I recently lost my biggest paying client. We’re talking losing 60% of my monthly income here. Here’s how I coped with this terrible incident and bounced back to earning even more!

Why Clients (usually) Let Go of Freelancers

As a freelance content writer, most times, you lose clients for reasons that are out of your control. Budget cuts or project completion are some of the most common reasons. This is easy to get over with because it is nothing personal. There are other reasons.

Easiest Ways to Lose Clients as a Freelance Content Writer

I wrote a detailed post on 3 Best Ways To Lose Clients As A Freelance Writer. Here’s a summary:

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If you plagiarize content for your client, you may lose them.

Fake credentials or lying about what you are qualified to do. What you can and cannot do will directly impact the quality of your work. Be true to yourself and only accept assignments that you are truly capable of doing.

Flaking out on your client. If you have accepted assignments then follow-through. It wouldn’t please any client if you flake out on them, i.e find some excuse to not do the job after you’ve accepted it. It sucks for the clients when this happens. They need to find another writer to do the job last minute. You ditched them when they needed you the most. So don’t count on more jobs from them in the future.

Some Background: The Reason I lost my Biggest Client

I worked with this client for just over 6 months. He even gave a maternity bonus to take a week off after my second delivery. This was such a blessing! He was not only one of my best paying freelance clients, but it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. I started working within days of childbirth and oH BOY!

I realize now why the best organizations provide a maternity leave. For the first few weeks, life with a newborn and a toddler was hectic. I was sleep deprived and wasn’t thinking rationally at the time. I was so exhausted. Then it happened.

I forgot to let this client know that I just didn’t have the focus to work his weekly 15 hours. I wasn’t going to charge him, but I missed informing him. And THAT was my mistake. I should’ve kept my client in the loop instead of taking him for granted! Cherish your clients and here are 8 other Ways To Make Your Clients Love You.

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Freelance content writing mistakes to avoid

Why losing my biggest client was a Blessing in disguise

I was getting paid on time. I was being appreciated for my efforts, I was seeing results. And so, I was comfortable. I was so comfortable that I had stopped applying for other jobs. I soon realized there are a million other opportunities out there just waiting for me. Content writing is not just blogging of social media, it’s much more than that. It’s blue skies out there, people! Blue Skies.

Within a couple of weeks of losing this big client, I am now working with new and better clients. What else? I work fewer hours and earn better than before! Losing a big client was a blessing for me because I now have more time to focus on my kids. Here’s what I did to cope with losing my biggest freelance writing client.

How to Cope with Losing Your Biggest Freelance Writing Client

If you want to know how to bounce back when you’ve lost all your clients, then read on, for sure!

Get Over Yourself

As a freelance content writer, losing a big client can be a big blow to your finances. It can be a big jolt to your ego as well. I moped around for a week! I grieved. I stuck my face in my pillow and screamed. Then I got over it. That’s when I felt better.

I stopped thinking what a loser I was. Instead, I started to remember how easy it was for God to find that client for me. And I am sure I was able to find more. I had to trust God, pray about it and follow His guidance. This thought was comforting to me.

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freelance content writing mistakes, freelance content writing lessons

Focus on Numbers

I had to scuffle with my monthly budget again. After all, it covered 60% of my earnings. I had to act fast.

I prayed about it and God showed me a way.

With a newborn and a toddler, I work with a limited number of hours as it is. So trying to get more work was not an option. It was time to give my existing rate card a bath. I now work on fewer assignments, without compromising on total earnings. I can dedicate more quality time to my children. Win-Win. God’s plan is always a perfect plan!

Ask for Referrals

Your existing clients usually have a network. There is always someone who needs a freelance content writer. If you’ve established a good relationship with your clients, then take advantage of it. Ask them for referrals. If they love your work, then they would be happy to help you. If you lost that big client on good terms, then that client would be happy to make a referral as well. So, remember to send an email asking for a referral to your existing and past clients, too!

Haunt Job Boards

I have had a successful stint with Upwork.  That was before I realized this is a low-paying site. Moreover, they’ve increased their fees to 20% and it just didn’t seem worth it now. I was hardly making $3-$8 per article here. There are SO many other high-quality platforms such as LoveToKnowClearvoice, and Contently that have freelance content writing jobs worth $15-$50 (and even more) per article. You can find freelance content writing jobs through local agencies or digital marketing companies as well. I worked with Midas Touch ConsultantsRankUno and many others, who are generous paymasters and a delight to work with as well.

Keep Going

This is a very important way of coping with losing a big client. Don’t Stop.

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freelance content writing mistakes, freelance content writing lessons

For me, losing this big client opened many other doors. It gave me writing opportunities that are easy to do, took lesser time and paid so much better! I can now focus on my kids. So trust in Him to turn things around for you, as He did for me. God has a plan for you too. Pray about it.

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