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Announcement: Rebranding with a Brand New Logo!

Big news! Super excited to share that, as of Oct 21 2021, I am rebranding with a new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of my brand. It’s an updated brand identity!

My brand HONESTLIZ is growing and evolving since I launched in 2015, and I felt it is time for a change. I have refreshed the logo to reflect who I am today. I analyzed my values as a blogger, Stylist, Curl-Coach, and created a brand identity that reflects those values.

honestliz logo

After careful consideration, many months and multiple designers, this final logo reflects a more modern look and captures my mission to bring widespread awareness and respect for our natural hair. The new logo evokes feelings of soft femininity and strong approachability. The hibiscus flower within the logo signifies love and affection, elegant female beauty, and joy! This is related to the short life span, softness, and elegance of the flower. The H is short for HONESTLIZ & HAIR. If you look closely, there is a wave and a curl within the flower – representing natural hair types I specialise in. 

The new brand identity, this newly organised blog better reflect my vision for curly hair and demonstrate the breadth and depth of the good news I will bring to India, and the world, God willing.

Nevertheless, as I grow older as a mother of three daughters, an entrepreneur, blogger, hair stylist I feel a significant transformation in the last few months. My new identity is designed to quench existing expectations, while at the same time moving this brand forward to embrace the international spirit and the vision of helping you embrace your natural hair.

With this, my goal is to present myself better and indulge you with better services in days to come.

Much love, 


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