Don’t have the time or the resources? Come in. Here’s the dish on everything that went down at my first modern day baby shower and tips to organize one on a budget.

Tips for Budget Baby Shower

Origin of the Modern Day Baby Shower

The modern day baby shower is actually a western concept that popularised in the 50’s. Either a close friend or a relative of the soon mom-to-be organises the baby shower. The party is planned in the last trimester when we know the pregnancy is progressing well.

Most cultures around the world have a similar concept.  The new mother-to-be is celebrated for her transformation into womanhood. She’s showered with gifts, and blessings from all her friends and relatives.

Why throw one for Your Preggo Friend?

I know the modern-day baby shower is not yet popular in India. But I would encourage you to throw one for your preggo best friend or sister, at every chance you get! This party also serves as a welcome distraction for the very-preggy lady.  The one who is busy dealing with aches, and pains, and possibly, sleepless nights.

My Baby Shower

My best friends live far away from me – different cities, different countries. The friends close to me weren’t an active part of my baby shower. I was actually sad to get one cancellation after another.

It serves me right. I am sure it’s because I hadn’t done anything like this for them, why should I expect them to drop their plans for me? The world is like that – it is give and take. They call it karma, right?

Well, thankfully, GOD doesn’t work that way.

God loves you and provides for you, even if you haven’t been that faithful to Him.

How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget

So it was my church family who threw a brilliant baby shower for me. In many ways, this event was special because it was with the people whom I barely even know. It’s hardly a year since I was baptised only this September.

And yet, how selflessly the church folks all came together and showered me with their time, and love!

Having said that, I wanted to share this verse from the Bible, Acts 4:32, which says,

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.”

This finally made sense to me.

I feel that in a small way, this baby shower demonstrated the basic Christian practices. One of sharing, rejoicing with and loving one another – regardless of how the person is or what he or she has done. This showcased the beauty of God’s true design for his people and his church.

I cannot wait to give back.

How to Organise a Baby Shower on a Budget

Coming back to the post 🙂

If anyone has organised any event, you know that it could be both fun and also daunting. Ensure:

  • all the invites are sent on time,
  • the decorations, the snacks prepared well in time and laid out
  • + everything else that makes a party, a party.

If you don’t keep track, then planning a baby shower (or any event) can quickly become a burden and also expensive!

Fear not.  Even if you are hard-pressed for time or resources, you can always refer to this quick list of to-dos.


Go green and use online invites.

I am blessed to have Julie make the invites for this event. She is a fantastic graphic designer. She owns and runs The Type Tree Designs. If you don’t have an awesome graphic designer friend like Julie, then you can always make your own. There are the many free graphic design tools you’ll find online such as Canva, or Snappa.


How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget


You would save nearly 40% of the total cost if you could have it in someone’s home – maybe a friend’s or a relative’s. Of course, if you have the budget then why not go to a fancy restaurant? But we are counting our pennies here. You could use a local park for the event — just ensure you have the right permits to do so.


Choose between 3pm and 5pm. Being tea-time, you save a lot on food. You would only have to make snacks. Besides, a baby shower party mandatorily calls for sweet treats!!


The person organizing the event can call for a potluck. So everyone brings a snack or sponsors drinks.

We had cut up watermelons (perfect summertime snack!) and Party Popcorn drizzled in white chocolate and sprinkles (super addictive!!) We also had samosas – which is an ever popular snack in India.

How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget

How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget


There is a high probability you may have a baker friend or an aunt who makes the yummiest cookies. Make your own cake instead of buying one from the store and save up to 20% of your total cost. Here’s the recipe for the delicious chocolate cake Julie made for my baby shower.

If you have the time (and the skill) then check out these 25 Gorgeous Baby Shower Cakes by


You can always buy decorative items in bulk. This saves the total cost. Look up free DIY printables online and print your own!

Check out these sites:

Baby Shower on a Budget


Spend just a few minutes online and you spot so many free and easy games. We played a simple game that kept us giggling like little girls the whole time!

Julie also designed these unique blessing cards and “betting stickers”. SCROLL UP to see it in the picture, please.

Center Piece

There is usually a big flower centerpiece to decorate the table. I was again blessed with a beautiful diaper cake that my sister made.  Here is the video if you wanted to make this for your loved one:

Party Favors

This is a simple “return gift” the mom-to-be gives the guests. Since chocolate is good for all, my favors were a few pieces of chocolate in a cradle case – it was cute.Also, See:

How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget


Diana from the Cheeky Tummy says, “Agreeing on a baby shower theme helps make the overall party more enjoyable and is a fun way of incorporating the personality of the one that is expecting. It allows you to showcase the baby gender (when it is known), in a fun way and makes everyone feel like part of the party.” She has a brilliant post that lists 34 unique baby shower decoration ideas.


A baby shower is one of the best times to give the new parents practical baby gifts they need.

Buying baby gear such as a stroller or even a cot can be expensive. If that is what she needs then all can pool-in together and get it for her.

For me, this is my second time. I have everything I need from Baby #1. In India, we cannot know the gender until birth. It is a crime punishable by law even to ask for sex determination.

Don’t judge me. But I requested all my dear ones to get me diapers as gifts (if they wanted to). And diapers they got me indeed!

Thanks to all my friends and family, I had a month’s supply of diapers, yay!

How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget

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