NO there will be no pictures of me in bras (although it would’ve added a nice credible touch) but here is a review of one the BEST bras I have ever owned (so far). And they are nursing bras, which is cherry on top 🙂

Disclaimer: These are my views. I have not been paid for this post, nor have I got any free bras to write these reviews for. (I must admit, that would’ve been nice 🙂

The Background

I have grown up with the strong belief that the clothes and the food and the things available in developed countries are all far superior than what we get here in India. While I could be wrong, I had this assumption owing to all the friends and relatives who came visiting with things that we could never find here. Their clothes, especially, were softer, trendy and at dirt cheap affordable price as well. Sorry about the monkey babble but it will all make sense, trust me and go on ahead, please.

Working as a freelance writer, I had to research on a blog piece on bras back in February. I had to research countless bra-bloggers and by the time I read this article on How to Choose the Right Bra Size and Style I had decided that come Valentine’s Day, I would break up with all my bras.

Seriously, reading those countless bra articles reminded me that I have been wearing the wrong sized bra my whole life! Wait, that wouldn’t be many years because being a late boomer, and owing to my drug addiction plus eating disorder my breasts were apparent only after I had my babies.

Even so, 80% of women in the world wear wrong sized bras! I bet you do too. Don’t believe me? Check this video on how to measure for a bra and see for yourself.

Why I had to break-up with my old Bras

Women’s bodies are always changing. The shape of the breasts change with puberty, with pregnancy and even more so after childbirth.

Now that it was time for Baby #2 to come, and with the newfound information on how to measure bras right and everything, it was the perfect time to update my bra-wardrobe.

A very trusted client, with whom I’ve been working for over a year now, recommended this Motherhood maternity website and there I found the BEST bras I have ever owned (so far). Victoria’s Secret some day, mayhaps? We’ll see. 

Review of the Best Nursing Bras from

Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra (2 Pack)


Yes, you need to wear a bra at bedtime. This is especially true when you are nursing because, boy! these breasts sure get heavy with milk supply and a supportive bra is just what you need to keep you comfortable at night.

Sure, the bras with the underwires or the paddings and all that jazz are uncomfortable to sleep in. Of course! They are designed for daytime you dummy!

See: Should You Sleep in a Nursing Bra When You’re Breastfeeding?

SO these sleep bras from Motherhood are especially comfortable. It’s not too tight like a sports bra ought to be, and not too loose as those traditional cotton bras are made to be. The band underneath has good elastic that not only gives your (heavy milk-laden) breasts a lot of support, but is also easy to pull up when it’s time to nurse.

Plus, I LOVE the design. It’s beautiful.  

Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra


This one, by far, is my favorite. It has a thick supportive band. The cups come with removable padding. The material is just so soft to feel and wear. Plus it’s a perfect the fit! It’s one of those “t-shirt” bras that is seamless and gives enough coverage. I wish I could get a few more of these 🙁

Speaking of size: The best part about these nursing bras from is that they come in S, M, L and so on sizes. Woohoo! I’m a size small, always been and that’s what I ordered and it fit me perfect.

Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra


The first couple of months after childbirth the breasts are still adjusting to the milk supply. This one is taking a back seat in my lingerie drawer at the moment.

Right now, just 5 weeks after my second c-section my milk supply is out of control and this one feels stuffy (if that’s the right word) However, I am positive that in a couple of months when I start exercising, this one would be perfectly supportive and comfortable.

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