Were you invited to your first baby shower? And you’ve got no idea what to give to the mom-to-be? What’s appropriate or the most practical baby gift to get for the baby? Here’s is a quick list – with reasons they make the best baby shower gifts for your loved ones.

What is a Baby Shower?

A Baby Shower celebrates a woman’s transformation from a girl to a mother. This party is generally hosted in the last trimester. This is when we are sure everything is going well with the pregnancy. And a party is a welcome distraction from all the pains and aches, the pregnancy blues she goes through towards the end of her pregnancy. A baby shower is a great way for the family, friends and loved ones to celebrate the mom-to-be. It is undoubtedly a special occasion. She is showered with baby gifts and essentials. Things for herself or the baby! A Baby Shower is a wonderful excuse to bless others with your prayers and gifts.


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10 Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Sure, you could hop on to Etsy.com or just Google ideas for the best baby shower gifts, so what’s so different about this list? Well, for starters, this list is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. I speak for most mothers-to-be. These are easily the most practical baby shower gifts. So, let’s get to it!

#1. Gift Certificates

Everyone wants to get for themselves or their babies. So if you get a gift certificate as a baby shower gift, then I would recommend giving online gift vouchers rather than the real deal. I say this because once the baby comes, the gift vouchers get lost in transition. Or go over expiry date before new mothers remember to use them. It could fall well beyond the expiry date! What a waste that would be. Giving online gift certificates of popular kids stores or play stores are a safer bet.

#2. Sleeping bag

Yes, you read it right. Baby sleep bags are these cozy little zippy things. The newborn is carefully tucked in for a nap or at bedtime. New moms worry if the baby is warm enough through the night. These baby bags are just right to keep such worries at bay. They are great for carrying the newborn around efficiently as well. Plus they come in cute designs!

#3. Play Mats

Don’t leave your babies lying on their backs, staring at a blank ceiling for a long time. For brain development, it is important to stimulate babies with colors and shapes. Play mats do just that. They also help with “tummy time” which is great for colic babies. Helps build muscles around the shoulders so crawling is easy later.

I remember it was only after we got this play mat with vivid colors, animals dangling and a piano at the feet, that Baby#1 will be away from me, for a little while at least. The colors, the shapes, and the sounds kept her engaged and gave me some time to relax and do other things.

Play mats are expensive. You could pool in with a few friends. Or if you can afford it, then go right ahead! These are a haven for the tiny tots and a relief (of sorts) for the new mothers.

#4. Muslin Wash Cloth

When babies have spit-ups. Most times, they spill over the caregiver’s body – not the baby’s. So after every feed and that’s every 1.5- 2 hours – so 12 times a day? Mommies need a bunch of these soft muslin-wash-cloths. To help them clean up after a spit up. They come in a variety of designs and colors too.

#5. Cute Onesies in big sizes 

These are great and to have many of them is truly a blessing. To change after the aforementioned spit-ups. I would recommend you get them in varied sizes – so not just for newborns which are typically 0-3 months size, but get them for 3-6 months, 9-12 months. The mother-to-be will thank you later because babies sure grow up fast!

#6. Nursing Tops or Shawls

This is one of the best practical gifts you could give to your loved one. I am a breastfeeding advocate and would encourage all new mothers to bend this way to nourish their babies. Nursing tops are hard to find in India. Find them for your loved one! Nursing shawls or nursing covers make a good practical baby shower gift too.

#7. Nasal Aspirator

You can never have too many of these! When a really good friend of mine gave me this for my baby #1, I was like what? BUT I was so grateful for it when my newborn got the nose-sies. This was the only way to help babies deal wth a cold and clear a stuffed nose.  God bless the makers of this nasal aspirator!

I would’ve never thought of buying it on my own. I’m assuming new mothers won’t be as aware either. Besides, you need a few ones at hand. Make your own stash to run to. This makes a great practical baby shower gift.

#8. Baby Socks

Oh my goodness, after washing clothes it’s a miracle if I find a pair of socks together. There will be so many orphan socks, you guys! A new mom can never have too many baby socks. Get these in different sizes too. They are just as cute and make practical baby shower gifts for sure!

#9. Infant Bath Chair

Giving babies a bath can be tricky. New mothers in India seem to rely on their own mothers or maids to get this job done. Well, that’s a missed opportunity for mothers to bond with their newborns. Giving baths is an intimate task. With a non-slip bath mat like this, both parents can be comfortable giving your baby a bath. Enjoy this time together and strengthen the special parent-child bond without dreading it. To buy extra bath toys, hover over here for more info.

#10. First-Aid Kit

These are very important and handy when you need them most! Get baby nail clippers, nail files, thermometer and other essentials; assemble them together in a little first-aid box and Voila! Most practical gift ever.

If your loved one loves hiking, then consider pooling in and investing in baby carriers meant for hiking, hover here for more info. What are baby carriers you ask? My Baby Carriers save my sanity!

What were your favorite baby shower gifts? 


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