Answering frequently asked questions about Flora and Curl Clay wash to help you understand what this actually is and how to use it properly. The key it to time it correctly to make the most of this unique curly hair essential! Learn more

Does the Flora Clay Wash help to remove product buildup and work well on oily/itchy scalp?
Yes! The clay detoxes scalp and hairDo we need to shampoo hair before the clay wash treatment. This is a shampoo-mask! Cleanse+ condition in one step! Using this once or twice a month is perfect

Does it work on oiled hair?
The idea is to use this clay when your hair feels “horrible/hopeless” we all have those days.. no need to oil before. But if you do (out of habit) it will take it out yes.

For someone who’s turned to gram flour as a hair cleanser, can this clay be a game-changer?
Omg. Absolutely. The ingredients make all the difference

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What stylers should I use after this?? Protein, protein-free?
I usually balance. Following up with flora detangler + Mist + gel (for hold) is ideal since products from the same brand are formulated to complement each other. The decision to use protein products is based on your hair needs and what your hair likes.

Does it make the hair or scalp even drier?
This is a detox-shampoo mask, it will cleanse the way a clarifying shampoo would. This is nothing to worry about. Your scalp will be fine after this clay treatment, however, if it generally feels just dry, very dry and that’s why when you use the clay near the scalp, your scalp will suck on it. I suggest you practice oil massages for two weeks continuously every morning with just 2. drops of oil. Remember to use the right oils to moisturize your scalp after such special treatment.

What if hair is already oiled, should we wash it and then proceed with the clay was?
Not required. Just rinse to wet your hair, detangle and apply the clay over

Is it good for sensitive scalp as well? Yes! This is scalp soothing clay-based cleanser, Nature’s most healing earth clays of Morrocan lava (Rhassoul) clay and bentonite clay purify cleanse the scalp

I feel like I should put the effort into mixing it with other stuff? Why should I prefer this to others? Au contraire, this Flora Curl Clay activates with warm water only! So it’s not that complicated compared to DIY Bentonite treatment which needs many other things to activate. Here, watch this video to see how I apply it on my medium length hair.

Does this have Protein or is it non-protein? This clay is protein-free

How to apply the product with long hair? Section your hair into smaller parts when you apply any paste-like mask. Wet hair is important to get more slip. It is supposed to be kept only for 10 minutes, but it would take around 10 minutes for people to apply for long hair if you do it slowly. Focus and apply fast. Don’t check IG while applying the mask. Either way, don’t let the clay dry on your hair; if you feel like it’s drying, please spray water to keep it moist. Dry clay can dry your hair all out!

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Why clay for hair?
This clay wash is typically for those who use products and need to detox hair naturally. It purifies the hair of buildup. Remember, your curls absorb products better when it’s free of build-up!

Can this be a substitute to shampoo
Shampoos can be moisturizing or clarifying. This substitutes a clarifying shampoo. This clay is to be used once in 3-4 weeks only.

Is it like deep condition as well?
Yes, however, some prefer using another deep conditioning mask after they rinse this clay out. I don’t, I style directly.

Do we need to apply conditioner after this?
You totally should because a conditioner will help you detangle your hair and soften it after the clay treatment. Following up with Flora & curl leave-in detangler, gives me the best results

Is this similar to Aztec clay
Similar yes, since both have Bentonite clay except, Flora Curl Clay has more ingredients like coconut milk powder, Banana powder, and essential oils which Aztec brand does not. Learn how to use the Aztec Clay here.

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