Are you tired of using antibiotics? Or you simply want to avoid using antibiotics for your child? Then here is a quick post for you that details some of the things you can do to fight cold naturally.

Speaking from experience, every time we used antibiotics on my children, the recovery time was the same as not using any antibiotics and with each bout of cold, we had to up the antibiotic dose. Besides, the antibiotics play with the good bacteria in the gut and wreck havoc with the elimination system. And children, you know, they have like 80 colds a year. So we had to find another way to cope with this irritating and disgusting illness.

Tissues Vs. Handkerchief

I understand how economical it could be to simply use a cloth or a handkerchief to wipe off the goop from a runny nose. But using a hanky over and over is like introducing the bacteria to the person, over and over again.

If you must use a cloth, use a fresh one for every swipe and ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly and sanitised right after. A washcloth can be rough on a baby’s sensitive nose.

We tried using hankies and washcloth, but the cold would just ..take… forever… to go away.

Pro Tip: To end the cold faster, keep the nose clean at all times.

Your best bet is to use tissues.

Use a fresh tissue for every swipe and dispose it immediately.  

Pinch of Turmeric in Milk

Turmeric is known for its immunity boosting super power. Add a pinch (or two) in a glass of warm milk and consume. Fights phlegm, fights cough, fights it all out. This is one of the best ways to fight cold and cough naturally.

Nasal Aspirator for Infants

Newborns and babies below the age of one especially need your help to remove all the nose goop. That is where this nasal aspirator comes in play. Of course, you can use this for children up to 3 years so you will need a few of these every year. 

You need to get nasal saline drops prescribed by your baby’s doctor. The saline solution melts the goop and, use this nasal pump to suck it all out!

Pro Tip: Use it thrice a day, especially at night and clean the aspirator with warm soapy water, daily to keep bacteria away.

Why use Essential Oils To Fight Cold and Cough

Essentials are a great resource to fight illnesses such as a cold and cough. They stop viruses from growing and multiplying. Another great reason to use essential oils is that some of these oils can also help elevate your mood!  

Here is a fantastic article about Safe Essential Oil Use With Babies & Children. And another one on Risks and Uses of Essential Oils + How to use them safely. Please make sure you read them both before you start your journey with essential oils.

Essential Oil To Fight Cold

Having a cold is terrible. You have difficulty breathing, headaches, congestion and watching a baby go through it all is even worse.

My eldest just turned 2 and the younger one is only a month old. Both are breastfed, yes, we were successfully breastfeeding through pregnancy! Anyway, they both went through a bout recently and I am happy to report that using essential oils worked like a charm, even for the baby.

Pro Tip: Do NOT use essential oils directly on the skin.

We use eucalyptus oil for colds, but this oil has more benefits that you know.

See: Top 10 Eucalyptus Oil Uses and Benefits

You need to sprinkle Eucalyptus Oil on your baby’s clothes, mattress, and pillow area. Don’t go overboard, sprinkle just enough until it is soothing to smell and inhale.

Pro Tip: Dab the oil on the clothes, before you put them on.


Essential Oil To Fight Cough

My friend Julie, yes, the same lady who saved my life when I was going through my postpartum depression? yeah her. She suggested using peppermint oil for cough. She loves the peppermint flavor and if you ever wanted to get a present, get her the edible kind of peppermint syrup which she can pour in her coffee and in her cakes. She is an excellent baker, by the way.

I digress.

Taking her advice, I used this Peppermint Oil and sprinkled it on my children’s bedtime clothes, mattress, and blanket – the same way I did the eucalyptus oil. The lingering cough that usually follows a bad cold, it goes away (within 2 days!) with the peppermint essential oil.

Pro Tip: Proactively use Peppermint Oil to avoid cough, don’t wait for it to start.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

We also use Cinnamon Essential Oil. It makes the room warm and helps open up the congestion as well. But, this essential oil needs to be a diffuser. Much like this one:

In the trough above, add a dash of water and a few drops of cinnamon oil and light a candle. Within a few minutes, the warm aroma will fill up the whole room!  

Pro Tip: Never sprinkle cinnamon essential oil or any other on the skin directly.

What do you do to fight cold and cough? Please share in comment here – we could all use the advice! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, I have not been paid to review any of the items listed here. I do have links affiliated to Amazon here and so, if you do click on these links and purchase any of these items, I will get a tiny commission. It will help me keep this website alive so click away, my trusted readers! 


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