Do you have disobedient, uncontrollable frizzy hair? Were you wondering how to get bouncy curls without heat? How to get bouncy curls naturally?  Looking for best curly products Or how to get natural curls back? Here is my tried and tested method.

My Curly Hair Transformation 

The Day 1 hair is seriously dry, damaged, and uncared for.  I used all the wrong products and did not follow a proper washing method for my curly hair. Wondering which bad products they were? That deserves a separate post. For now, let’s focus on doing everything right.

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It only gets better from here!

How to get bouncy curls back without heat

I was so stressed and LAZY, my curls broke up with me. With two babies in two years, my mommy brain wouldn’t let me remember what I did in my teens to have that perfect head of curly hair.

In a bid to bring back my curls *quickly* I went to a L’oreal sponsored salon.  The “L’oreal’s Mythic Oil treatment” did that to me. Picture #1 was right after I got back home from my salon appointment. No need to scroll up. Here is that ghastly picture again. Ugh.

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Curls damaged by harsh (commercial) hair products.

I was not only stressed but also desperate to do something about this hair disaster or popularly known as “chidiya ka ghosla” – a bird’s nest of a situation. Has that happened to you? 

As an old millennial, I naturally turned to Social Media to solve my life’s problems and lo behold!  I found this awesome curly hair Facebook group called the “Indian Curl Pride” and was fortunate to find many supportive women and their helpful advice.  Before you start asking questions on the group, observe the existing queries and answers. If you are a blogger then keep a low profile or you may be blocked from this group without warning. Just saying. 


How to get natural curls back *Steps*

Step #1: Remove all commercial products from your curly hair.

I found this wonderful piece of advice every curly beauty was giving in that Indian curly group.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo to remove all the “product build-up”.  All that white itchy powdery stuff in your curly hair is not always dandruff. Product build-up commonly disguises itself as dandruff. It’s actually residue from all those harsh chemicals you may be using. 

I used Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo first to strip my hair of all that L’oreal mythic oil treatment non-sense from my curly hair. I recently discovered a sulfate-free one with As I Am Cleansing Pudding. This works just like a shampoo but better because it clarifies hair and moisturizes it at the same time!

A word of caution: Clarifying shampoos strip everything from your hair, that means even your natural oils. Use this silicone-free, sulfate-free shampoo sparingly. I use it only once or twice a month to bring bouncy curls back!

Step #2: Deep condition. Over and Over.

If your hair looks anything close to my Picture #1 then it is extremely dry and damaged. It needs moisture, nourishment, and tender loving care ASAP.  

Use either DIY natural ingredients from your kitchen to deeply nourish your hair or if you don’t have the patience or skills to DIY then use organic and wholesome curly hair products with no sulfates, silicones, or parabens. 

Me? I started with DIY because I  didn’t know better.  I deep conditioned using fresh coconut milk mixed with a tablespoon of honey, in two different ways for two consecutive days.  I tried the readymade tetrapack also; the coconut milk is thicker and the results are the same 🙂 Shortcut!!

  1. Apply coconut milk mixture on wet hair right after the clarifying shampoo. Keep 30 minutes, rinse with warm water
  2. Apply coconut milk mixture on dry hair and keep 30 minutes,  rinse with cold water.

For low porosity hair, warm water is preferred.

For high porosity curly hair, use cold water.

As much as I LOVED the results in the picture above, I don’t  DIY deep condition anymore. I have the perfect products that do a better job in 20 minutes or less! Be sure to subscribe to my website so you will know when my super-duper comprehensive post about  Deep Conditioning methods and products goes live. OK let’s move on to the next steps.

Step #3: Wash curly hair the right way.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I made while (not) caring for my curly hair. Don’t wash your curly hair like the people with straight hair do. 

If you have very dry and frizzy curly hair that refuses to clump together then try the “Squish to Condish” method of washing curly hair. This method changed my game! 

Here’s a video from an Indian curly hair guru Asha Barrak:

Step #4: Seal moisture with after-wash care products.

You need to follow up with more organic products if you want great curly hair even after 2-3 days after wash day. Apply these products generously on wash day because remember, your leave-in, curl cream, and gel needs to work for many days after wash day.

If you have high porosity curly hair then follow the LOC method. on ALL days of the week – both wash day and non-wash days. 

If you have low porosity hair then follow LOC method on wash day. Remember to always refresh curly hair on non-wash days. For refreshes, use a light creme gel for refreshes or mix your favorite curl cream with a Homemade flaxseed gel for light, bouncy and defined curls. 

Key principles of curly hair care

  • Do not comb your dry curly hairUse a wide-toothed comb to detangle after applying a leave-in conditioner only.
  • Don’t use heat to style or air to dry your curly hair.Naturally air-dry or use a diffuser on “cold” setting
  • Use only natural hair products without harsh ingredients like sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate) silicones (dimethicone) and drying alcohol. Here’s a video from one of my favorite curly girl Penny, explaining about chemicals in your hair products.


Easy-Peasy, no? Doing this really worked for me as you can see in this last picture. You will have to try and see what works you.

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You need after-wash products (LOC method) to avoid frizz and stretch the days between washes for a healthy scalp. You must Refresh your curly hair on non-wash days. Check which curly hair essentials you don’t have yet or how to use what you have in the best way.

Got questions? Let me know how it worked for you or if you need any help, come on Instagram! Come chat with me on LIVE videos while I style my hair there!

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9 Replies to “Here’s how to get Bouncy Defined Curls in 3 days!

  1. Anything else u recommend for clarification..Coz I started of cg method without clarifying.I might do it insane next wash.I have Johnson top to toes wash it has sulphate .can I use dat

    1. Hi Sanah – I’m afraid the Johnson may have more baddies so it’s best to avoid it. You need sulfates to clarify but NOT silicone. I use Pantene Lively Clean to clarify which is just for Rs.100 I believe. It does a really good job. I would dilute it in a mug of water to use it tho. Add 2-3 pumps of the shampoo in the mug and fill it with warm water. Pour the water over the scalp and gently massage. I’m waiting for the Bounce Curl cleansers to come to the market actually. Once I use them I would definitely let you know!

  2. hi, i started my cg method but as i have a small baby i can’t keep it open so ponytail is comfortable for me but after ponytail first day is good, but on 2nd day it becomes tangled so what to do~? i can’t comb as curls will be gone.

    1. There are lots of ways to keep your hair super moisturized!
      1.Healthy diet
      3.Using safe products – so no shampoo every time you wash your hair.
      4.Deep conditioning every week, sometimes twice a week if your hair is super dry.
      Let me work on a detailed post and get back soon. Until then, you come over to Instagram and let’s figure out a routine plan for you.

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