Want to add shine to your dry/dull hair?! I’ve tried so many new products this year, BUT prepoo is one of the top methods that has made all the difference!

If you do this diligently,  you’ll be floored with the difference you’ll see in softness and shine. You can see how soft and lighter my hair looks compared to last year here.

Ok, let’s get into it! Here is a quick summary:

How To Prepoo ☑

What is it? It’s preparing your hair before shampoo.

Why do it? To make hair soft, and manageable during wash; decreasing overall breakage and hair loss.

When to do it? On dry hair Before wash, going overnight is optional

What is the goal? To detangle and moisturize hair enough, so shampoo/cowash doesn’t strip all moisture out.

What to use: Your favorite oil, curl cream or intense oil serums. Using conditioner is optional for a better slip to help you detangle.

Can this be cowashed? Yes! This depends on how much oil/product you use. This is not deep conditioning so be gentle, and light.

Method: Section your hair and coat hair with product and detangle. Scalp Massage. Cover with a shower cap (important!!)

How do I do it? The hard water in my new house dries my hair out a lot so I wash every 3 days or twice in a week now. I OVERNIGHT prepoo with a shower cap under my satin bonnet once a week only. You don’t want to risk hydral fatigue with overnight prepoo, so be mindful.

How long to keep it? At least 20 minutes before wash. You can keep it overnight. You decide based on how your hair feels,

Here’s a video!

Angel Roma is one of my favorite curlies this year!

For more tips, tricks, and fun, Follow his IG @jibaroboricua

3 Product Recommendations

1. Righteous Roots Oil: THE PREPOO 

This oil is specifically designed for this method. It has coconut oil, olive oil, and no essential oils so this makes it perfect to use on children too. I’ve had consistent glossy wash days with this product.

Buy Here:

Here’s one of my favorite Prepoo videos!

Follow Elisa on her IG @elisa.curlss

2. Curl Smith: Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum

I love how it smells, very subtle floral lady-like, but ist so much more than that. This Curl Smith Serum is rich in hand-picked ingredients. This is Perfect for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy or roughly handled hair. You don’t need a lot. Use only little bit to coat your hair, not drench it. You don’t want to waste this goodness.

Buy Here: Curl Smith (Worldwide)

3. Flora & Curl: Flower Garden Styling Butter

This hair butter is originally a styler, meant for bantuknots , twistbraids , twiststyles but my 3a hair doesn’t need that. So, I repurpose it for prepoo ? . Overnight/all day saturation to let all the wonderful oils and butter fuse inside your hair and scalp. #honestliz . A little goes a long way; if you use too much like I have in this photo, you’ll need a shampoo to take it out, of course. 

My hair always smells like a flower garden with this goodie!

Buy Here:

I’ve never had such glossy results before. I’m sure you’re already doing it in your way, but this is what works for me and it works perfectly for my 2c-3a curls!

Disclaimer: Affiliated links here. Plus I consume Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins and daily scalp massage with Righteous Roots Rx Oil for my overall hair health. So results may vary for you, just saying.

Anywho, the moral of the story is that it’s not just buying the right products, but the right methods can help you reach your hair goals faster too.

Hope you find this useful so You can be a curl boss in no time. Tell me if you do! Follow me on IG @HonestLizHere

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