I had two c-sections within two years. The first c-section was for medical reasons and the planned second c-section was a preventive measure.  I hope my stories prepare you for childbirth better than I ever was.

My emergency C-section story

I was so determined to have a natural birth with Baby#1 that I never bothered reading up about c-sections. We waited for my water to break naturally and went past the due date by two days.

40 weeks 2 days

7.30am – 3 cm dilated: My water broke in small trickles of sweet water – yes I smelled it! I had to know whether my baby was marinating in smelly garlic water or not. I was relieved to know it was sweet, no wonder babies respond well to sweet things. In case you were wondering, breast milk is sweet too with rich buttery undertones.

11 am: The labor pains started.

4 pm –  6 cm dilated: I labored so hard I didn’t have the energy to deal with the pain anymore – I hadn’t eaten anything all day! Even then, the pain is addictive; it comes like a wave. Going high, taking you to the clouds and then slows down to give you a break. I asked for an epidural. Although the epidural numbed the pain gloriously, it slowed down the dilation process. so they gave me Pitocin to hurry things up. I believe it is this suspicious intravenous cocktail (IMO) that pushes women into unnecessary c-sections.

7 pm -10cm dilated: I was ready now but the baby was nowhere near the cervix. The head was never “engaged” it was still floating.

The doctor asked me to push. Once. Just once! She asked me one time, and I said I was too exhausted from all that labor drama that went on all day. Maybe if she pushed me with more encouragement, I would’ve pushed more. But she didn’t, and I didn’t.

7.30 pm – rushing to the emergency: With over 12 hours since my water broke in the morning, there was a risk of the amniotic fluid running out they said. It would endanger the baby, they said.

So, we had to agree for an emergency c-section.

I cried! To go through all that pain all day for this?  I was so nervous there was involuntary shaking; this was a  side-effect from the epidural I learned later.

I don’t know what my husband was thinking. They sent him to sign some “consent forms”, pay the surgery bills etc. while I was wheeled fast into the operation room. We didn’t even get to surgery-smooch, and that made us both sad. Sadder than having to go under the knife after preparing for a natural birth for over 9 months!

Did I mention that Baby #1 was 2 days past her due date? That means she completed nearly 10 months in my womb and then some.

8.30pm: A healthy, +4kg baby was out with a full head of hair! I know of smaller women who have brought our bigger babies the natural way. Remember my friend, Julie? She brought four babies into the world naturally and I know many more powerful, determined ladies who conquered natural birth.

Baby Aria was so big, plus her cord was tightly wound around her neck that I was thankful to God for having an emergency c-section.  God’s plans are always perfect! As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him. ~Psalm 18:30

We started breastfeeding within 45 minutes of surgery and successfully breast fed during pregnancy too.

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A Positive Planned Second C-section Story

My second section was elective which means it was a planned and scheduled c-section. I wasn’t so excited about picking a date though but it was an interesting case.

38 Weeks 4 days

God helped us pick the perfect date and it was perfect! As soon as the doctor sliced me open, she remarked my last c-section scar had stretched super thin; So thin that if we had waited any longer there was a chance of a uterine rupture.

Praise God that His timing and His guidance is always for the good. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Since my second baby was born many weeks before the due date, her birth weight was just 3+kg. She was a tiny baby and so, it was a whole new experience for me; baby #1 was not as tiny. We didn’t even have newborn clothes that fit her.

Anyway, we started breastfeeding within 30 minutes of surgery. It was only colostrum the first day or so, but we went at it every 45 minutes. Breastfeeding is amazing because, within two months, she had doubled her weight, making her more “manageable” for me.

My second c-section experience compared to first

  • It was a better experience because of all the knowledge and research done to prepare for it.

  • My planned second c-section wasn’t as traumatic as my first emergency c-section had been.

  • I knew when it would happen so I was mentally and physically prepared for it.

  • The recovery time was shorter, so short I was discharged on Day 2!

Note: I have a great post on what to expect + c-section recovery tips. Be sure to read and let me know if you have any helpful tips for readers here.

When we got home

I missed one or two painkillers tablets the first week and it was excruciating,  no wonder they let you stay in the hospital for 4-5 days after the c-section surgery. Take your painkillers on time!

My in-laws were there for a few days to help me after the second c-section. God bless them! However, after they left only my cook and maid were there as help. I skipped meals, didn’t exercise, and I lost my biggest freelance writing client. No wonder they give you a long maternity leave form work! I didn’t have that. 

I quickly fell into the postpartum depression trap. Do you know what postpartum depression feels like? It’s not nice.  Remember, whatever you do, don’t skip meals! Eat healthy, exercise, and focus on your doctrine to prevent or treat postpartum depression.

Now I have a proper schedule for staying at home with two kids and running a full-time freelance writing business.

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6 Replies to “My First and Second C-section Experience Story

  1. Hello..am also scheduled for a second c section in November after a gap of 2.3 years..just want to know how you decided on the date for your scheduled c section , btw am your mil’s student and love your blogs

        1. Yes of course! Absolutely, May the good Lord guide you to the right date and time that only He has planned for you all. I ask this in His precious name. Amen! You will be in my prayers, Keep me posted on the progress 🙂 I would love to know

          1. Hello..became the proud mom of a healthy little baby boy last week…thank you for your support. Just wondering what kind of abdominal belt u wore after your c section..would be helpful if you could send me a picture

          2. Hey Irene,

            I bought a local, cheap one from Amazon and wore it for straight 3 months from day 2 of my surgery – You can by it here http://amzn.to/2iY1EBQ
            The key is to wear all day except while eating! Buy a size smaller and it should feel uncomfortable too – that’s when you know its working!! wink wink.
            All the best you!

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