3 Simple Curly Hairstyles With the PuffCuff!

The PuffCuff is a patented hair clamp created for thick, textured hair. It’s great to avoid snagging, breakage, or the headaches that come from using tight scrunchies. 

The PuffCuff is available in 4 sizes (Teeny, Micro, Mini, and Original). Which size you’ll choose depends largely on the texture and type of your hair. For example, if you have fine or low density hair, you’ll probably want to use the Teeny size. On the other hand, if you have loose, smooth, soft, or fine wavy hair, the PuffCuff may not work for you because it might slip off.

The 3 Styles: Pineapple, Sleek, and Fauxhawk

1. Pineapple: Bend forward and collect your hair, gently, section-wise. Spray water, and use hair cream or gel before you tie. (Prevents breakage caused by dryness and tension.) Here’s a tutorial.

2. Sleek: Spray water and smooth over a little bit of your hair gel, especially on the sides. Also use gel to smooth baby hair on top or at the front, or settle hair that’s sticking out. Here’s a tutorial


3. Fauxhawk Stack multiple sizes of Puff Cuff for more volume! Here I used the smallest one (Micro) in the front, gathered some from the middle and cuffed the front also. Then gathered the remaining in the size Original.

Buying the PuffCuff

The PuffCuff is manufactured in the USA and can be purchased here. It’s available in 4 sizes (Teeny, Micro, Mini, and Original). If you don’t know which one to get, take this quiz to find out. And if you do make a purchase, you can use my affiliate code (HONESTLIZ) for a 15% discount.

Pro Tips

  • A Puff Cuff is easy to clasp - just make sure its the right size for your hair.
  • It takes a bit of practice to clip it on in one single motion, but you will get the hang of it.
  • Don't use a Puff Cuff that's really small for your hair or it may snap.
  • Be gentle because this plastic when handled with care can last a lifetime!
  • DO NOT FORCE it around your hair! Either gather less hair or, instead, try the next size up.

Rule of thumb? Smaller the hair, BIGGER the cuff! Longer the hair, smaller the cuff.

~ Honest Liz
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