A c-section is best when it is done the closest to the due date. You want to avoid all the complications that come with a pre-term baby. Problems with underdeveloped lungs, and you need to think about the impending costs of Intensive Care at the hospital too. C-section rates are at an all-time high and there is a direct relationship between babies born before 39 weeks and lung problems. That’s why you need to schedule a planned c-section with utmost care and consideration. Here is how we planned c-section for our second child.

The story about my planned c-section and how we chose the date is not coming from a place of ignorance. I used to believe in astrology and numbers, wearing black on Saturdays and yellow on Thursdays; stalked astrology sites to check compatibility with boyfriends, bosses, friends, relatives… I calculated digits of  ‘potential’ apartment numbers and chose the one close to my ‘lucky number’. I even owned a book by the famous astrologer Linda Goodman and referred to it every time I wanted to understand why people behaved the way they did……

and so much more before I was born again, committing myself to Christ.

This incident boggles my mind and I am in awe of the power of God, even more!

<2 years Gap between babies and C-section Risk

We had such a great experience with Baby #1, that as soon as she turned 1 we conceived our second baby. God is great! When we broke the news to our friends and loved ones most people were upset for there isn’t much of a “gap” between the two pregnancies.

Oh! It’s going to be so hard to manage two little ones, they said. With my best tip for parentingBaby #1  is understanding, willing and cooperative. Besides, having a schedule as a stay at home parent saves my sanity!

What about your finances? Children don’t come cheap, they said. My Husband was blessed with a new job, and me? My freelance writing gig is now thriving, thanks to God!

Oh! You should wean your elder one before the next baby arrives, they said. We successfully breastfed even through pregnancy.

A natural birth after first c-section has a 1 percent risk of infant death and 6 percent of uterine wall rupture because of the less gap between the two pregnancies. So, the safest option for us was to plan the c-section – which means we got to pick the date! How exciting, right? Not for me.

How we Planned the C-section Date

I battled with this decision for months! How can I play God and decide when my baby see’s the light of day? A planned c-section was going against my firm belief in natural parenting. So instead of fighting my battle alone – which is ever so stressful, I passed this burden onto God. I prayed.

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The date whispered to me was, coincidently, my father’s birthday too. Baby Ezzy would’ve crossed 38 weeks. Plus, it fell on a weekend, so my husband would not have to lose extra working days. Further, my extended family had already planned to visit us that week. The date God whispered to me was so perfect from all directions! God’s plans are so perfect!

Are you playing God, by planned c-section?

My pastor encouraged me, saying, God may have led us to this date through all the circumstances and prayers.

As long as you are not going against the advice of your doctor or deliver before the baby was healthy, you are free to choose a day that worked practically for you. And no day is more special or holy than another. Remember, God will not bless your child more than another child because one of them was born on a better day. Every day has been given to us by the Lord. He is equally good and equally in control every single day of our lives.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 18:24 

So we set the date with the doctor’s consent and it worked out perfectly.

The Backlash from Family

One unbelieving loved one freaked out when we talked about the planned c-section. “Why didn’t you consult an astrologer?” “How can you fix a date all by yourself?” He meant well when he suggested we consult the “astrologers” to get the perfect date. Well, we didn’t do it by ourselves. God was there. And when God decides something for us, it’s done, we said.

“But, no, it doesn’t work that way. How can you trust someone YOU CAN’T SEE?”

That’s my faith I said.

If you are unsure about the date, please consult your soothsayers I suggested.

And consult he did and guess what? My relative was relieved to know the date and the time God chose for us was one of the most auspicious days in months! I was grateful to God for being so gracious to bring peace to everyone in this decision, even while my loved one was following a false guide.

So how did Jesus kick astrology’s butt?

Soothsayers and diviners act as mediators between God and man. They do not believe the common man can have direct access to the spiritual world. But what separates us from God is not our being a man or He being God. What separates us is our sin. God is holy and we are rotten.  But Jesus dealt with that!

The irony? Jesus took the violence upon himself by dying on the cross, for me. Which “other” God has done that for me?

Jesus, his Holy Spirit help my second planned c-section ~ it was such a personal, wonderful and a beautiful experience. It is the same every time I unburden myself to God, only He gives me the wisdom and the courage to do things right.

It is the same every time I unburden myself to God, only He gives me the wisdom and the courage to do things right.

For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5 

I didn’t need to put myself under any stress or consult astrologers to make decisions. God is in control of my life. The color of my clothes does not decide the fate of my day. God does. People have different personalities and there is nothing you and I can do to change their hearts. Only God can.

If you have problems dealing with a boss, coping in a loveless marriage or anything else ask God to step in, ask God answers.

How about you? Who rescues you? 

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