Has the thought of “Do I make enough money to have a baby” ever crossed your mind? or do you know people who are saving up before the baby comes? My post here urgently shares the truth – you really don’t need to own a house, buy a car or have a bank balance to have children. Boom!

How much money should I save before having a baby?

Those articles on the Internet that compare children to debt are absolutely appalling. The way my life turned out, we had two happy children – in spite of having no bank balance.

Firstly, I just wanted to make it clear that the subject of fertility and child-bearing is an intensely personal and sensitive topic and I want you to know that I understand it because I know what it’s like dealing with infertility too.

I have seen the negative consequences to using birth control pills, smoked, dealt with an eating disorder and indulged in drugs. If you are dealing with infertility, miscarriages or any other physical challenges to have children, I want you to know that I understand.

You want to Have a Baby, but have No bank balance?

It pains me to see the people who have the desire to have a baby make choices like waiting to have a bank balance, saving up to have a baby or trying to make enough money until it is enough. Well, here’s a great article that talks about the Risks of Older Age Pregnancies.

When we take such decisions on our own, we are playing God. We are not God. We don’t know the future or what the consequences of such decisions can be on us.

Besides, money You need other things to raise children. You need patience, perseverance, strength, heart, instinct, and health to raise happy and healthy children. We can’t buy those qualities with money. We can only pay the bills with money – and we pay the bills anyway!

Money was the last thing when we had children.

Did I make enough Money to Have a Baby? Some Background. 

Hubs and I started our careers in Human Resources. A career in HR starts paying off with time and more experience. So you start on a meager salary, and the job demands you to look your best. You are the face of the company, remember? You need to make an impression on everybody – your clients, the employees and your employer. The point is, about a decade ago, when we started working we both depended largely on credit cards to buy clothes and keeping appearances. We didn’t care about our credit balance or credit ratings. 

The debt kept rising and rising. After rent, the rest of the paycheck would go to the credit card companies and there was no cash to buy essentials like food and pay bills. So we swiped the plastic money again and again until we fell into this vicious cycle of debt. W

With the inability to get pregnant in the 7 years that I was sexually active, I always assumed I was infertile; or maybe it was the natural birth control methods we used, so who’s to say?

In spite of all these problems, the thought “Do I make enough money to have a baby” had never crossed our mind. Why? Because our desire to have a baby was stronger than that.

Do You Have the Desire to Have a Baby?

The point is, when we finally had that desire to have a baby, we were already neck-deep in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. The desire to have a baby was intense and we never even talked about it!

I believe that strong desire in both our hearts came to from God. He put that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts and our burning loins did the rest. It was only after the positive-pregnancy-test-happy-dance, did we realize that we both wanted to have children and were having all that unprotected sex to procreate. We never had a sit-down discussion about “let have a baby”. We wanted it and it happened. How random is that? That’s God. God worked in many ways in my life; I changed and became a brand new Liz only through the power of God.

So do You have that desire to have a baby in your heart? Think about it. Do you see signs? or have babies on your mind all the time?

Take a look at my life>>

Children are a Blessing. God made our bodies for procreation! God Delights to provide for us. God Provides for Hard-Working Husbands with Families. God gives enough Food for your Household. God will Supply all your Needs. Be Content because God will Never forsake You! God does not Provide before the Baby Comes, but After the Baby Comes!

Or rather, think about all those not-so-wealthy folks who have many children and are still so happy!

We never got many baby shower gifts. We paid for almost everything and I believe it was God who provided what we needed. Of course, we indulged in a few things, but not without sacrifices. We don’t have the opportunity to travel the world or have a honeymoon or fine dine in restaurants on a whim.

Having a Baby on One Income

I quit my 8 years of corporate HR career soon after I had my Baby#1. I had no contribution to the home expenses. Things got tough and when I prayed to God to guide me, He whispered “write” in my heart and lo behold! in just a couple of months, I started working from home, as a freelance content writer 

I discovered writing is my passion and I now make extra money through content writing and providing social media services to clients around the world! So, with Baby#2 I am able to pay bills and have started to cancel off some of the debt we accrued so many years ago.

The point is, if you have money troubles, God will guide you. Money is secondary when it comes to having children. The desire in your heart is the primary factor.

We HAD children, with NO bank balance

Jesus said what is impossible for man, is possible for God ~ Luke 18:27

There is no limit to what God can do. He created the world! He created you and me, the universe and everything.

So when God blesses you with children, He does that knowing your capability to raise them up. He provides for everything after you have children.  But I believe those are trivial wants for us compared to the joys of parenting right now.

IS GOD ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR ANOTHER BABY? is a fantastic article by Above Rubies that reminded me of God’s promises for a good life and we had our Baby#2. This article talks about how:

  • Children are a Blessing.
  • God made our bodies for procreation!
  • God Delights to provide for us.
  • God Provides for Hard-Working Husbands with Families.
  • God gives enough Food for your Household.
  • God will Supply all your Needs.
  • Be Content because God will Never forsake You!
  • God does not Provide before the Baby Comes, but After the Baby Comes!

We had 2 babies in 2 years.

Stop Worrying!

I am not leaning on the “prosperity gospel” that tell you God gives you money. No.

How God helps

God opens doors for you and gives you opportunities. More importantly, He provides the wisdom to recognise those opportunities.

He changes people’s hearts and the best part: 

God gives you hope.If you have a desire in your heart to have children. Follow that desire.

God’s timing is perfect. When you follow God’s direction in real-time, you have a rather harmonious life. Everything seems to fall into place, without any glitches.

If you want to know the right time for you to have children, then you need to ask God. You need to pray about it. If you feel that you are ready, but not your spouse, then tell God about it. Let God change his or her heart. You can’t do that on your own. 

I need God for everything.

When you approach God with a request, you need to do that in Spirit – through Jesus. I did that. I am sorry for the things I did, I believed Jesus’ power over death and coming back, with complete faith. When I prayed for a new life, a new hope and God granted it.

God says no also. I interviewed for full-time HR jobs after the baby but nothing clicked. I wasn’t ready to hop on the daycare train too.  So for now, God’s plan for me is to be a stay at home parent and share my story to encourage you.

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Author: Liz

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  1. Wow! I liked everything about this blog. I am a follower from now on. If you are at anytime writing your next post on the power of prayer I would like to give a testimony.

    1. Thank You Clyde! Absolutely, Will love your contribution to articles like that. Add your email down at the subscribe tab so you can get an email everytime I post 🙂

  2. This is an incredible article. In a Sovereign way yet in a silent wisper this article touches on how children are not a randomly produced blob of stardust but God by His divine decree and good purpose forms the baby as a blessings to the parents. Thanks for the article. Keep up the good work Liz.

  3. yey liz!!!
    good to see you, I still remember the same thing you told me ( about why you don’t need bank balance) when we were walking in parking of S4 building, Magarpatta. You were pregnant then.
    So true!!

  4. Hi Liz,

    Just loved it…
    I am also expecting it’s really useful for me….
    Really hope this article helps me to get out of all negative thoughts…
    Great job… 🙂 Waiting for some more articles..

    1. oh yay! congratulations 🙂 There are plenty more pregnancy and parenting related posts coming up! Be sure to subscribe 🙂

  5. Explained in a very nice and simple manner, so much love n faith can be seen in ur message.
    Really very lovely, and thanks for sharing ur beautiful experience.

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