Whether you are a fashion brand, individual or fashion blogger, Instagram is a fantastic platform for to garner new followers, improve your business, and your brand recall. Your social media campaigns are just as important as your product or service.  Instagram Hashtags help you increase traction and get better consumer engagement, and eventually increased business! Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags and what they mean to your pictures.

Hashtags are everywhere!

Let’s give you a simple but mind-blowing statistic. 70% of all hashtags are names of brands. Hashtag puts your best marketing campaigns on the map. Your images and your brand are quickly discovered and your marketing campaign is optimized.

Did you know? Instagram allows you to add at least 30 hashtags per post. Instagram analytics say if you have at least one hashtag it increases engagement level by over 12% compared to the posts without.

A branded hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere, right? So, if you are a brand, you can create your own hashtag. One that is unique to your voice and your business. It could be anything you want! Here are a few unique examples:




The key for a branded hashtag is to be unique to your marketing campaign. You can be as creative as you want. For example, Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke marketing campaign is one of the most brilliant hashtag campaigns you will ever see.

Instagram hashtags work especially for small businesses who can easily reach audiences and communicate their values to them. You also want to have a theme, a color that goes with your brand colors, and posts that are a mixture of images, video, memes, and motivational quotes. This helps maximize your Instagram account.

How Instagram is influencing fashion

Instagram is already popular among fashion brands. Did you know? During the New York Fashion Week, last year, Tommy Hilfiger had an “Instagram Pit” placed where only fashion bloggers were seated to take photographs of the runway shows. This pit was separate from the professional photographers. Just imagine that!  

Instagram is like a magazine and your content caters to the mass market audience who are forever scrolling through Instagram all day, every day. When influencers post an image with the outfit of the day (#OOTD) they tag brands and have links that lead to an e-commerce platform. Consumers can buy the whole outfit right then!

Brands have also harnessed the power of sponsored posting to advertise on Instagram. This sponsored post reaches a target audience of any age group, location, and even the specific times when you can expect the most engagement.

30 Popular hashtags related to fashion

#awesome #perfect #inspiration #fashionstylist #onlineshop

#fashion #blogger #style  #luxury dress  #trends

#berlin #dress #blonde #vogue #outfit

#outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #oord #clothes #fashion photography

#fashionista #hautecouture #hautefashion #eveningdress

#fashionblogger #menswear #menstyle #mensfashion #womensweardaily  

What do hashtags mean to your pictures?

If you are planning a social strategy around Instagram, using hashtags is one of the best strategies, however, be mindful of a few things.

You have to be thoughtful about your hashtags. You can’t use just the most popular hashtags all the time because your visuals are buried within milliseconds of posting it. You want to mix it up with the most popular hashtags and the trending ones too. You don’t want to copy all of your competitor’s hashtags either. So, here are a few tips to follow if you want to increase your followers and consumer engagement through Instagram hashtags:

  • Post frequently, twice a day at least.
  • Build your posting schedule around the high engagement time zones (for example 9 pm)
  • Work on that photo to enhance it visually and make it more likable.
  • Interact with your followers, Like and comment on their best posts.
  • Keep up with the New Rules for Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags in comments or caption?

It’s up to you, but most prefer to add their hashtag list in comments to make the post caption more readable. You can also paste hashtags in your caption; be subtle though. You don’t want #captions #with #so #many #hashtags #that #it’s #hard #to #read. Get it?

Should I go back to old posts and add hashtags now?

Umm, no. It won’t really help because Instagram’s algorithm won’t give you a benefit. The algorithm lists the posts based on the time and dates it was posted. So if you go back to last week’s post and add hashtags now it may be buried under recent and more popular/top posts now.

Keep Calm, start now.

Now you know how this works, so start incorporating the most relevant hashtags in your posts now.  Whether you are just starting out or using Instagram for a while, you can always look at the best Instagrammers for inspiration. Learn how do they use their niche for business and incorporate those ideas for your brand as you see fit. If you don’t have Instagram or hashtags as part of your social media marketing strategy yet, then you better get on it PRONTO. You’re missing out!! 

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