaxseed extract, Agave nectar extract, Pectin, Aloe Vera juice, Marshmallow Root extract, Vitamin E, Xanthan Gum, Optiphen Plus, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, listed as ingredients. I especially loved the slip the Ecoslay gel had, it is quite literally in the “marmalade” form and very easy to apply. 

The EcoslayOrange Marmalade (OM) gel reads and surely is, a great definer! I’ve never used any curl enhancers or definers before, but categorically speaking, this product takes lies between definer and a gel.

What does OM feel like?

The texture of the definer is like marmalade. Smells of oranges and has a strong smell in the beginning but it fades away quickly after applying. I have migraine issues and I personally cannot stand any strong fragrance, but this one felt smooth. I do not have to worry about how it smells.  

How I Apply it

I use the OM after I apply a leave-in conditioner. Raking in first and then the praying hand’s method. Even after raking this product, the curls clumped together beautifully. 

How much to use?

It’s a hard hold gel, though the product label suggests use liberally, for my short hair one and a half coin size made sense for each side. The gel cast I got was really strong, so I recommend don’t overdo it, it might create a cast that’s difficult to break.

Do I refresh my curls after using OM? 

I loved how my hair felt with this gel. As I have short hair, I half ponytail while sleeping and I assumed I may have to refresh due to this reason. But to my surprise, I did not refresh even once! This hair lasted my all good, with the right definition, right shine, and no scalp issues till day 8!!

I slept with my bonnet, even missed a day with it in between (thank God for silk pillowcases) and even went to the beach. My hair, just surprised me this wash day. OM has given me one of my best results, ever. 

I have too many gels. Do I really need this?

First of all, don’t just see it as a gel, it’s a curl definer which can be used as a gel also. Now understand what it has. It has flaxseed, most of you often love it and make it at home. Second, it has aloe, though its plant-derived protein, the product mostly acts a moisture-based product. Some people have also loved it as a one and done. Sounds like a package, no? Plus, the shine and definition, you cannot miss it! 

When Ecoslay did NOT work for me

I have tried this product in multiple ways, with multiple combinations. It was never a winner every wash day, I’ve had wash day fails with this gel too. Here is a quick collage of my failure photos. Do you want to know what did wrong? This is just my experience, it may or may not be the same for you. 

  • In the top left image, I didn’t deep condition (t-2) for the last two weeks. I used the curls blueberry leave-in with OM. Techniques keeping constant, this result wasn’t great. The reason, *no DC*
  • I had to refresh my hair as it was a mess and did a plain water refresh. Hair looked the same. No much difference. Reason *water refresh didn’t suit the OM*
  • On my next wash day, I used the curls blueberry protein mask on my hair. But used the Giovanni direct weightless leave-in conditioner (Moisture) and then diluted OM on semi-wet hair. Major fail. Reasons *moisture leave-in with Moisture gel and damp hair styling*
  • The last photo where I didn’t refresh at all, just protecting my hair while sleeping. Didn’t work. Reason *diluted OM*

Advice if OM is not working for you. 

  • Diluting OM didn’t work for me at all, use it directly on wet hair.  
  • Always apply the OM on SOAKING wet hair. 
  • Deep Condition on the washday you want to use OM. 
  • Try a protein leave-in to balance as OM acts like a Moisture product. 

Overall, my first impression was awesome. This is one of the best products I’ve used. I can’t compare it with DIY flaxseed gel because I’ve never used one. I would like to think of it as a curl definer more than a gel. 

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#TextureTuesday ft @ecoslay Product Review . The verdict is in…. and my oh my this has been one of the most interesting products I have used to DATE! I have been testing this product for a full week and I went from OHHH 👀 *snaps fingers* *leans with it* *rocks with it*. To AHHHH 😫 *rips out hair* back to ohhh? *nervously smiles in mirror* 🤔. And finally have hit: OHHHHHHHH 😏 again, all in one week with this product and I’m here for my full review. I’m talking this @ecoslay Orange Marmalade Flaxseed gel that has truly been all the rave these past two months! From wavies, to curlies to coily-ies- I have seen all hair textures rock this product so I was determined to test it out! I originally saw @washngocurls @brunettewithbounce, @borinquena80 and @basicbeautywavygirl use this product and she their consistent results. From day 1-5 hair on Denise to daily refreshers with Reneé and juicy soft curls with Yancy it’s no wonder this would be a gem right? Well first let me preface- there is a LEARNING CURVE to using this product. So if ya’ll didn’t hear me the first time- take note 📝 NOW: If the product does not work the firat time around, try it out with other ones. I first used the product using @giovannicosmetics Direct Leave In as my base. I have heard how moisturizing Flaxseed gels are so I didn’t want to weigh my hair down. You can never go wrong with this leave in. I styled on soaking wet hair straight out the shower raking in both products. I woke up with the roots still damp but the rest of my hair with amazing shine and ringlets and QUITE THE CAST! I figured it would wear out with time and some scrunching. You could not beat these gorgeous ringlets I had. Elongated but shiny and defined. (Pic 2 is Day 2) By day 3 (pic 3&4) the cast had not worn out and I figured it was actually the protein cowash I used that may have contributed to the crunch. However- three days worth of hold was fantastic. The second time around I paired it with @themanechoice Original Line 3-In-1 Conditioner again on soaking wet hair and decided to use praying hands. To my annoyance I woke up the next day with an even crunchier cast to the point that it felt like hay. *more in below*

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Anyway, I speak from my experience so be informed that it can be different on your hair However, I hope my insights may help you decide whether or not to give this gel a try. Feel free to ping me for any queries. Tag me in your posts if you think any of these tips help you ☺

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