Many philosophers, teachers, bloggers have resources that discuss God. If you take an intellectual route then knowing God is no easy feat. In fact, it is impossible. Knowing God goes beyond the books, notes, philosophers or traditions. It is about experiencing God.

If you read about someone falling from the fourth floor, would you really know about their experience? Not unless you fell like them, you wouldn’t know it.

You can never know God from reading blogs or books.

How well would you know your spouse if you only communicated by phone? Wouldn’t it be different when you are living with your spouse? You experience your spouse differently by living with them. Knowing God is about gaining that experiential knowledge.

Is it really possible to know God?

As human beings, no.

Our mental faculties are not equipped to understand God as we do other things. We cannot do research or analysis on God like we do about science. God is not a philosophical idea you can get together and discuss. God is not some scientific information or concept human beings can know; it is beyond our mental capacity.  Can you explain how God is perfect? We cannot. God is not a law of physics or any physical entity we can explain or understand.

What is God like?

God is not like anything or anybody. As human beings, we cannot compare God to anything. But then we read the Gospel and we come to know God has spoken to human beings through His son Jesus. God revealed himself through nature. Bible says we are created in the image of God. By the intricate and intelligent way the world is created, we know Him. We also know God through the scriptures, where Jesus says, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.” John 14:9

How to know God?

A 20th-century prophet, A.W. Tozer said, “To know god at once is the easiest and the most difficult thing in the world”.

No matter what we do or believe, our soul knows where we belong. There is always that hunger to know God. But unless God reveals himself to people, they will never know God. It is funny how babies and children know God, but not scholarly thinkers or philosophers.

You cannot know God by study alone. So, let’s not underestimate it. It is not about information. Knowing god goes beyond logic or reason. We have no capacity to do that.

You can know God through Jesus. You can taste Him, approach Him and learn more about God through the holy spirit. God, in his sovereignty, will reveal himself to us. His grace and mercy is a privilege.

Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good!

What to do with the Knowledge of God?

The knowledge of God is given freely if you are open to it. Only through God’s will and through the spirit of wisdom.

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You know what? God wants us to him more, every day, but it will take us a whole eternity to know him.

Incarnation in all Aspects of our Life

The free knowledge of God is not just to get a spiritual high in a room or up on a mountain. This gift from God is given to us to embody it in all aspects of our lives. With our spouse, with our children, with our church, workplace, and community.

Knowing God helps us every day to be kind to our spouse, to be a good parent and to love and forgive our children, to deal with a horrible boss. For a greater service to our fellowmen, knowing God is then imperative.

This article was inspired by a soul stirring teaching from former Hindu Timothy K, Assistant Pastor at Shine for Jesus Ministries, co-founder of the Emmanuel Public School and part of E3 ministries. 

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