Have you ever felt that burning sensation in your chest that runs all the way up to your lower throat? Yep, that’s a heartburn all right.

It’s common for women to get heartburn, especially during the second half of their pregnancy.

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Men get heartburns as well, but for many different reasons, I assume. 

Heartburns don’t last long, are not harmful but when you get one you feel like you’ve turned into a dragon and there’ll be fire and smoke coming out of you any moment! 

Reasons Why You get Heartburn during Pregnancy

There are three main reasons.  

First, the most logical reason and the most practical reason for you to get a heartburn during later half of pregnancy is when the progesterone hormone kicks in and soothes your intestines and throat valves. And since the route is now oh-so-smooth, the acids in your stomach run along upstairs and burn you!

Second, that and your baby is growing bigger and faster during the second half of your pregnancy which pushes your constitution, i.e. your stomach, diaphragm and other organs up and above. This makes those stomach acids travel to your throat even easier.

Third, is the kind of food you eat.

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It is really the time difference of when you eat — before taking a nap or going to bed that is more likely to give you those nasty heartburns.

How to avoid Heartburn before Bedtime

I am a wo(man) of reason. I believe and have experienced that having an early dinner is your ticket to get away from heartburns before bedtime.

There are just so many benefits to having an early dinner – not just in your pregnancy but also otherwise. (And they wonder how I manage to eat so much and still remain thin!)

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My dinner time is usually between 7pm-8pm or earlier, but no later than 9pm.

Have small meals and give yourself at least 2-3 hours for the food to digest before you go to bed.

How to relieve Heartburn after Bedtime

So there are times when you just can’t avoid having a late dinner or sneak in a piece (or 2) of a death-by-chocolate cake, right before you go to bed.

And then the acids come rolling up your breastbone and lower throat.

You are now a dragon.

So when this happens, try any (or all) of these tips to relieve heartburn after bedtime.

I may or may not have done these in this exact sequence. But either way, they all worked for me.

  1. Turn on your left side. Sleeping on your right propels those stomach acids faster than you can say stomach acids.
  2. Get your ass out of bed and walk around a little and let the acids settle down.
  3. Take a few sips of cold water.
  4. Gulp some cold milk.
  5. Go back to bed and sleep on your left side.
  6. At this point, if you still don’t find any relief then wake your partner up (ever so gently) and have them rub their hands over your belly, back and chest.

Caution: Doing this may or may not cause you (and your partner) to feel incredibly aroused.

If you do feel incredibly aroused, just do it (unless your doctor has advised you to refrain from sex in the latter half of your pregnancy),

Once you and your partner indulge yourselves in some awesome filadidoodles, you will be so mashed out that you probably want to first clean yourself up, get a glass of cold water and go straight to bed.  Heartburn?  (No, not you. I’m sure you are just lovely.) 

7. Sleep like the baby you are expecting, but with an entourage of pillows all around you!

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