Want to make your natural hair curly? Looking at so many articles or hair bloggers do their thing, it can be so confusing. Curly hair needs so many products? Itna sara? Well, curly hair is super thirsty.  So, we gotta do what gotta do to keep curly hair moisturized. If it is dry, Then BOOM. You get frizz, tangles, hair fall, itchy scalp, and many physical and mental problems. I know, it can be very confusing to understand when to use what. Even though I have a detailed post on curly hair essentials, here is a quick look at the sequence again:

Cowash Conditioner – To use in the shower – 2x a week

Wondering how to make natural hair curly? Stop your shampoo. Start cowashing today.

  • Step 1: Massage the scalp only for 5 minutes and rinse COMPLETELY.
  • Step 2: Slather liberally on your hair, AWAY from the scalp for moisture. Keep for 10 minutes.
  • Step 3: Rinse with Squish to Condish Method.

You can use your regular CG conditioner to wash your hair. Just that, cowash conditioners are explicitly made for this method, they are light and don’t cause buildup like normal conditioners. I have to shampoo once or twice a month so I either do DIY shampoo/detox naturally with bentonite clay (so affordable!) or use a little bit of  As I Am Cleansing Pudding.

My favourite conditioner is As I Am coconut cowash and I cowash once a week and follow it with a deep conditioner.

Deep Conditioner – Use once a week,  minimum

Some prefer DIY for whatever reasons, I prefer readymade DC treatments. With DIY you have to think about the ingredients a lot; I don’t have time for that. I love Rawkyn Clay Mask, I keep it in my hair for 20 minutes or less and get super results! Regular deep conditioning is one of the best ways to make your natural hair curly. Here are reasons to start/continue DC treatments today.

  • Properly conditioned hair, retains colour longer.

  • Your curls look better, feel softer, and styles easier.

  • If you blow dry, straighten, or use shampoo, you NEED DC badly.

  • Do it 2x a week for badly damaged hair; 1x week for normal hair.

  • Use those 20 minutes per week to relax, put on a face mask while you are at it.

  • If you want your hair to grow faster, regular DC treatments will speed up the process!

Super Tips: 

Use warm water if you have low/medium porosity hair to wash your DC away after 20 minutes. If you keep it longer than 20 minutes, there is a risk of over-moisturizing curly hair. Yes, it’s a thing. I don’t follow a DC with a conditioner for the same risk of over-moisturizing my curly hair. But if you have high porosity hair then, you can use all the moisture you can get! Try to see what works for your hair.

Stylers for LOC method

When in doubt, remember the LOC/G method. That is a sequence of product application. Yes, you need all these products to make your natural hair curly! You have to play with the amounts depending on your hair porosity, though. Low porosity needs fewer amounts and products, high porosity needs more. Solve the biggest curly hair problem – frizz – with this method.

L- Leave-in Conditioner

O – Oil (high porosity)

C – Curl Cream (low-medium porosity)

G – Gel

How I Style Curly Hair, LOC method, without Washing!

I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner the night before and the next day I woke up to this mess! Using products make a big difference – this visual will give you a better idea of what I’m trying to teach you here 🙂

Leave-in conditioner – to detangle and add moisture

This product forms a base for your other products, like a primer functions for makeup products, get it? Leave-in is a must-have for so many curly hair gurus I interviewed. This product helps to detangle, add moisture and shine to your curly hair. If you use nothing else, please use a leave-in. Many love using Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner which is natural and wholesome. I love TGIN Leave-in for it keeps my hair so light, adds shine, and promotes hair growth!

Oil – To seal moisture, add shine

Oil is your friend, your best friend also – but not your spouse. You cannot overdo oil. Just a little goes a long way. You want to understand the science behind scalp massages because that has changed my hair game! The right oil is great for styling, deep conditioning, pre-poo, and scalp massages. If you are hair porosity, you perhaps already use oil, right? You can do ACV rinses to reduce your porosity. That way, you don’t have to use so many products. Anyway, my favourite oil for styling and massaging is Righteous Roots Oil.

Curl Cream – to form curl clumps

This is a thick, creamy product that helps your curly hair form clumps. Clumps are curly hair spirals clumped together – not a tangled disarranged mess – but a love marriage between curls. A curl cream is one of the best ways to make natural hair curly for its clumping function. Think of the natural curly hair products as an investment. You need only a dollop, so one bottle will last you over six months! My favourite curl cream is Cantu Curl Activator, my holy grail product. I cannot be without it. Blend 3 dollops into your homemade FSG with your next batch and see the magic!

Gel – to hold the clumps together for longer time

A gel sustains the curl definition. It seals in all the moisture given to your hair by all other products you use. Use gel liberally and scrunch for maximum effect. Buy a gel according to the “hold” you wish to have. If you want a strong hold, then Devacurl Arc Angel Gel is perfect. If you prefer a soft hold, like me, then use Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel gives me soft and shiny curls.

I hope you find some answers to start your healthy hair journey. But Liz, using so many products would harm my hair, right? Wrong. The key is to use honest products that promote your hair health, not destroy it 🙂 If you need help choosing the right products based on hair type, come chat with me on  Instagram @honestlizhere today! I’m here for you.

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  1. Great article. Extremely educational!!!
    Question: How do you apply the oil after applying the leave in? Do you use just a few drops through the mid lengths through ends? I would assume that you wouldn’t want to apply it at the root at this point in the styling process, correct? The purpose of the oil during styling is to help seal in the leave in and also add more moisture, correct? The use of RRO during styling is separate from doing scalp massages with it, correct?
    Thanks again for the great article and advise.

      1. Hi Liz,
        This is Christie (CLO_cuwurly)
        and my instagram account was hacked and I can no longer login.
        This is the second time this has happened. ? I’ve lost everything and everyone I was following and had saved both some great information and pictures to show for haircut ideas. I’ve filled out the Instagram “help” form and am waiting to hear back but for now I’ve lost everything and now I’m really not active on social media. My only way to communicate for now is via email ???

        1. Og my goodness! I’m so sorry about this. This is so weird and must be so frustrating for you. Do you have a Pinterest account? It’s a great platform to do exactly this – save things you like and that you may want to use later. You can make different boards and everything.

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