Don’t you feel uncomfortable when it’s humid and sweaty? Just imagine how the curly girls feel when they workout throughout the week! Have you stopped exercising because you don’t want to ruin your curls by over washing? You don’t have to do that now. Not only is exercising is good for you but now you have ways to manage curly hair even when you workout. Here are helpful tips to do before and after workouts.

Do you workout or swim a few times a week? How do you manage *not* over washing your curls?

I don’t work out – no wonder I am prone to depression. However, I am now a part of many fantastic international curly hair groups that only empower women. These members bring each other up and help each other if you put forth any curl query. Since many readers asked me how to maintain curly hair while working out, I honestly had no clue. So I asked the members of the Facebook group The Curly Crew (Curly Girls! & Gents, Too!) this question and got several helpful tips.

Curly Hair maintenance for those who gym

  • I go to the gym 4x a week and cowash almost daily but curls are fine. ~Athena
  • Sweat is water soluble. I only co wash about once a week as my hair is quite fine and doesn’t like it when I do it too often, and just rinse thoroughly every day. I typically do sweaty exercise 3/4 times a week. Don’t use a pool too often but chlorine is co washable anyway. ~ Neasa
  • I workout 5x a week and, while I’m sure sweat is water soluble, I am gross when I leave so I co-wash M-F. My hair doesn’t seem to mind. ~ Jennifer
  • Rub Thayers Witch Hazel on the scalp after minimal workouts! ~Heeral, the beautiful wavy hair blogger of The Curlist Manifesto; read the insightful article on her website. Follow her gram!

Buy the alcohol-free toner from Amazon. I love this toner and use it in my skin care routine also.

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Curly Hair maintenance for those who swim  

A couple of my recommendations for my clients with pools- completely wet your hair Before getting in the pool, your hair will soak in less chemicals if it’s already wet. Completely rinse when done as well and co-wash with conditioner. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner before getting in the pool. ~Laurie

So I took Laurie Cain ‘s advice and loaded my hair with conditioner before entering the pool. Thanks Laurie it helped. I put a shower cap under the swimming cap so the latter didn’t slip away ~ Ruchira

I’m in the pool 5x a week (swimming teacher) Wet hair before going in – I sometimes leave some conditioner in too -rinse well afterwards – i cowash 3x out of 5 and deep condition on sat when I get out of the pool – leaving a conditioner/olive oil with few drops of argan oil mix in my hair after getting out of the water ~ Hope

Saturating curly hair with warm water before swimming

Bounce Curl sent a mailer about summer swimming and this is what it said:

If you plan on swimming, then you definitely want to DRENCH your hair with warm water in the shower before getting in the pool.  Think of your hair like a sponge. If you place a wet sponge in a pool of water, it cannot absorb more water – same theory with hair.  Drenching your hair with water means the hair shaft is swollen and can’t absorb either the chlorinated water or salt water.

After your hair is saturated with tap water, apply a quality conditioner designed for dry hair and leave it in! Make sure to coat the ends, roots and scalp.  After swimming, rinse out your hair thoroughly (at least 3-5 minutes) and use a cleansing conditioner. ~ Bounce Curl 

Best Conditioners (Buy Here):

Curly Ellie Conditioner (protein:moisture balanced) – I recommend this for wavy hair, high-porosity hair, color-treated OR color-damaged hair. The protein in this conditioner penetrates the hair shaft for powerful protection and repair leaving hair looking smoother and silkier.

Jim+Henry TEN (protein-free) First, its 500 ml – which is over 16oz. This is a great value-for-price conditioner, and of course, the clean ingredients make it the perfect go-to for ultra-dry, damaged, hair. Whether it is color-damaged, heat/sun damaged hair, this conditioner is what you need to bounce back in NO time! it also doubles as Deep conditioner!

Jessicurl Too Shea Moisturising Conditioner (protein-free) It has shea butter (hence the adorable name), jojoba oil, avocado oil and tons of lovely herbs and spices that are all great for hair and scalp. Together they combine to make a thick, moisturizing conditioner that isn’t too heavy and not at all greasy

Arata Conditioner (protein-free) This local Indian brand is affordable and is an antioxidant-rich formula that replenishes the natural softness and shine of your hair. This nourishing conditioner strengthens and hydrates while gently detangling and restoring a natural shine. Suitable for all hair types  – dry, damaged, normal, colour-treated – and great for everyday use. No harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colors. Use my code LIZARATA for 20% discount on

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Curly Hair Tips for After the Workout

Washing is one thing, what you do after the wash is important too.

Curlies who gym or swim: what’s your routine? Comment here.

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