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8 Important Henna Questions for Curly Hair: Answered here

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does Henna elongate curls?

“Really & truly it just depends on how our hair takes the henna or how often you use it and the only way for one to know if it will alter their hair pattern is to try it. All we ask is to ensure it is 100% henna you are using!” – Blogger Curly Nikki says.

“Adding Amla to your Henna mixture prevents elongation of curls.” says Blogger Winter_Bear_Diaires Risha Saikia.

Learn more about the amazing Amla benefits for curly hair from this Jadeikens video here. Jade testifies how Amla shrinks her curly hair!

2. Are there any side effects to Henna?

As with all natural products, there may be chances of henna allergy or henna sensitivity.

Always do a patch test before you apply it all over your hair. If you do experience redness or itching then an OTC allergy medicine should help or call your doctor immediately.

Henna will dry out your hair! So remember to deep condition weekly. Applying bond repair treatments can also help you minimise any color-related hair damage from henna.

3. How does Henna smell in your hair?

Personally? The only thing that keeps me from trying henna is the smell. The smell reminds me of my mother and I’ve had mother-issues for the longest time. But if you don’t have issues like mine, don’t worry! The earthy-smell goes away after a few subsequent washes. 

4. How often can we apply henna on curly hair?

While some do monthly treatments, some apply every 3-4 months only. Use your discretion, as always. 

5. Can we apply henna on the scalp?


6. Will henna cause migraines?

Don’t apply on your scalp to avoid potential migraines. Your head should never feel “heavy” after the Henna application. If it does then you’ve used too much. Make small sections and use a dime size henna per section. Using more is not going to give you better results. Our hair can only absorb so much! Be light handed to avoid heaviness on your scalp.

7. Does henna change the hair porosity?

Henna binds the red tint into your hair structure. This is a chemical process, and will cause dryness in the process. That’s why it is safe to assume henna automatically makes your hair high porosity. High porosity hair generally absorbs moisture fast but is unable to retain it. This is exactly why your aftercare regime is super important (regardless of your age).

8. What to do to avoid the bright orange/red color of henna?

Notice some parts of your hair a weird bright orange after henna? Look at those parts closely. Are those the same parts with previous heat/chemical damage? For example, have you always straightened the front portion of your hair? That’s heat damage. So those areas will show a brighter henna result. However, following a set routine after henna can help you keep your hair hydrated and therefore, darker looking. Focus on the aftercare. Blogger @Anitaditariza Ana says adding indigo to henna allows for a deeper mahogany color. Learn the two methods of using Indigo here.

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