Going natural? Got all your CG products and ready to begin? Start your curly hair journey with a routine.

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My Top Tips to start a routine

Schedule wash days! For example, Laura Marie Smith’s wash days are Sunday and Wednesday. 

I experiment with new products all the time, so I wing it depending on how my hair feels. If some products don’t work for me, get my hair feeling weighed down or get a bad reaction on my scalp, I wash every 3 days. If everything goes well, I can stretch up to 7 days without washing. Don’t worry, the products and techniques I use to keep my scalp and hair stay clean through the week. 

You want to stretch more days between washes to keep your scalp healthy and encourage faster hair growth. If you travel to work a lot and exposed to the bad environment (or bad habits/products) then you have to wash every 3-4 days. If you workout and need to wash daily then check this guide here. 

If you don’t know how to start, consider these options.

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Curly Hair Essentials you need for a full routine

    • Cleanser > Shampoo/cleanser /Conditioner /Deep Conditioner
    • Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)
    • Oil Blends
    • Stylers > Leave-in conditioner, Curl Cream, Gel

Day 1: Sunday: start with the final wash.

Say what? Yes, it’s called a final wash because a clarifying shampoo removes all the buildup from your old products, oil residue, dirt, and gunk from your hair.

Why Sunday? Curly girls with healthy hair get better hair after wash days. Besides, doing it on a Sunday allows you to just relax spend time on yourself, put on a face mask, do a DIY pedicure, gather your bearings and prepare for the week ahead.

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Day 2: Light refresh

Refreshes are meant to make your hair look fresh, just like wash day but without actually washing your hair. Day two or three is the best for most curly girls with healthy hair. If your hair dries up the very next day, then seriously consider switching to natural hair products. Here are a few combinations and ideas for a light refresh:

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Day 3: Refresh

I love my day 3 the best, so I generally just leave it alone. Are your curls totally destroyed by day 3? This is a clear indication you have unsafe products.

Safe, natural products promote hair health as days pass. Anyway, before you wash again, pause. Do a refresh instead. This way, your natural oils are still intact. Follow with a scalp massage before sleep to cleanse your scalp.

It took me a while to figure out a winning refresh routine. Read about my refreshing mistakes here and how to avoid them. Here’s how I refresh my Day 3 hair sometimes

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A Complete Refresh for Day 3 Curly Hair

Wet hair with a spritz bottle and style, as usual, using the exact products you used on wash day. If you have CG products, you can play around any of these combinations, in this order.

  • Leave-in > Curl Cream > Gel
  • Leave-in > Oil > Gel
  • Curl Cream > Gel > Oil
  • Leave-in > Oil > Curl Cream
  • Curl Cream >> Gel
  • Curl Cream >> Oil

How I refresh curly hair without washing! VIDEO!!

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Why use a spritz bottle to refresh?

You don’t want to wash away your natural oils that a forming at the roots on your scalp the past couple of days you haven’t washed. Do a Scalp Massage on the same day with little essential oils to promote hair growth.

  • Few drops of your favourite essential oil.
  • Rub your palms together so the oil gets warm.
  • Massage your scalp for five minutes with your fingertips, not nails!
  • Remember to mix your essential oils with a carrier oil.
  • Use little so your hair does not weigh down the next day.

If you’re unsure about mixing oils, then just buy ready blends like Flora Curl oil or Cachos Brazil Elixir – these act like hair serums!

Day 4: Wash your hair with water only

It’s normal to wash your hair twice in a week but if you want to stretch a few more days then this is a great option. Get into the shower massage your scalp with water only OR cowash

Let water drizzle all over your hair gently and scrunch your hair to remove excess product from the previous days. This method works only if you have CG approved products. CG approved products are safe and don’t cause build up like non-CG products.

Style as usual.

On my Day 4 hair these days, I use the Flora Curl Hair Mist to scrunch any broken curls and then use Flora Curl Oil or Jessicurl Oil for a gentle scalp massage.

Before any wash day, Prepoo!

Prepoo is what you do to your hair before-you-shampoo or cowash. There Are many ways to prepoo so you have to see which method works the best for you. Here are a few ideas. Try one by one to see what works for you: 

  • Massage your scalp, apply our favourite oil lightly on hair and shower cap, keep it overnight. OR
  • Apply oil from mid-length and then your conditioner over the oil. Keep it for 20 minutes and cowash. OR
  • Apply oil from mid-length and then your deep conditioner over the oil. Keep it for 20 minutes and cowash. OR
  • Apply oil, then a deep conditioner over the oil and leave it overnight. It works for some girls but not for all. This is because keeping products like conditioner or a deep conditioner for a long time can over moisturise your hair and you don’t want that. Try to see if it works for you but I don’t recommend it.

Day 5: Doing Nothing Day

Only you will know what is needed for your hair. But sometimes I want to let my hair be in its natural state. 

  • Scalp massage and detangle your hair in the morning and leave it alone.
  • Put it in a stylish bun or braid if you’re up for it.
  • For this day, I shove all my hair in a stylish satin scarf and let it be.

Day 6: Wash day!

You will know what your hair needs. If it doesn’t need much, just cowash and style. If your hair is extra dry and frizzy then deep condition. Your hair feels limp and hasn’t been curling properly, then it’s a sign you need to clarify. Here are ideas and combinations you could try. Wash Day Ideas for low-maintenance hair. This is what I do for my medium porosity curly hair

  • Prepoo > Cowash > Style
  • Prepoo > Cowash > Deep condition > Style

Wash Day Ideas for bad hair days!

Are you having a Bad hair? Too much frizz, feels too greasy or dry? Then it’s time to bring out super ammunition to bring back the bounce and shine in your hair! Here are super combinations that work remarkably.

  • Bentonite > Condition > Style
  • Prepoo > Cowash > ACV Rinse > Deep condition > StylE
  • Gentle Cleanser > Condition > Deep condition > Style
  • Prepoo > Gentle Cleanser > Condition > ACV > Deep condition > Style

These are just some ideas that have worked for me and I can stretch more days between washes using these methods. Don’t do everything all at once though that would be crazy.

Try each combination for every new wash to see what worked for your hair or what didn’t!

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Let me know if you have any tips for me and if you find this article helpful, please share and help another curly find her routine – Only empowered women, empower women 🙂

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