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How to Use Only Curls London Products

Every time I use Only Curl London products it feels like there’s nothing in my hair. But here’s why that’s a good thing. Hope you find my review useful.


I always thought talking about my “favourite” products would be unfair; especially to beginners who may not have any preferences yet. My preferences may not be your preferences. I love gentle floral scents, voluminous hair, soft yet shiny defined curls. The first brand ever to make me adore my frizz was Only Curls London. If you ask me, I think this brand is the Ashanti of all my products and I’ve loved it since the first time I used it in July 2018. Being a product reviewer I don’t always get to use what I love but if you ask me what my favourite line is, this is it. These products may or may not work for you and that’s a decision you have to take total responsibility for. User discretion advised, as always. 

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Does Only Curls have protein?

The shampoo, conditioner, and styling creme are all protein-free but the gel had one protein. The whole line has coconut oil that mimics protein. But overall, if you ask me this line is very moisturising with minimal protein content. 

Only Curls London Cleanser & Conditioner

The Only Curls All Curl Cleanser is a lathering shampoo and it lathers a LOT. If you have hard water then it may not lather as much. It’s clarifying, nourishing, and moisturising all at the same time. The most unique thing I found about this shampoo is that it helped me detangle as well, so its perfect for the days I don’t even feel like prepoo! While I find it clarifying for my hair, some find it moisturising, so this shampoo is versatile like that. 

Only Curls All Curl Conditioner comes in a tiny pump bottle. I think it’s a smart design because this conditioner is very rich! You *don’t* want to use too much. It has a beautiful slip and I am able to work with it to create silky-wet-ribbons. Sometimes I left all of it in my collared hair! I usually never leave regular conditioners in my hair but I make an exception with this one and the Curly Ellie Conditioner. 

Both cleanser and conditioner are protein-free, making it perfect for low porosity hair or protein-sensitive hair. However, ingredients like coconut oil may not work for everyone.

Only Curls London Styling Products

I started using these products in July 2018. With the Only Curls Creme and Gel, I wasn’t sure how much to use so I used only little and loved how light and defined, how natural my hair looked with it. Let me elaborate, these products give me NO BUILDUP, no product-y-heavy-hair feelings, and did I tell you the smell is lovely? All products have the same scent. 

The Creme is protein-free, however, since it has POLYQUATERNIUM- 37 it could cause build up on fine, thin hair.  Since the gel is a cream-gel anyway, if you have fine thin hair then try using the gel alone for best results! 

The Gel has hydrolyzed quinoa protein towards the mid-end of the ingredient list. So if you, like me, prefer minimal protein products then this gel is definitely it! It has medium-hold. Make sure to apply it on damp hair for best results! For stronger hold, just layer the gel like a homemade Flaxseed Gel for more hold.  It’s glycerin-free and works great in humidity!

How I apply Only Curls London Products

Other Products That Work with Only Curls London Creme

Other Products That Work with Only Curls London Gel

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  • Curly Ellie Leave-in
  • Innersense Beauty Cream (QCC)
  • Flora Curl Leave-in detangler
  • AG Recoil Curl Cream

These are the products I have and use; I will be sure to update this list when I try new products!

Refreshing with Only Curls London Gel

This is how I use this gel on non-wash days, on DRY hair to make my curls look fresh! I found this very unique about this gel because usually gels need water, a LOT of water to activate but this one works on dry hair, just like that! Now that I have greys coming, they need a little more help. So I finger coil those grey areas with cream or a cream-gel.

PRO Tips for More Definition with Only Curls London Gel

  1. Style with this Gel on Damp hair on wash days
  2. Add this gel in between your 123 Gel Method
  3. Apply this gel once more, half way through diffusing or air drying
  4. Smooth & Scrunch.
  5. or Don’t Scrunch!

Love Only Curls London Accessories too!

The Only Curls London Micro fiber towel for me is like the goldilocks size; not too big, not too small. Just right. If scrunching with your bare hands break curl clumps, causing frizz then use a towel like this to scrunch after styling. (Yes, I’ve tried the ₹99 Decathlon towel in the past and it always dried my hair out. It even absorbed my products out! So you want to think about investing in the good stuff that lasts longer with good care too.)

I use it in two ways: .

  1. Plopping after applying leavein/curl cream just like @laura_marie_smith does #laurasroutine .
  2. Scrunching my gel in. After removing my plop, I apply gel and never scrunch with my bare hands, only this towel. 

Only Curls London Satin Bonnet 

It’s the cutest one I own! Notice I cover my eyes and ears too? When it’s cold it helps, and allows the bonnet to stay on as well. It was tight when I first used it, but it expands with use so yay! 

My Hairstyles With Only Curls London Gel

I love using this gel on Dry areas to refresh or to separate curl clumps like in the video

Do you have fat clumps that keep clumping back together? Like, no matter how many times you separate them, even after using oil? I love using the Only Curls London gel this way to separate my fat clumps! My hair is dry, it’s day 3 hair here in the video! I haven’t tried this with other gels but with this gel, my clumps stay separated and give me more volume, shine, and lovely scent to my hair all day!!


I get the BEST results using this whole line, consistently. The smell is comforting, and my hair feels shiny, hydrated, and defined without any manipulation! This line is mostly moisture so if you have fine low density hair then this may not work for you. Always use your discretion before purchase. 

Thank you for watching & reading!

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2 thoughts on “How to Use Only Curls London Products”

  1. Oh… this product looks so good but I can not find this in India. But I found this curl cream, that is available in other countries too. Could you please review it?

    1. Hey Thanks for asking me! I reviewed them on my Instagram but you’re right, I should’ve posted here also. The short version is that this leavin is nice for fine hair or hair that needs protein. But best if you use the whole brand together – never cocktail it with other brands.

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