You have two kids? Both under 3yrs old? How you get any work done? It must be so hard... ” *sympathetic sad face* Umm.. these are the best days of my life if you ask me. There is nothing sad or hard about me raising two young kids while running a writing business from home. Want to know my secret? A routine. We follow an iron-clad structure on weekdays and we let it all hang loose over the weekends. Here is a glimpse of what my weekday looks like:

Early Morning: 7 am – 9 am

My toddler of 32 months is the first one up. Sometimes she wakes me up with a soft kiss, other times it’s an elbow in the chest. We are talking through this issue, but either way, Baby#1 is our alarm clock for now.  So, in logical order:

Mid Morning: 9.30am – 11.30am

As soon as these two are out of the house, Baby#2 of 9months is ready for her morning nap. After spending about 20min to put her to bed, I look forward to spend some quiet time with God.
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For about 30min to an hour, I follow a Community Bible Reading (CBR) plan – a chapter each, from the Old and the New Testament. It’s not reading, but studying the scripture portions to understand and pray through:
  • What were God’s qualities visible in the scripture,
  • Where do I fall short of God’s standards,
  • Thanking Jesus for what he did on the cross for me,
  • Asking the Holy Spirit to help me with my struggle of the day.
With this exercise and the confidence that God is with me, I start my day. 
My cook comes in by 10.30am and deals with the dishwasher. Then she gets busy preparing lunch, while I express clean every room. My goal is to keep the house tidy and get the laundry done.
Baby#2 is up from her morning nap by 11 am. I get her ready and if there still time, respond to emails and chats. Then I’m off to pick up Baby#1 from playgroup.

Afternoon: 12pm – 3pm

This is what I like to call my golden period. This window is the kids’ nap time. As soon as we’re back from playgroup, we have lunch together and everybody is off to bed. If the morning coffee is still pulsating through my veins and I can’t sleep, I do these things:
  • watch a movie
  • read a book
  • take a bath
  • proofread last night’s work.
Ah… the bliss! Now you know why it’s my golden period *wink*

Early Evening: 3pm – 6.45pm

The maid comes over at this time to sweep and mop the house. Everybody is up and alert! This is my kids’ golden period. This is the best time to learn. So we:
  • read books,
  • dance
  • bake
  • video call with grandparents
  • have a play date over
  • go to the park for free play

Evening: 7pm – 8pm

As soon as we are back from the park, the kids get a warm bath. We have dinner. Sometimes, I let my toddler start on dinner while I put my little one to bed. Both are in bed by 8 pm.
From 8 pm onward, I am on work-mode. I have to be productive while working from home in this time slot. Since I work with international clients, this is an ideal time to chat, video call with them too. Besides, the silence of the lambs is perfect for peaceful research and writing time.
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I’m in bed by 1 am. and so the cycle continues until Saturday. That’s when I observe the Sabbath. Which means we don’t do the things we do normally on the weekdays. So no freelance writing work or laundry over the weekends.  For the kids, it’s a relaxed schedule. There are better things to do over the weekend than go to the mall. The Lord commanded we keep this day Holy. So unless there is no urgent content writing delivery on Monday, Sunday is also relaxed.

All in All

We have our daily challenges and struggles, but with the Lord of heaven’s armies by our side, there is nothing to complain about. If He could release me from drug addiction, nothing else is impossible. Even potty training!  Now I clearly see what God intended for me with this life. Praise God! For His plans are always perfect!

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