You can provide for your child in every way you can or maybe not. But, hands down, doing THIS will makes anyone a Good Parent.  

You can take your children to the Disney World or Sandboarding in Dubai. You can get all things money can buy for them, or maybe you can’t afford to give your child the world.

So, what you can do – at zero cost – except maybe spend some of your precious time, is to PRAY for your child.

  • Is your child not eating or sleeping well?
  • is he or she ill…often?
  • Has learning disabilities?
  • Is with the ‘wrong’ crowd?
  • Started doing drugs?
  • Your child doesn’t talk to you anymore?

Sit up confidently and sincerely put forth your heartfelt requests about your child before God.

Apart from everything else you may be doing – THIS is the best tip to be a good parent.

How Praying for Your Child makes You a Good parent?

When you pray to God, you acknowledge the fact that God is in control of your life, not you. Therefore, you become humble. You don’t remain to be the person with pride that makes people stay 10 feet away from you.

Besides, every time you pray, it is natural to acknowledge your own flaws first and ask God to help you overcome your challenges – You have a bad temper? Need more patience? Wisdom to teach the right things?

Therefore, when God helps you overcome your challenges you become a better person than you were yesterday.

A better YOU. Stronger. Faster. Wiser. What a gift that is to your children!

Your child learns – from you – to be humble and all the good things you will be, after you have established that personal relationship with God.

BEST tip to be a good parent honest liz

That is why this is the best tip to be a good parent.

Why You need to do it, EVERY DAY

My 20-month toddler may not know how to read the clock, but she knows when her screen-time is, exactly. She then promptly asks for my smartphone, slides it open, clicks on the Youtube app and scrolls up or down to select the videos she wants to watch. I can only imagine how far ahead of you (and time) your teenagers or adult children would be.  

With advances in technology, comes many new dangers for our children – there are predators just waiting to latch on to innocent children over the web as well. Befriending them, chatting up and then slowly lure children into their nets for their demented urges. 

You probably do the best you can to monitor who they meet, where they go and what they do with their time. But no matter how you go about it, the world is bigger than us and our children way smarter than us.

When we pray for our children, we are calling on that extra special power that the world can never give you to protect your children.

Whatever the reason or the season, God hears your prayers and prepares ways to fulfil them.

God would either:

  • Grant your request immediately, because He Loves us and provides for us. We actually don’t deserve anything from God because we are such sinful creatures, but He gives anyway – and that’s His grace. Pray and ASK for it.
  • Make you wait until You are ready for what you need.
  • Say no, because He knows something else that is better for you.

Either way, we need to do our part – which is to pray to God and make our requests known to Him, especially when it comes to our children.

So the best tip for you to be a good parent is to pray for your children, every day.

Why Pray at all?

Of course, we know it is important to pray. Have you ever wondered why? Because

God commands us to Pray.

For the love we have for God, we obey what He commands us to do and he commands over and over again in the Bible to pray. 

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” –Colossians 4:2

Opportunity to Talk to God.

Yes, it is that time of the day when you praise God, tell him where you went wrong, and ask him for His guidance.

God cares for you and is waiting on you to talk to Him and let your requests known to Him.

To overcome Evil.

We may have some power over the bacteria or virus that harms our bodies, but prayer can help us overcome the evil that is in our thoughts and actions. Prayer can have God change people’s hearts and soften them for you. Your children will be in safe hands.

Do it Anytime.

The only thing that stops you from praying, is yourself. Otherwise, prayer is available at ALL times.

Experience God.

Yes, when prayers are said with the warmest of hearts, you can feel God dwell within you. The Holy Spirit of God begins to take root in your heart and the feeling is of utter peace and love.The best tip to be a good parent honestliz

Gives you Evidence.

When your prayers are answered, you have evidence that God is working in your life and you can share that with people who don’t believe or doubt the power of prayer!

Helps you win.

Where everything else fails, you can be sure that praying is the only thing that can help you win.


Here is a fantastic prayer by Clyo Beck. She writes the most beautiful prayers.

I stumbled upon this prayer while I was preggers with my first-born – hope you make it your own too.

Prayer For My Child/Children

Dear God,

My child is so precious to me.

Give me the words You would have me speak for my child’s welfare.

Cleanse my mind of worry.

Fill my mind, instead, with the knowledge of how much You love my baby and how strong Your power is to protect.

I decree You speak to my child and guide her in Right Action.

I affirm that, as she explores life, she hears Your Voice clearly— Listens to Your whispered warnings— Follows Your guidance— And is safe in Your love.

And if she is so full of enthusiasm—or confusion—that she takes a wrong step, You hold out Your arms, dear Lord, and catch her. For You now move Heaven and Earth and protect her.

You whisper and paths change. Danger turns away. And my child, hearing You, turns toward safety. For nothing is stronger than You. No evil can bypass Your Knowing. No voice can speak louder; no force can move mountains as You can. Nothing can penetrate Your Net of Protection around my child.

I rest easy, knowing I have turned over the care of my child to You and that You never fail me. I affirm my child is safe in Your Arms, now, and forever.

And we spend many happy days in each others company, during the remainder of my life.

For it is a new millennium where Your power and wisdom reigns.

As Jesus said: Ask and ye shall receive; So do I speak The Word which You infuse with absolute power: My child is safe now and forever more.

Above anything else, I pray that my children come to true faith and repentance in Christ. I know that if they have such a relationship with You, that no trial or obstacle in life will be crushing for them, but will lead them to a greater maturity and love for You, God.

I pray that they will use all the blessings in this life as a means to serve other people, and not themselves.

Thank You, God. And so it is. In His name I pray, Amen.

Putting it all together

This post wants to encourage you to pray for your child so that you get the right guidance to go about your day and life. This, by no means, is implying that praying without action will yield you results. Nope. You need to work on yourself and work on your life as well as pray.

You may be a good parent in every other way, but there are no guarantees that your children will turn out exactly as you hoped they would.

Or you could be the evil one and somehow your children turn out to be Godly as ever.

This is a great reminder that God is gracious toward us despite our parenting flaws, and that it is his ultimate grace that works in our children more than we can.

Do you have other tips for me? Comment here!

Author: Liz

Child of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of all things sweet and honest.

7 Replies to “How to be a Good Parent? Here’s The BEST Tip

  1. Hi Liz this is a very beautifully written article.We often know many things but dont practice and we go back to it only when someone tells you or when you really feel low in life.This article is one of its kind and has encouraged me to get back to my prayers.

    1. Praise God Neeta! Only He gives me the words to write 🙂 God is kind and knowing Him more through Jesus has changed my life in so many ways. I know you will find the same grace and love if you go to Him too. All the best!

  2. Many at times we are aware, yet we do not practice, what we are taught. Thank you for reminding us. Beautifully written Liz.

    1. Thank You, Rachel! Please spread the word on your social media for me? Let the reminder reach more in need of hearing it.

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