So many assume nothing else is beautiful except straight hair, thin lips, and fair skin. The truth is, God is not stupid. Even if you are an atheist, just think about it. Your natural hair is an exact match for your face and personality, even if you may not think it is.  

Are you on the fence about going natural? or maybe you want to continue your regular salon visits to relax and straighten your hair. 

You know what? With the right methods and natural products, you can rock your natural hair! Here are over 30 compelling reasons to stop your chemical treatments and get on your healthy natural hair journey today: 

No more Hair Damage!

  • No more hair fall!
  • There is no dyed-fried hair.
  • You don’t have to go bald.
  • No more hair thinning issues!
  • Healthy natural hair is cheaper.
  • Relaxers are linked to fibroid tumours.
  • No hair breakage due to chemical treatments.

Embracing Natural Hair is liberating!

  • Big curly hair is exotically beautiful.
  • Getting to know your authentic self is liberating.
  • You will love how thick healthy natural hair gets!
  • When nourished with natural oils, your scalp gets healthier.
  • Introducing yourself to your natural hair is delightful.
  • You can stop doing treatments to make others happy.
  • Find peace that God has opened your eyes to your true identity.

Don’t have to pay anyone else to get your hair done.

  • You will tire of the chemicals that irritate your scalp.
  • Healthy natural hair has super fast rates of hair growth.
  • Chemical treatments BURN your hair, not straighten it.
  • You will fall in love with your healthy natural hair every day.
  • No more constant hair shedding with healthy natural hair.
  • Healthy natural hair is versatile and you can play with many styles.
  • Embracing healthy natural curls give you unexplainable joy and peace.

Natural hair care takes less than 30 minutes a week, on wash day.

  • No more damaged hair from chemical juice sticking to your scalp.
  • You Won’t be tired of dealing with permed hair post workout every day.
  • Looking at Instagram beauties rocking their natural curls is inspiring.
  • You will save money because healthy natural hair is not high maintenance.
  • You can lead by example and have healthy natural hair for your daughters
  • After a while, those relaxers and chemical treatments don’t even work anymore.
  • No more being bored sitting all day at the salon, getting chemical treatments. 

You will break away from looking like every other person with straightened hair.

  • You don’t have to cover up, just be yourself! Freedom of walking natural is priceless.
  • You don’t have to pay your hard earned cash to have your head abused and tortured.
  • It is easier to deal with natural hair than sitting in a chair for hours for a style that doesn’t even last.

The truth is we all are so over-critical of ourselves. I know this because when people tell me how my hair is their hair goals; I go WHAT? But I’m not even “there” yet. When I tell people they have gorgeous curls, they are like WHAT? But I’m not even “there” yet. Sometimes, we all fail to embrace our natural beauty and that’s normal. After everything you’ve grown up thinking and assuming of life, I am here to share the truth it’s time to accept your natural hair.

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Author: Liz

Child of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of all things sweet and honest.

13 Replies to “What Mom Never Told You About Healthy Natural Hair

  1. Hi liz
    Shivi p here.
    Need your suggestion about scalp cleansing. I was facing severe hair fall problemishes from past many years and after starting back combing for 1 to 2 min daily my hair fall problem stopped. Now my concern is that if I stop combing my scalp hair fall will again start.So what should I do to clean my scalp properly

    1. Hey Shivani, We all lose 100 hair a day and that’s totally normal. So the days that you are not brushing your curly or wavy hair, this hair is stuck and not “falling”. You will find my article about scalp massages really informative because massaging your scalp with essential oils actually have a cleansing effect. Using clean and safe products without any bad ingredients also leaves your scalp devoid of product buildup. Even doing “champi” many times in the week may not be a good idea because excessive external oil confuses your scalp. A confused scalp will go in two directions- it may either become dry because it becomes dependent on the external and stops producing its own natural oil. OR it will go in the opposite direction where there is excessive sebum or natural oil production which leaves hair feel greasy or dirty. So here is what you do:
      1. Use safe conditioners with NO silicone or parabens or drying alcohol.
      2. Find ingredients of your current products online and paste them into this website called “is it CG” to know if thy are safe or not.
      3. Switch products if what you have are unsafe.
      4. Do scalp massages with essential oils to encourage hair growth.
      5. Deep condition hair at least once a week. I use Rawkyn but many people like to DIY.
      6. Do the bentonite mask as a shampoo to detox your scalp and hair.

      If you need more help or explanation, don’t hesitate to come chat with me on Instagram!
      Here is the article on scalp massages –

        1. I cowash most of the time but I also need a shampoo but NOT for every wash. Sorry, I should’ve explained further in my last comment but ill share it now. I have to shampoo but only once a month, maybe twice if I use bad products. I love As I Am cleansing Pudding – It’s a sulfate-free cleanser, very moisturising. You can check out my review to learn more about that product. You can totally use that as a shampoo but I wouldn’t recommend it using more than maybe 2-3 times a month. I now discovered Bentonite Clay Wsh -it does the same job as a shampoo but BETTER because it literally attracts toxins from your body like a magnet, something ordinary shampoos can never do. You will have to read that article to learn more about that too. There are many ways to cleanse the scalp but my method is to avoid getting your scalp dirty int he first place and that is by using safe products. And when you have to cleanse anyway, use safe products or natrual DIY solutions that encourage hair health, not harm it like commercial shampoos, you get? Read these articles to understand the methods. BTW I love this! I’m so pleased that you would ask me and trust me, I feel honoured 🙂

          What is cowashing –
          As I Am Pudding –
          Bentonite Clay Mask –

    1. Ask me countless curl questions man 🙂 So ideally 3-5 minutes using your fingers – not your nails – is ideal. This helps to loosen up any buildup and then you rinse it ALL out. Some people who don’t rinse out the scalp properly have issues later. Cowashing is foolproof if you follow the method to the T.
      Here’s the method, with video:

  2. Hey Liz, this a great article I must say about hair care. Amazing facts you have given here I really appreciate you for that. Here I got an answer to many of my worries about my hair care but still can’t find to get rid of my hair loss. Please suggest me some best. Best Regards!

    1. Hey Giselle, Hair loss is contributed by many, many things especially the products you put on the outside and your health on the inside. If you’re transitioning then hair loss is a part of the damage too. Let me write a detailed post on this, offering my suggestions, backed by research, ok? Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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