Looking for a budget conditioner, that does the job? Not Your Mother’s (Naturals) Linseed Chia Blend & French Plum Seed Oil, is it. That’s the name, I know. So for simplicity’s sake let’s just call it the Not Your Mothers Volume conditioner and this is my review.

Why this conditioner and not others from the NYM line?

I first saw Laura use it on her Facebook Group “Love Ur Curls!!” LIVE. She goes LIVE to show you her routine and then answers questions right there too. I look up to her and have learned so much from her. Truly, one of the best IG Beauties to follow this year!  Also, You’ve got to join her group too. “Love Ur Curls!!” Facebook group is supportive, patient, and encouraging. Always building up one another, it’s beautiful.

Anyway, I have always admired Laura’s beautiful curls and I want it too! So, I had a friend of a friend smuggle the not your mother’s volume conditioner for me from the USA to India. Yes, we do that to avoid extra shipping and customs duties. That’s the whole reason I started my company Honest Products Here. I digress.

My point is, we curlies in India do not have many choices and so, we have to pick and choose. I haven’t tried any of the other products from NYM (I would love to, though, after looking at @curlswithcoral ‘s results) So that is why I got this purple one and not the others. There is no bias.

I “work” with this conditioner after my deep conditioner. It’s a new method (for me) and a great way to boost moisture levels in this dry, summer weather. Learn more…

How much me-time do you spend with your conditioner? Also, C O W A S H I N G !!! . . I “work” my conditioner in like this whenever i cowash. If you use a normal conditioner, do this to your hair! Your thirsty dry curls will love it! Spend a few minutes working it in. . . I’m using @asiamnaturally coconut cowash here. #asiamnaturally See that one scoop? It spread so much and the more you work in, the more it saturates in your hair #hydration #moisture #moisturizing . . If you were wondering about cowashing, (washing hair with COnditioner) you want to read my comprehensive article on HONESTLIZ.com before you start #cowash . . Please do yourself a favour and cowash with a product that is meant for cowashing only. Just because ingredients are clean doesn’t mean you should rub it on your scalp. Cowash conditioners are specially formulated to “rinse out” and don’t build up. But if you use a normal conditioner to wash your scalp, you will have problems. #dontdoit . . Would you try this? Tag me if this tip helped you #honestliz . . . #healthyhairjourney #hydration #curlygirlmethod #curlygirl #hairtutorial #washandgo #curlsfordays #healthyhairjourney #softcurls #frizzfree #curlygirlsrock #greyhairdontcare #textures #naturalcurls #curlinspiration #hairinspiration

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Do I recommend leaving in regular conditioner? No.

Why? Because if you do this as a habit, the normal conditioner can build-up. Simply because conditioners are formulated differently than a proper leave in conditioner.

Conditioners are meant to be rinsed out.

However, I make an exception to this rule by leaving in this not your mother’s volume conditioner only. Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes. And every time I do, it leaves my hair feeling very moisturized, defined, and ready to handle whatever gel I apply over it. Thank you, Laura! Here’s my result with the Not Your Mother’s volume conditioner:

My recommendation

If you were on a budget and wondering which product to invest in first, I would recommend never to cheap out on the conditioner. It’s single-handedly the most important product in the whole shebang of curly hair essentials.

Thankfully, this NYM Purple bottle conditioner is budget! It is also moisturising (protein-free) and volume-boosting, that means it will not weigh hair down and is the non-greasy kind. If you have a loved one smuggle hair products for you, get this one for sure!

Also, I recommend you to use a conditioner after your DC, and if you have this one, definitely work with it to make it all EXTRA.

Hope I covered everything. If you have any more questions about this concept or how to choose a product for your hair type, DM me on Instagram I’m here for you.


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