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How to Choose Prepoo Products for natural hair

What is your hair texture – fine, coarse, wavy, thin, thick? Wondering how to prepoo fine curly hair? Or bleach damaged hair? Here are +10 different Pre poo products for natural hair. See which one feels right for you. 

Prepoo is Preparing your hair before shampoo.


Prepoo with Hair Oils 

Using heavy hair oils to prepoo is an obvious choice for most people. But, don’t do it the traditional way. Drowning yourself in oil makes you want to reach for the strongest shampoo to take it out. You’re likely left with dry hair.  Use a little of the best oil-blends to make the most of your time and investment on curly hair oils. 

Coarse/Color treated Curly /Wavy HairFine Hair / Wavy Hair
Hempacado Oil
(code: HONESTLIZ for orders over ₹999 in India)
Don’t prepoo with oils; see options for you below.

Prepoo with hair mask!

Do you have extremely knotted hair? Do you have fine or wavy hair? Apply either conditioner or hair mask before shampoo. Keep it in shower cap for a few minutes. This technique will help you detangle coarse hair easily and applying hair mask before shampoo helps fine hair avoid feeling weighed down. See more hair mask recommendations here.

Coarse/Color Treated HairFine Hair/Wavy Hair
Sugarboo Mask (code: HONESTLIZ)Sugarboo Mask (code: HONESTLIZ)
True Frog Mask (code: HONESTLIZ)Dot & Key Moringa & Argan (code: HONESTLIZ)
Fix My Curls Protein Treatment
Bella Vita Mask

Bond Repair Treatments

Do you like to straighten your hair? Do you have colored hair? Did you bleach your hair recently and don’t know what to do? Bond repair treatments are ideal for extremely damaged hair from either bleaching, blow frying, or any chemical/heat treatments. See details on these bond repair products here.

Coarse/Color Treated HairFine Hair/Wavy Hair
Olaplex no. 3 (or no.1+2 at salon)Curlsmith Bond Salve
Mane Method Mask

DIY Hair Masks for Prepoo

After dealing with my curly hair properly (since 2017!) I find DIYs help maintain healthy hair the best. If you have extreme damage, try the above bond repair treatments. But if you have soft shiny hair that looks lovely through the week you’ll need low maintenance DIY hair mask like these

Coarse/Color Treated HairFine Hair/Wavy Hair
Banana+HoneyAloe Vera + Flaxseed Gels
Coconut Milk +HoneySago/sabudana Mask

Happy to answer your questions in comments below 💕 Much love, HONESTLIZ

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  1. Hey Liz! thanks for highlighting pre-poo for fine and wavy hair. I don’t oil my hair and I prefer hair masks over oiling. In the “Prepoo with Hair Mask” column you’ve written sugarboo masks both both coarse/colour-treated and fine/wavy hair category. Since sugarboo has two masks, which mask goes in which column?

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